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during a field sobriety test an officer made me stand on one foot and try to balance and according to him I failed this test leading to a breathalyzer test. However, before we started the test I showed the officer an injury on my foot (I had two toes amputated two months before and had just got out of the walking boot) and told him that I would do any of the other tests but I could not do the balancing tests due to the injury. he insisted I do the test any way and I tried but could not physically do what was asked of me so he said I failed and in the arrest report said that I could not follow his directions. That of course is not what happened but I don't know if I have any recourse in the matter
You should contact an experienced DWI/DUI attorney as there may be some issues here. They will have to go over more...
He lost his wallet years ago and his license never got renewed so apparently he had been driving without one for almost twenty years I had the slightest idea of this so I always let him drive my vehicle he got pulled over yesterday and got 2 tickets one for no valid license and speeding going 81 in a 65 mind you this man is 74 why he was feeling the need to go that fast is beyond me.
He needs to talk with a local traffic lawyer to see what they can do to help, it will be of benefit to have a lawyer...
I was pulled over and arrested for a DUI because i was drinking the night before. They never read me my Miranda Rights, should i bring that up in court? Also the arresting officer took and threw my cigarette out of my mouth because he quit smoking 2 years ago, should i bring that up as well?
Forget Miranda and the cigarette incident for now. Call a local attorney immediately.
I got my DWI back in December of 2010. Took state months to file charges. Two weeks ago, finally had court and paid all of my fines. I need to take the second part of the OEP and pay my $45 reinstatement fee. My attorney, I thought, had said that I should be ok to drive. I got pulled over yesterday and I was still suspended, so I got a ticket for that and also a speeding violationWith the SIS and 2 years probabtion, am I still looking at being able to keep it as the SIS or will the DWI charge come back to me now? My court date is in over 2 months for the driving on suspended. Is it fixable if I get the SATOP done and the fee paid? Also, should I get an attorney for this, or just appear in court?
What was the effective date of your suspension? Did you have an administrative hearing and lose? If so, what was the...
A felony DWI.
Your question is very open. There are many good attorneys on this website, you should contact one.
My court order states that I must submit to drug and alcohol testing, but there is no box on the form, checked or unchecked, mentioning whether or not you could be prohibited from drinking alcohol. My probation check-ins are done via mail as I live two hours away from my probation officer. I do not want to ask my probation officer as it has been a year since I started probation, and I honestly do not remember if I asked at the time I first met with them.
Generally no, most probation, particularly for DUI include no alcohol. With that said, the probation orders in KC will...
In 2007 was in car wreck,in Aurora, missouri . All I did was refuse breathalizer and when charges went to Lawerence county, my charges got dropped. Now I'm doing SATOP but theres no DUI or DWI on my record. [info withheld]. There is more to this that would be easier for me to explain in detail if you contact me at this phone number.
You will need to hire an attorney in the county where you were arrested. That attorney should be able to get the...