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Someone called the police on me. The police woke me up. I refused all road side test and refused breath test. Ive been arrested for multiple duis in the past, this will be another felony if convicted. Do I have any defenses available?
Only an experienced DUISBURG attorney is going to know all the defenses available to you. The short answer is yes there...
i was driven home after droping off a friend at 230 am i passed a police offer as he sat in a parkinglot i left at next light passed my work which is firehouse and then t=another left at the stop sign ( i was never on the same street he was intill i got home when i got home and out my car it pull on my street with lights and got yelling tell to stay in my car and that i was speeding and that i was buring out. and then having 3 other cars come too. what could i have done.
The best things for you to have done are listed in my legal guide here on Avvo. click on the web link below.
I was charged with an OVI in Dec and put on probation and required to have a breathalyzer put on my car. I failed over 3 times in one month - my first month (morning failed blows from previous nights drinking) and am being summoned to court for an entry setting. Do I need a lawyer? What can I expect to happen? That was my first month with the device on my car and in the past 2 months have not failed once... HELP!
Yes, you had better have an excellent criminal lawyer with you especially if you are in the Kettering Municipal Court....
I was convicted of my third offense ovi. I have complied with all sentencing (probation, jail, treatment, license suspicion, fines). But my registration was forfeited for 5 years (it's been 2 years). Meaning I cant register a car in my name. I have a drivers license, and insurance, but there is no one that I can trust to register a car in there name for me.
This seems more a counseling situation for resolving trust issues than a legal question. Honestly, after three ovi...
I am a single attractive female,(not advertising) and was pulled over about 5 months ago, initially for a turn signal out (claims I did not signal), at that time I was charged with OVI, first offense, I was over the limit. Not proud of it! The state trooper had me call someone to pick me up, but I couldn't find anyone. So he offered to take me home which wasn't far, I said yes and thanked him, I knew that I would have to stay in jail over night, if I would have gone to the station for a breathalyzer. Since then, On more than a few occasions, I have seen a cruiser(State trooper vehicle) more than likely his, driving by and has stopped in front of my house or the neighbor's house and sit there for a min. or so. Is this legal? Is it a form of profiling or stalking?
Do you have an attorney for the OVI? If not, get one right away. You need to discuss the issue of the potential...
I had a ovi 4 yrs ago and have never had a child endangerment charge,I was clocked doing 81 in a 55 mph zone.I have had my same job for 7 yrs and have full coverage ins.and have never missed a child support payment
The minimum jail time possible depends on the exact section you were charged under and whether or not you took a blood,...
Police didn't observe any driving, no field test, no breath test, no camera in police car, no open containers and didn't even ask if I was drinking alcohol. Going to trial for this, I guess they have the officers observations
Generally speaking if there is a statute for Driving under influence to slightest degree. Usually this does not...