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The officer followed me for over a mile, from the outskirts of town, through town, and multiple corners, before pulling me over for crossing the center line on a road the doesn't have a painted, distinguished, line. Also, in our town, there is odd and even parking in the winter time. During that night the vehicles were to park on the side of the road in which I was driving, forcing me over, past the middle of the road. Also, there was snow earlier that week and the roads were covered enough that you couldn't see the blacktop. In this, the officer had also found a small amount of marijuana and a pipe, which he said he could not charge me with because he illegally searched my car. This is my first offence and since the event the county police officers have been driving past my work and home.
Under WI law, drunk driving charges can't be amended without a finding by the court that it is not against the public...
Question: Have you ever pled guilty, or no contest/nolo contendere, to or been convicted of an ordinance violation (other than minor traffic violations), misdemeanor, or felony?
If you have an attorney that is representing you or did represent you in the DUI, then it is probably best to ask that...
As I walked into Sellery, a University Wisconsin housing dorm, a cop pulled me off to the side because he saw me stumbling. He asked if I would take a breathalyzer and I told him I would feel uncomfortable taking one but told him I had been drinking. He then took down my information and told me he would call me the following week. The officer never called but two weeks later I get a citation with no warning.. What should I plea at my court date? Is there any way I could get the citation lessened dropped or community service?
Your best bet would be to contact and discuss your case with a qualified attorney. They will discuss the facts on your...
I would like to plead guilty and minimize the impact on my family. I am grateful that I was pulled over as I had put myself and others in harms way. My BAC was extremely high and I'm afraid of potential jail time. I spoke with one lawyer and he said that his services could cost up to $5000 if we pursued not guilty. I would like to minimize cost to my family and admit & apologize for my wrong doing.
Put simply, if you're ever charged with a crime, you absolutely need an attorney. This is true whether you plan on...
Benjamin Strohman's successful attack on one of his prior OWI offenses (on jurisdictional grounds) is of great interest to me, as I am in a similar circumstance and would like to attack an improper 1st offense OWI conviction. I have three questions relating to the case: ((1)) Is the state likely to appeal this decision to the state supreme court? ((2)) Do they have a limited time frame in which to appeal? ((3)) If the state appeals, what will be the likely outcome (in your learned opinions)? Here is a link to the court's decision: I am not currently facing any charges, if it matters. Thank you in advance, and I await your answers with bated breath!
How would we know the answer to that question?
My BAC was 0.15. I was stopped, because according to the officer I was traveling 39mph, in a 25mph zone.
Here is a chart detailing OWI penalties in WI.
Hi, I was stopped in WI for 1st DUI. Failed field sobriety breath analyzer. I don't know what the BAC results were. Took blood test but did not receive results yet. I was drinking beer (6 beers, 16 oz ea) over 5 hours of time. Took blood test after 7 hours from time I started to drink. Weight is 175. Any idea what I can expect? Will the letter for the criminal charge include the breathalyzer BAC and blood test BAC? Thanks.
If they do not send you the results with the citation/charging documents, they should be required to disclose them as...