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My boyfriend was charged with a first offense DWI (over .20) two weeks ago. His name is on my vehicle title and I have been unable to drive my car until the paperwork for the stay of revocation of plates is signed by a judge. At that point I will hopefully have the vehicle back to drive until his trial on 2/25. At that point, will I have to have whiskey plates? And would I have to have Interlock installed on my car? Though his name is on my title, it is entirely MY car. He does not drive it EVER and is only a "co-buyer" on the lien (I am the "buyer"). Is there any way I can get out of being affected?
Ultimately once the stay is over and if your BF is convicted then yes you will have to have the plates but no to...
I was arrested for 2nd degree DWI in Minnesota and lost my license for two years. I'm looking to get it back soon but am I able to drive a car not in my name or without whiskey plates? If I bought a car out of state do I need whiskey plates?
No but your driving status in MN may be such that you can't get a license in other states due to national registry.
3rd degree felony assault. First time offense. I have been in no trouble since the "accident" which is almost 4 years now. I fought in court for 3 years and gave up because I had no more money to take it further. Now my job is in jeopardy because they will not let me work. I have written documentation from the victim saying she doesn't want me to lose my job or for me to get a felony. All my restitution and fines are all paid in full. I appeared 15-20 times in court with no hesitation, I also have been 30-60 mins early for all my probation meetings. Why are they giving me such a hard time, i am no threat to anyone! I just can not see how making me loose my job will help get me on my feet. The courts put me in almost $30,000 in dept.
You should consider retaining an experienced attorney to help you seek early discharge from probation or even perhaps...
Its just a routine dwi. Pa wants to extradite from Mn
They will sign it. This is routine. I don't know who specifically signs it. Find a lawyer who handles DUI in...
3 dwi's
Up to $3000 maximum. Not likely but depends on how many prior driving violations you have. Possibly jail as well....
My 16 sone drives the one we have purchased the plate but not placed on vehicle yet. If he gets pulled over what would be the consequences?
Hello. You are subjecting your child to criminal charges. Violation of the many rules and conditions that apply during...
I have 3 dwi all done with got a year ago two of them and was just pulling in to my home parking lot and my p.o saw I was driving called me into the police and they gave me a ticket took my wife's plates and arrested me and I got booked and released never was read my rights or anything what can I do?
If you are cancelled IPS it will be difficult to overcome the PO's observations. However, it still has to be proven...