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If you lose your liscence for a year for DUI, do you automatically get it back in a year?
Absolutely not. You will, if you haven't already, receive the Notice of Suspension from PennDOT which explains when...
My main reason is I'm deathly afraid of needles. But if I was told it would have been 1 yr mandatory I would have taken it. The officer only said I would lose my license, to which I replied I'm going to anyway. Another reason I refused I personally knew the woman drawing the blood and when asked to sign a paper, I refused because I didn't have my reading glasses. I also believed I was targeted by this officer because of a very large dent in my back rear bumper and no hub cap due to getting rear-ended a year ago. Oh and I did take the breathalyzer for which he told me I failed. I didn't know it was mandatory to take a blood test.
If the officer failed to tell you the length of the suspwnsion would be at least a year, that might arguably be a...
What is done with cases where an issue occured in a remote county and one resides in another county and has no where to stay In terms of community service and driving school? Will this be addressed at the CRN which is scheduled in the remote county? Do they tell you on the date of the CRN how much community service and if you can do it in the county in which you reside?
By "issue" I gather you really mean a DUI charge. In my part of the state, nearly all of the obligations of a DUI...
Had a DUI in PA in 2007. Completed all court prescribed actions for fast track ARD in Monroe County. Have all documentation. Never had expungement petition filed. Moved to New Mexico. They have a law that if a person has a reported DUI conviction anywhere in U.S. in last 10 years person must get ignition interlock license for one year with SR-22 insurance. Was told that if an individual successfully completes ARD and has expungement procedure done ALL records pertaining to offense would be removed from public view administratively (PENNDOT), and judicially, (Courts). The only thing would be PENNDOT would keep record internally for 10 years for enhancement of a second DUI charge. Conflicting answers I have gotten. Does expungement wipe PENNDOT records?
You're dealing with conflicting answers because you're dealing with two seperate states and how they're going to deal...
did ard in in 1991 and ard 1999 just got one on 03/30/2014
Yes you should if your not comfortable the police and prosecutors are tough in Tobyhanna you need someone tough on your side
just curious cause if you had garbage in there or we're taking cans to a recycling center.
If the beer cans are empty and there is no evidence that you have been drinking an alcoholic beverage then you have not...
I WAS brut ally beating by three police officers from Stroud township they Hidden FOURcruisers cameras, taffic light cameras not to show THE HATcrime against it innocent citizen I had over 6000 dollars in medical bills from the date of the incident
Sounds like you need to consult with both a criminal defense attorney and a civil rights attorney. You can use Avvo's...