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I have been suffering from vertigo, nashua, and blacking out in my work place for a number of weeks. I was attempting to drive home when i experienced vertigo. I immediately pulled off to the nearest exit and parked in a gas staion parking lot. My car was off, keys zipped in my pocket, and in a parking spot. My two feet were on the ground, the door was open and i was facing the gas station. I sat here vomiting and dry heaving for about 30 mins. A very aggressive state trooper pulls in behind me, prevents me from leaving and gets out. Long story short... i consent to search he finds an old cigarillo and baggies. i couldnt do the roadside sobriety test and i was barely conscious when presented the implied consent form. The officer refused to help me understand and told me to refuse..
You need to get an a DUI defense attorney ASAP to assist you. Some troopers are very aggressive and there are many...
First Dui Nov 2003 2nd.dui July 2013 pleaded to Dui 1st
No. Two DUIs disqualify you for a CDL. You should call the TN department of safety just to make sure but I have the...
my probation officer has no idea what to do and says i may need a lawyer to help
You need a Florida attorney.
I know someone who get a DUI and had their very young child with them, so they were charged with child endangerment as well. This happened in the state of Tennessee. Is there any possibility of pleading to a lesser charge to get out of some of the jail time? What would be a lesser plea to ask about? There was lab work drawn, first time DUI, the DUI will hold, there was no accident or injury of any kind.
Absolutely but it depends. Usually a disposition like that is negotiated out through the prosecutor. I would recommend...
I have been on parole for 1 year with a excellent history and I have maintained a job with 2 kids, I just stupid one night and got deunk hit a car and left the scene. Later got pulled over and arrested for DWI, leaving the scene, and no insurance. I have spoke with the person of the car I hit and he is willing to work with me and said he would tell the court if need to be. Just wondering what to expect, also this is my 1st DWI.
Here in Arizona, you would definitely be facing prison time. You should start consulting with local lawyers...
a friend of mine was arrested for dui 4th. she was not drinking. she was not driving, car was in parking lot, officer arrested her on her behaviour, she is bi-polar was not on meds. bllod test came back clean with nothing in system, she is going for pelimminart hearing on monday
This sounds very defensible. She should get a local defense attorney.
I have a TN license, and got a DWI in NY. Since TN is not a compact member, will NY report it back to TN?
I am not licensed in either New York or Tennessee. However, my understanding is that New York will report it, but...