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I have a court date for AUG 2012. I was arrested for DUI May, and have plans to go India, for personal reasons.. Will I get in any kind of trouble when coming back to US?
Unless your bail conditions prevent leaving the Commonwealth or Country there should not be an issue with traveling...
My car was stuck right outside a parking lot. I tried to back up a few times but in vain. After about 6-10 minutes cops showed up and tested me. This happened in Chester county in Pennsylvania. They took me for blood test and then kept me in the cell for an hour. After that they dropped me home. Depending on the blood test result this may be my first DUI. No one was injured and no damage to the car. 1. I have a family with two kids below 5. Can't afford to loose my license 2. Can this affect my employment? My job does not require driving. 3. I have no criminal record before this... Do I have a chance of just getting a warning? 4. How much does the ARD program cost? What is the time commitment? 5. When can I file for expungement Thanks for your help.
First and foremost, it is unlikely that you will receive a warning or any slack from law enforcement if they determine...
i had few drinks 2 hours prior to driving.
If this is truly your first DUI and you didn't have an accident where someone got hurt, you will not likely have any...
Do you think it showed up? Quakertown PA. I was arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana
First thing is you should hire an attorney who handles DUI in this area. Secondly, I would not write anything about...
I am just looking for information on the new DUI Court in Montgomery County. I was doing some research to see what my sentencing might be for my charge and found out they have just recently started a DUI court in Montgomery County for all different levels of offenders. I was just wondering if anyone had any info regarding this because I cant find anything else besides the press release on search engines? Thank you very much ahead of time for your time.
I suggest that you contact an experienced Montgomery County DUI lawyer rather than try to represent yourself. The law...
I had an ARD-DUI in PA that I had completed at the time that was waiting to be expunged, which it was, and all charges were dismissed on 4/10/13. The company that I was just hired by was able to view the request made by by HR at my old company on 11/02/2012 and on 01/27/14 at 4:31AM it was viewed and printed. ADP then sent this to me, but the fact they allowed my company to view a report that was not current, and requested by my former company really bothers me and has to violate some portion of the FCRA. As the are not a government agency, I did not furnish a copy of the expungement to them but they are providing false non-public information about me. Who do I call and who do I sue? This may have been preventing me from getting a job for 10-14 months.
The background material is not entirely clear to me, but it is nevertheless clear that your question does not implicate...
I got this strange case where I was leaving a shopping plaza and went down an embankment just outside the plaza. I left my vehicle and walked in to a grocery store to clean up and use the restroom, just as I was about to leave the police arrived and took me away. I was drinking earlier and blew a good amount at the station(they did not tell me). The paper they given me still says pending charges, am I looking at a possible dui?
Yes. You should hire a lawyer just as soon as you receive a summons. If you can't afford one apply to the public defender.