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I am a criminal justice student and this person has wrecked 16 cars in 2 years. The person has 2 court dates coming up for DUI and as a concerned citizen I would like to attend these court proceedings. Because by law this person should not be allowed to still maintain a valid license or points.
Courts are open to the public. Did you have a question?
suspension to be up( 2 months). Will I have to redo the classes in SC and wait another 6 months as they say to get my license back?
It is possible that the state of South Carolina imposes additional requirements to have your drivers license reinstated...
in a bar in Kingsland Georgia at the closing of the bar at about 2 a.m. was told to leave or the cops would be called while other people were aloud to stay.. when asked i was sitting on the hood of my car with my brother not saying anyting to anyone else just minding are own business
Your question depends very much on all of the facts involved, but as a general answer, private establishments, like...
I was in a Dui related accident on base. I am a military spouse. I wasn't used to driving the big truck I was driving and lost control on the vehicle and hit a small transformer box. I was then arrested and spent the night in jail. I had a breath test along with having my blood drawn at the hospital. Can my case be reduced and possibly dropped? Is that even a possibility? What will happen with the damage done to the transformer. I was turned over to the local sheriffs department and from what I understand I can't be charged by the local officer sand the base. Any help would be appreciated.
You cannot be charged by the military. However the United States Attorney can charge civilians and military defendants...
They impounded my car, took my dog to a pound, had me pay a bail bondsman because I'm from out of state. I had to front my own bail too. My dog was nearly euthanized because he bites strangers...that bothers me more than anything. I admit I was speeding (but I always do) and I had a bottle of beer open in the vehicle (not good). But I took the breathalyzer 5 times at the station and they got a zero reading on every one. They still held me in a cell for 16 hours. The DUI was dismissed in court...I showed up in person. I am from Providence, Rhode Island. I got my $1700 bail money back, but I paid $20 for my dog, $260 for my car and some $250 for the bail bondsman. I paid for the speeding ticket and the open container ticket, but I didn't deserve to be arrested for a DUI.
Can you sue, sure, but you'll likely lose. I wouldn't want to go through that either, but you sort of stepped in it...
This was my first ever. I need help with getting it resolved
The statute of limitations has run on this i.e. they cannot prosecute you for this. Based on the circumstances, it...
was stopped on base for dui, .12 , my privileges for driving on base have been suspended... and was told dui will be redused to reckless driving charge ...what should i do
The best advice you can get here is to get an attorney. There may be consequences that you are not aware of. Don't say...