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Open Container Violation
I got pulled over and was found with a basically full open beer in my car.I'm 23 so I admitted to having a sip and it was a stupid Idea. I received a ticket and when I looked at my ticket the officer screwed up my last name by leaving one letter out. He also screwed up my driver license number by one digit as well. I also never signed the ticket. So I was wondering should I fight it do I have a chance of it being thrown out. Should I pay the fine and go on my way or do I have a chance of it being thrown out.
I would not recommend trying to fight the ticket on the grounds that there were minor typos on your citation. The...
I got a dui 7 years ago in califorina
I had a misdemeanor dui when I was 20. My licence was suspended for a year. I paid all fines but did not enroll in the dui classes. About a year ago I went to talk to court because I had a warrant out for my arrest because the dui classes were court ordered and it became a probation violation. The warrant is taken care of now. I now live in Oregon and my question is can I just go get a drivers licence (redo the testing and everything) or do I still have to complete the dui classes?
I would start with the easiest approach, namely call dmv and ask if you can get s license. They can look you up and...
7 years ago I was arrested for DUI and I didn't do diversion. I just got pulled over for speeding and arrested. What to expect?
I received the DUI 7 years ago blowing a .19. I did all the judge ordered besides the diversion. The # they gave me to call for it never once got an answer or voicemail so I called the police station and they gave me a different # and that number didn't work either, so being a stupid 23 year old I said screw it and didn't pursue it further. Now 7 years later I got pulled over for speeding and was arrested for a warrant. What I was charged with was FTA, I never once got anything in the mail or anything and have been pulled over in that city since the DUI and nothing. Im not trying to pass the blame, I understand it was my poor choices that have got me here. I have nothing else on my record and am just curious what I should expect and an idea of the best case scenario as far as punishment.
First, FTA (Failure to Appear) as a crime requires that one KNOWINGLY fail to appear for a court date. If you didn't...
Will my DUI/DUII be revoked? What can I do to fight it?
I was placed in the DUI/DUII diversion program in Clackamas county by circuit Judge Susie L Norby. Sometime ago, I finally got my license back, got my SR-22 filed, and an IID (SmartStart) breathalyzer installed in my vehicle. My first report went to my monitoring authority (Pioneer Drug and Alcohol Evaluation Services/PADES). I heard from a counselor in my treatment program that the report showed my IID being "unplugged or something". PADES filed to have my diversion revoked. I have spoken with several representatives from SmartStart and the code was "Power Fail" which means my battery dropped under a certain voltage. SmartStart says if I tampered with the device like PADES claims, it would read "Circumvention". How do I prove my innocence?
You'll receive notice from the court to show cause why your diversion should not be revoked. At the hearing you're...
I have a Dui in California but moved out of state is there a way to get my license back
In 2012 I got a Dui I didn't complete the program. I moved to Oregon and will not be returning to California because I received my 2nd strike in 2013. Is there a way I can get my license back without going back to California.
Contact the CA DMV in Sacramento. "Mandatory Action Unit" and request a 1650 Waiver packet.
I was granted a motion to vacate a Neg Driving 1. Will I have any trouble getting in to Canada for vacation?
I plead guilty to Negligent Driving 1 in 2007 in Washington State. I was just recently granted a motion to vacate and so I am now considered not guilty of this charge. Will I have any trouble traveling to Canada? Will the border agent still be able to see this on my record when they scan my passport?
I think you still may have trouble. This is a big issue with folks from California who I often have for clients. You...
I got a dui in washington state
i got a dui in washington state about 6 years ago and a driving on suspended in oregon about 5 years ago dmv said nothing is on my record but the suspension in oregon for not paying cout fees I live in oregon now and have for past 5 plus years what can i do to get my liscence back without paying the 600 dollars i owe because i cant get work or to work without a liscence now...
Generally speaking, when the DMV suspends a drivers license because a person fails to pay fines/fees to a particular...