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    Friday May 15 | via The San Diego Union-Tribune 

    Former biotech executive Hans Petersen, right, and his defense attorney, Marc Carlos, look on as the defendants' victims testified in San Diego Superior Court. Peterson was found guilty of shooting his former business partner, Steven Dowdy, and former brother-in-law, Ron Fletcher.


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  • Family Devastated by Deadly Wrong-Way I-15 Crash

    Monday May 4 | via NBC San Diego 

    Two people are dead tonight, and two more injured, after officers say a DUI suspect drove the wrong way on the Interstate 15. NBC 7's Liberty Zabala reports. Teresa Esparza Hernandez was terrified of driving a car.


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  • Genetic breakthrough reveals how bodies age and coul...

    Thursday Apr 30 | via Daily Mail 

    Mother of Baltimore rioter reveals she REGRETS making her son, 18, turn himself in for smashing up police cars with a traffic cone - after his bail is set at $500,000 Riddle of Freddie Gray cop van's extra stop: Police admit officers made mystery halt after his arrest - and that they only found out because of private security camera More than 120 arrested as cops and Freddie Gray protesters clash in NYC, and thousands demonstrate across US on third night of anger EXCLUSIVE: Revealed - Why America's 'mom of the year' dragged her son home from the riots: to avoid the hellish upbringing she endured and keep him away from 'trouble' he'd already been in EXCLUSIVE: 'I can't wait to get my hands on him' - what mom of 23-year-old arrested in riots said of her son as dozens held by police during violence appear in court 'I've had friends beaten and killed by the police': Teen caught rioting by ... (more)


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  • Parolee convicted in 2013...

    Apr 23, 2015 | via The San Diego Union-Tribune 

    Joseph Anthony Hill, 45, was charged in the Dec. 29, 2013 death of Sean O'Toole, 47, who was shot during a confrontation in the backyard of his Linda Vista home and in a second shooting about three hours later at a La Jolla motel. It took a San Diego Superior Court jury less than a day of deliberations before announcing they had reached verdicts.


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2nd DUI, possible ways for expungement / restricted license / clean slate?
1st DUI Feb.2008 and the 2nd in Nov. 2011, and sentenced May 2012 guilty. (CA) Still on probation from the Second offense Finished public working / AA classes / court fine 1. Trying to get back to California, and get the license back if possible. 2. Also what if I move to Georgia, which the state hasn't joined the interstate driver's license pact, Will I be able to get a solid license and start from clean slate? 3. Do I need to complete California DUI classes to be eligiable for expungement? Because the court has given me an option to finish the DUI class oversea, and I did completed the requirement. My attorney told me that I need to go take and finish the CA DUI classes only if I want my Californian driver license back
This is the second time you've asked this question. You need to start by contacting the CA DMV to learn what you need...
2nd DUI offense, way to get a restricted license? / expungement?
2nd DUI in Nov. 2011, and sentenced May 2012 guilty. Still on probation Finished public working / AA classes / Fine Got permission to finish/attend DUI school in oversea country from the court Finished DUI class outside U.S and sent the letter to the court with verification Trying to get back to California, and get the license back if possible.
You obviously need help. Hire an experienced DUI attorney in your county.
What should I do? Should I get an attorney? Can I get it off my record?
A college student driving car and got pulled over for headlight. Did good/okay on the sobriety test but asked to take breathe test that showed over .05. I am 19 years of age, about to turn 20 so they issued me a 23140 (a). I know that I will mostly likely get my license suspended but what are the chances that I can get win the case. This I my first offense.
So much depends on the facts of the case, including the initial blood alcohol reading. You should speak to a private...
Could I drive to parent's home (LA) with a restricted license due to DUI in San Diego?
I live in San Diego for work on weekdays, but usually go back to my parents home in LA on weekends. In fact, the address on my driver's license still shows my LA address. I am wondering if I can still go back to LA with a restricted license? Both of my parents are in LA, it would be pretty bad if I can't go back for 6 months. What if they are sick or something? Is there any workaround for this? thanks.
As long as it involves your commute it would be ok.
What is the chance of winning a DMV DUI hearing?
My bac was exactly .08 will they take into account the rate of error with the breathalizer machine or will I usually lose at this bac if there was probable reason for cause to stop?
.08 is .08. But, if there was an issue with the breath/blood test, then you do have a possibility of reducing the it...
I just got a dui two days ago. I was driving w/o a license, blew a .18, and am 18 yrs old. I got the dui in california but i...
was planning on going to school in colorado in the fall. I submitted a drug test because I don't do drugs. Overall, I am a good person who made a dumb decision. Can i ask the judge if i can do the alcohol classes and all in colorado? What are my chances of being able to go to school now?
First of all, you're double the legal limit and being that you're under age, your license is most probably going to be...
I was convicted of my 2nd DUI over a year and a half ago, can I get my license back?
I was convicted of my 2nd DUI over a year and a half ago, can I get my license back? I was kicked out of my classes after 4 months for falling behind on payments, I couldn't find steady income to pay for the classes. can I receive my license?
You need to get enrolled in a 2nd offender class and finish at least a year to get a restricted license or install an...