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My husband was in went to prison and never got DUI taken care of. It has been 8 years since DUI and now that he is out, he would like to get his license back. Since nothing was ever done (no classes, no paid fees), what can be done?
Get a local attorney in the county that the DUI was in. Most give free consults.
The driver was cited at the hospital for 3 felony charges in riverside county ca. 23153(A)(a) V.C. FELONY DUI 23153(B) V.C. FELONY .08 PER SE. 272(A)(a) P.C. FELONY CHILD ENDANGERMENT
there are a number of ways to find out you can call the district attorney's office in Riverside County and asked. You...
i got pulled over for speeding. i was approaching a red light when the officer flashed his lights. i told him i wasn't speeding. then he said " well you tint is illegal. i rolled up my window and showed him that my windows weren't even tinted!! then he asked if i drank i said i had 2 beers at a restaurant. he said he smelled alcohol and i told him my buddy in the passenger seat was completed wasted. he pulled me out and did testing on me which i passed and then did the breathalyzer and i blew a .09. then back at the station i blew a .08. we took the test immediately at the station the officer didn't wait the required 15 mins. i was pulled over in pomona ca la county. can i fight this?
Yes. You have several good issues. Probable cause for the stop is one. Expect to find the reasoning being what the...
DA sent letter out 6 months ago saying they were not proceeding with the case at this time, if any further evidence they would notify my lawyer. Never heard from them again.
It means charges were never filed. Can't drop a charge if it never existed. Anyway, the next step would be to file a...
23153 (A) V.C- felony dui 23153(B) V.C.- felony .08 Per Se. 272(A) (a) P.C. felony child endangerment
These are extremely serious charges. The two Vehicle Code sections are for DUI causing injury and carry a maximum...
I have never had a dui I had a good recoed no criminal history they also found a bottle prescribed to me for Norco but there was no narcotic in there I had a few allergy pills abd there charging me with felony for that
More details would be needed to answer your question. However, it is safe to say that your chances of beating a DUI are...
One turn available before checkpoint is in site. I'm in California.
There should be a way for individuals to avoid driving through the checkpoint. Then the issue becomes did the officer...