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Is possible to be convicted of a DUI and be unaware of it?
Today I received a letter from the Dept of Homeland Security that my license had be revoked due to a DUI conviction in Feb of 2012 and that I could reapply for my license on April 17, 2013. I have never been arrested for a DUI or ticketed for the same. I have retained insurance, renewed my registration and license and obtained a professional healthcare license, and passed background checks for work in a ER past that date. I was just accepted to medical school starting in August and am afraid my status with them will be negatively affected by this. Can I be convicted with a DUI without ever being stopped for an alcohol related issue or ever receiving notification of said offense?
No. This sounds like a mistake. You should call the phone number listed on the letter you received and explain you...
Is Tennessee a Dram Shop Law State? Alcohol
I'm referring to selling alcohol and the law regarding damages of alcohol related civil damages. Can an attorney please explain the difference between a state this is or is not a Dram Shop Law state? Thank you.
Tennessee is. See .C.A. § 57-10-101 and T.C.A. § 57-10-102 . A dram shop state is one that assigns liability to a bar...
Can dating someone with a past dui affect a custody battle with ex husband?
the 2 dui's are 5-7 yrs old
Anything about anyone who is involved in a child's life can have an impact, but an old dui case of someone you are...
If I am on probation for a felony, then get arrested for DUI, then get violated, what should I expect?
I was sentenced to 2 years in prison, was released on probation after 6 months, never missed a probation meeting and I am current on my probation fees.
You need to hire a criminal defense attorney in your area ASAP. One, to defend the new DUI charge and two, to defend...
What should I do?
I was pulled over for rolling over a stop sign. The officer conducted a field sobriety test, and I failed the test. The officer then instead of giving me a DUI gave me underage consumption on the ticket along with disregarding the stop sign. What should I expect once I go to court, and what course of action should i take?
You need a criminal defense lawyer.
Went to arraignment. Just went to my court case received no information about the dui and was handed another date. Whats goin on
Flipped my jeep, cops came when i was outside of my jeep assessing the damage. They gave me the field sobriety test, went through each test about 3 times. Then he said i'm taking you in for a blood test. Test was given at the jail. I bailed out went to my arraignment and they told me to get a lawyer, said if i didnt have one by the court date i would be representing myself. Just today got back from my court date and they did not give me any information. It basically was the same as the arraignment and they gave me a court appointed lawyer and a new date 3 months down the line. Also received a letter from the dmv stating it was a property damage accident. Just confused why i have not received my b.a.c at either the arraignment or court today and why is the dmv calling it a property accident
In Tennessee your blood alcohol results can take anywhere from three (3) to six (6) months to be returned from the...
Can I be charged with DUI after being home for a hour and half.
I back up into a car barley scratching it and went home to wake up with police in my house chargeing me with DUI hit and run leaving the scene of a accident. And they impounded my car.
Yes, assuming a witness observed the accident, got your license plate number and when the officers arrived at your...