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Can I get my OWI lessened to reckless driving?
The officer followed me for over a mile, from the outskirts of town, through town, and multiple corners, before pulling me over for crossing the center line on a road the doesn't have a painted, distinguished, line. Also, in our town, there is odd and even parking in the winter time. During that night the vehicles were to park on the side of the road in which I was driving, forcing me over, past the middle of the road. Also, there was snow earlier that week and the roads were covered enough that you couldn't see the blacktop. In this, the officer had also found a small amount of marijuana and a pipe, which he said he could not charge me with because he illegally searched my car. This is my first offence and since the event the county police officers have been driving past my work and home.
Under WI law, drunk driving charges can't be amended without a finding by the court that it is not against the public...
Can i fight a second dui with a bac of .12 after being pulled over for speeding?
i was convicted for a dui 1st offense and the courts never found my first dui now they found out of my first dui the are reopening my case? charging with my 2nd dui
You can fight it by yourself, but your chances of winning are slim. You need to find a lawyer who can help keep you...
Can I defeat my dui charge based on the officer not offering me a different test due to my injuries?
I had 5 ribs broken and a punctured lung just prior to this and said i couldn't do the walk and turn test, he placed me under arrest and didn't even offer a different test.
While this could certainly help your argument that the police officer didn't have probable cause to arrest you, he...
I recieved an underage ticket before probation starts for 12 months because of a DUI. Will this violate my probation?
I recieved an underage ticket last night when my buddy was pulled over and I was in the front seat. He walked away with a warning I walked away with an underage ticket and possession of false ID.. My probation for a DUI half a year ago starts in May and court for these tickets is the end of April. What do I do? And will this violate the probation or anything? I'm freaking out can anyone shine some light for me? Also how serious are these charges? I appreciate any response thank you
Not if you got the ticket "before" you were placed on probation. might want to wait until your 21 before you...
Is there any chance to reduce a 2nd offense OWI to a 2nd 1st offense OWI in La Crosse, WI?
I was cited a 2nd offense OWI recently in La Crosse, WI, which was 9 years and 50 weeks apart from the 1st OWI (4/2/05). I have a very good job which could be at risk, and would like to avoid incarceration at all costs (or minimize to 48 hours). Would any lawyer in the area be able to reduce this to no jail time? Thank you in advance for your responses.
Because your OWI arrest was within 10 years of the previous OWI arrest date (conviction dates are irrelevant) you are...
Can my husband's DWI case be thrown out or retried due to the state/jail NOT taking him to his mandatory court appearance?
Last spring my husband violated his parole by getting a DWI. He was arrested on May 5th, 2014, and his mandatory DWI court date was June 12, 2014. He was still at Racine County Jail awaiting transfer to Dodge Correctional when he was suppose to be in court for his DWI. The court and/or the guards never took him to his hearing. As a result, it was ruled he was a "no-show" to a mandatory hearing, and he was given the maximum sentence for having a blood alcohol level of 0.15. Due to being incarcerated, he never went through the court ordered alcohol assessment, which resulted in his drivers license being permanently revoked. My husband is currently at McNaughton Correctional Center serving the remainder of his 4 year sentence. He still has not had his day in court for his DWI charge.
This was apparently a first offense OWI chargeu in Wisconsin. If he takes prompt action, he can get the case reopened....
Do I have a case against the city? Can this somehow be dropped?
I have been being harassed by this man for months. I awoke to death threats sent to my roommate and finally decided to go to the police for help. I had some drinks the night before but thought nothing of it, only to receive an owi after I went to the police station to make a complaint. Nothing was done about my situation and I did show the officer messages. He has broken in my house several times as well as my car, now this. I was scared when I went there, crying. I feel very neglected. Is there any case here?
If you drove to the police station under the influence instead of picking up the phone, it is unclear what type of...