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Dui with child passenger conviction and future gun purchases.
Is it possible if convicted of driving while intoxicated with a child (felony) and in the military at time of conviction that the judge can still allow you to own and purchase guns.
Yes, but there is a waiting period of five (5) years after you complete your sentence or are released from probation,...
Suspended license
I live in Texas have been caught driving with a suspended license for the 2nd time.. Single parent 2 kids in college, one on her way to college and one in high school.. And have difficulty keeping insurance and paying surcharges.. Am I going to jail.. What r my options ?
Sounds like you really need to find a criminal defense attorney. And quit driving!
What could happen if on 1year of prob. for a dwi & deferred adjudication on a poss. of dangers drug for tramadol & get 2nd dwi?
Would there be jail time for a 2nd dwi with BAC 0.15 with being on probation for a 1st dwi and deferred adjudication?
Depends entirely on (1) the facts, (2) the judge, (3) the DA, and most importantly (4) the lawyer you hire. With those...
What could happen if on 1year of probation for a dwi & had deferred adjudication on a possession of dangers drug and get 2nd dwi
Would there be a motion to revoke for a 2nd dwi with BAC 0.15 with being on probation for a 1st dwi?
Most likely a motion to revoke will be filed on the DWI-1st and a Motion to Adjudicate will be filed on the Possession...
My breathalyzer failed mearound 6 hours after a night of drinking. What consequences can that bring me if I'm on probation?
I am currently serving probation for abstraction of highway
I'm not quite sure what you are asking. The State can violate your probation and resentence you on the charge that you...
How long does it take to go to court on a DWI??
First dwi charge
No more than two years, but typically a defendant will see his case set within a much shorter period of time. With...
Are you able to submit a plea with a DWI charge...
First time dwi
What do you mean? You are able to plead guilty or not guilty. You need a lawyer. And, you should hire one ASAP so...