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  • Man Pleads Not Guilty to Breaking into Sandra Bulloc...

    Wednesday May 6 | via 

    Joshua James Corbett, 39, faces two dozen charges for allegedly breaking into the actress's home armed with a machine gun. A La Crescenta man accused of breaking into the home of actress Sandra Bullock, who locked herself into a bedroom closet until police arrived, pleaded not guilty today to more than two dozen charges.


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Can I get a green card with a DUI
Hey here is the story . I've been arrested for DUI last week. I'm an international student . I got pulled over and did the blood test . I don't know my BAC yet . But 5 hours before the arrestation I smoked marijuana. My questions are 1) can I get deported for this misdemeanor ? 2) I'm planning to get married with my fiancé a us citizen , can I still apply for the green card if I got convicted? Thx everybody!!!
It is always possible to have Immigration issues with any misdemeanor, and 2) it is possible you still be able to apply...
If convicted for my 1st DUI, what is the minimum license suspension? Can I only drive to work/school on a restricted license?
LA County 1st DUI. I blew a .11 Clean Driving and Legal Record 24 Years Old
DMV APS suspension is 4 months (assuming no refusal). If convicted of a DUI, that would trigger a 6 month license...
Is a DUI considered a "serious" misdemeanor?
I applied for a job at the airport and one of the questions asked if I had a "serious" misdemeanor but I wasn't sure what a DUI is considered so I put no, I've had 2 interviews already and of course they're going to do a background check, should I bring it to their attention?
It's a fairly serious misdemeanor. It's odd question for them to ask, but it will be revealed, so you should probably...
Forms and fees for DUI Expungement in California.
Hi , I had a DUI a few years ago. Completed all terms of probation including fines and programs. No probation violations. I would like to expunge my record and I would like to know the forms that i have to file and how much would those forms cost. I was convicted in the Los angeles county.
There is always a danger trying to DIY these things yourself. My advice is to have an experienced DUI lawyer handle...
IF i get a expunged DUI, will i be able to renew my DACA?
I just recently had a DUI , but i am for sure planning to take care of it all. 'ive contacted my Criminal defense lawyer and were in the process. whatever the conviction is i will take care of it ASAP. i have never had a ticket, or being arrested before or nothing like that. when i do file for renewal of DACA will it be more helpful that i have no background history but the Expunged dui?
If you get the DUI dismissed under pc 1203.4 (often what people are referring to when they say "expungement") the DUI...
Do I need an immigration lawyer if I got 2 DUI's in 1995, 1996 I did a month of jail and was told to pay $3,000 but I never did.
I haven't had any legal problems with the law since then. All I want to do is to pay what I owe but I'm afraid if I go to jail I could be deported. I have been here in the US for 20yrs and have my fam here. Please let me know. Thank You
I know your family is important to you. Your best bet is to talk to an immigration attorney now. Go to AVVO and click...
What should i be expecting from a DUI being a DACA applicant?
i just renewed my second DACA and work permit. Ive completed all of the requirements and ive done the last step which is the biometrics fingerprint (May 13). its been two weeks since then and im just waiting on my "authorization for work" card but i just had my FIRST dui yesterday (may 25). will my application get denied ? ive never had any trouble with the law, no tickets, first time being arrested. Ive contacted a DUI lawyer and we're already in the process and i am planning to get an immigration lawyer to help me out renew my DACA in the following two years if i do get this one approved. Can they revoked or cancel the application thats in the last step? i have court on june 16, does that meant that i havent been convicted yet? THank you all for you time and answers!
IF you have court, most likely you have not been convicted yet. You should make sure your criminal defense attorney...