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I was rear ended while stopped at a red light by a drunk driver who was speeding as well. I filed a claim only to find out from the other drivers insurance company that My husband whom I recently separated from cancelled my insurance the other drivers insurance company informed me that the are not at liberty to pay anything according to Louisiana laws even if I was injured by the impact.
Drunk driving accidents are exceptions to the no pay/no play law in Louisiana. The other driver will need to have been...
got in a accident in ville plate gave my info to emt an lady that I hit after being checked out by emt I left the scene an went home when I got home I was on my porch an my wife saw a un marked suv coming down our private road when he got there he got out of his suv walked to my jeep open the door an took pictures of the inside keys in the ign but did not have a warrant or my permission to open my jeep I walked over to him he then took my glasses off my face an proceeded to give me a field test when I told him my lic was restricted cause I am blind in my left eye he said for me to follow his finger with other eye I got mad an took my glasses back an told him I was not taking the test then he proceeded to handcuff me an put me in his suv without reading me my rights at no time was I read ri
Retain an attorney to defend the DWI. Discuss with him/her the circumstances of the arrest. Do not post anything else here.
is there any way to get the time reduced I have already had it in there 15 months
When it comes to DUI cases, DMVs across the US are requiring more IID and for longer periods of time. Speak to a LA...
Yesterday morning I was arrested for a First Offense OWI and Reckless Driving. At the station I blew a 1.09 on the breathalyzer. I am eighteen years old and have a clean legal background prior to this accident. I was arrested after police arrived on scene where i wrecked my vehicle. I lost control of my vehicle changing lanes and overcompensated, which led to me rolling my truck over in a nearby ditch. I was alone in the accident and was the only vehicle involved. There was light precipitation that night and the pavement was still wet. I am a full time student on scholarships at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and work 30+ hours at a local restaurant. I just need to know what are my options and how to to proceed from this point.
I would contact a local attorney to help you out with your defense.
he is va disabled and has not been recieving any of his meds can i fight this to get him out ?
We would need a lot more information in order to answer the above question. Certainly other facts such as medical...
On top of the DUI he trashed a truck she bought him a year ago. He is using credit card irresponsibly she has to pay them when she finds out about them with late fees. he stopped their insurances even so he is entering the wet brain stage. She just found out he had to accident with his truck even so he has a revoked license and he drives daily without a license. Now she is scared that he will make her lose her few pennies if she does not divorce him. All their income is from her inheritance from her parents. He does absolutely nothing and he ran her family business in the ground. would it be hard to get rid of him???
It sounds like your sister needs to consult with an experienced family law attorney if she wants to get a divorce. Use...
i was placed on probation for a first offense dwi this month. then i came home one night and my fiance and i got into a pretty big fight where things got physical. she called the cops, they came and put me in cuffs. they then asked for statements and said that if i didn't have someone that could come pick me up that they would take me to jail. i had a friend come pick me up and they said i would be receiving a court date in the mail. i really don't know what to do.
What to do is to consult a local criminal attorney - many offer free consultations. DO NOT further discuss the facts of...