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I wasn't driving but had car started in front of my husbands house I was separated from he new I went out he put our son in the car he called cops because I wouldn't leave
The time it takes to file a case varies from county to county. Blood cases are slower to get filed because they have to...
The specimen was not taken correctly that was either contamination with a nother speciment or it was mislabeled I want to take a nother specimen and have it compared with the first 1 to confirm that it came from the same donor be myself
I'm not sure if this test was performed as a result of a DUI, or if you were tested at random by your employer. But,...
My brother was in Texas jail for violating his probation. He hasn't lived there for 3yrs. Has Never Been arrested for drugs. When he got out of jail he visited with his son. He needed a ride to get to bus station to come home to wv and he doesn't really know anyone there so he called a guy that he met in jail that said if you need a ride or anything call me. On the way to bus station got pulled over and got arrested because they found crystal method in the car and the driver said he didn't know it was there. They arrested both of them, but my brother had no clue it was there? He told the cops to drug test him and they didn't do it. Also said detectives would talk to him and noone ever came. He could get 10 to20yrs for just trying to get home. Please help
He needs an attorney or if he cannot afford to hire one, he needs a public defender. He is not charged with using...
I had no idea it was there and it didn't belong to me. There person it belongs to is willing to write an official statement saying it was his and I had no idea he had left it from early that day at the lake. PC 49.031 parag. 3b states that: A person commits an offense if the person knowingly possesses an open container in a passenger area of a motor vehicle that is located on a public highway, regardless of whether the vehicle is being operated or is stopped or parked. Would this help my case and can I fight this?
It sounds like you have a defense to the mens rea element meaning the government has to prove you knew it was in your...
I have a Class C misdemeanor that happens over 7 years ago, and I don't remember what the disposition was, I paid fines, because I was supposed to be heading overseas to Iraq for a deployment? Can it be cleared or expunged?
If you were convicted of the offense then there is no way to remove it from your record. However, if you received a...
got a DWI and Suspended license for 6 months need license to get to work
Contact your local DMV. They will be able to tell you the minimum requirements to get a DL or at least a work permit.
Hello, I have no priors, am an undergrad about to graduate, and in the mental health docket. I was given the option of pretrial diversion, which to my understanding is new in the county. I was arrested in December for Xanax misuse. However, I have shown many changes, and it was the county attorney who recommended it, not the prosecutor. On the 22nd of May, I meet with a counselor who will determine my eligibility. However, my questions are as follows: 1. Do I self-incriminate on information they do not know? Ie. my blood results have not come back 2. How long does one have to stay in the program? Is it a year, 6 months, etc? 3. After this, how long before I can have it expunged from my record? I understand two years per Texas Penal Code but know it differs by county. Thank you!
Pretrial diversion programs are different in every county. I recommend you contact a lawyer in Bell County to answer...