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The California Health and Safety code 11550 specifically say that I can't be under the influence of drugs specified in paragraph (14), (15), (21), (22), or (23) of subdivision (d) of Section 11054, But LSD is specified in paragraph(12) of subdivision (d) of Section 11054. Does that mean that I'm ok?
Keep reading. You will find it under schedule III. You are not ok unfortunately. Although, they may have a difficult...
I live in San Diego for work on weekdays, but usually go back to my parents home in LA on weekends. In fact, the address on my driver's license still shows my LA address. I am wondering if I can still go back to LA with a restricted license? Both of my parents are in LA, it would be pretty bad if I can't go back for 6 months. What if they are sick or something? Is there any workaround for this? thanks.
As long as it involves your commute it would be ok.
A college student driving car and got pulled over for headlight. Did good/okay on the sobriety test but asked to take breathe test that showed over .05. I am 19 years of age, about to turn 20 so they issued me a 23140 (a). I know that I will mostly likely get my license suspended but what are the chances that I can get win the case. This I my first offense.
So much depends on the facts of the case, including the initial blood alcohol reading. You should speak to a private...
My bac was exactly .08 will they take into account the rate of error with the breathalizer machine or will I usually lose at this bac if there was probable reason for cause to stop?
.08 is .08. But, if there was an issue with the breath/blood test, then you do have a possibility of reducing the it...
was planning on going to school in colorado in the fall. I submitted a drug test because I don't do drugs. Overall, I am a good person who made a dumb decision. Can i ask the judge if i can do the alcohol classes and all in colorado? What are my chances of being able to go to school now?
First of all, you're double the legal limit and being that you're under age, your license is most probably going to be...
I was convicted of my 2nd DUI over a year and a half ago, can I get my license back? I was kicked out of my classes after 4 months for falling behind on payments, I couldn't find steady income to pay for the classes. can I receive my license?
You need to get enrolled in a 2nd offender class and finish at least a year to get a restricted license or install an...
I got an open container ticket yesterday, and wanted to know the legalities of it. I was on my university campus last night holding a Red Bull can which I poured a little hard alcohol into. A bicycle cop call me over and tells me to sit on the curb. He takes my Red Bull can from me and smells it, then takes my license (I'm over 21) and proceeds to write me an infraction ticket. My question is, is the cop allowed to do this? It was a can of energy drink, not a beer can even. Can I fight the ticket on this notion? Are there additional fees associated with fighting a ticket?
In any criminal case, a potential motion to suppress the evidence based on an illegal search exists. If the...