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DA sent letter out 6 months ago saying they were not proceeding with the case at this time, if any further evidence they would notify my lawyer. Never heard from them again.
It means charges were never filed. Can't drop a charge if it never existed. Anyway, the next step would be to file a...
One turn available before checkpoint is in site. I'm in California.
There should be a way for individuals to avoid driving through the checkpoint. Then the issue becomes did the officer...
We have been separated almost a year now, just neither of us went to court and made it official. After a year of me being nice, always taking the kids to him and picking them up, making sure they see him every week (2.5 days). He has only made three $50 trips to target for items such as soap, diapers, etc. other than that he has never given me any money to help support them. Now it's come to the point where he is telling me a day and time he will be coming to get them and does not show up. We split up because of his alcohol problem. He has a DUI (that he has yet to pay off), I have texts of him ADMITTING he has a drinking problem and needs help, I have screenshots of his social network of pictures of going out (his alcohol drinks he orders). I just want to know if any of that will help me?
You may want to post this question in family law section as well as child custody for a better chance of getting more...
The drunk driver has insurance but they aren't giving me a fair appraisal of my car. Only $2000. It had low miles and I had a mechanic check it out every 3,000 miles. I took great care of it. I can't find a car that is reliable or comparable to my old car. I can't afford to take out a loan right now. I feel like I am punished and I did nothing wrong. What can I do to get a more $ for a reliable car. I just want a safe car with low miles.
You are not required to accept the insurance company's appraisal of the value of your vehicle. You have the option of...
my first dui 29 yrs old the cop stoppd me because of the ball hitch on the bumper was blocking one number on the license plates. this happened leaving a bar had a couple beers it wasnt even a block i seen in my rear view mirror that he past up 3 cars to get to me I wasnt rude or cursing at him he asked me to do the walk the line test ok just shine your flash ligt on the ground no not on this ground section come on! there was gravel uneven ground and it was night time .so i did it on better surface a couple feet away fom the original spot pulled out the breathalyser he did the test around 7 times kept telling me your not blowing right so i debated with him that i was he took me in for 0,08% calls my wife tells her he took me in because of my mouth, ticket not filed only dmv help
There are a lot of legal, factual and scientific issues you have in your case. You need a good DUI attorney. Look to...
BLU A 0.8 BUT SOMEHOW IT WENT TO O.9 AT THE STATION. REASON FOR STOP I made a rolling stop at a sign. didnt stop fully. NO ACCIDENT. he said he smeiied beer. i said i had one earlier! duh! i addmitted it! duh! i just want it to go away, whats it gonna cost! iam broke, can i do the time. 61yrs old,
First, get an attorney - if you can't afford one, one will be appointed for you at your arraignment. Second, make sure...
My ankle was injured as it was feeling better on my way to work I stoped at a gas station I hurt my ankle as I got off the car so I let my friend drive and he does not hav a liscense as we left the gas station a cop pulled us over and impounded the car even if I had a liscense and was present in the car how can I get my car out before the 30 days?
As long as you weren't driving and you have a valid drivers license you should be able to get your car out of impound