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Can I get my OWI lessened to reckless driving?
The officer followed me for over a mile, from the outskirts of town, through town, and multiple corners, before pulling me over for crossing the center line on a road the doesn't have a painted, distinguished, line. Also, in our town, there is odd and even parking in the winter time. During that night the vehicles were to park on the side of the road in which I was driving, forcing me over, past the middle of the road. Also, there was snow earlier that week and the roads were covered enough that you couldn't see the blacktop. In this, the officer had also found a small amount of marijuana and a pipe, which he said he could not charge me with because he illegally searched my car. This is my first offence and since the event the county police officers have been driving past my work and home.
Under WI law, drunk driving charges can't be amended without a finding by the court that it is not against the public...
Dui in two different states 4 years apart. What to expect?
I recieved a dui in St Charles Missouri 4 years ago. I just recently. got a dui in Janesville Wisconsin. What should I expect? As in fines, suspension of licence and or jail time?
Jail time ranges between 5 days and 6 months. Your driver license could be suspended 12-18 months. You'll have to...
Last Month I got a DWI in Wisconsin, it's my first offence but I blew twice the legal limit on the breath test
What is going to happen I go to court on June 4th also and I look at this somewhere online free?
Well, you're not going to jail, if that's what you mean. There's generally an offer provided to resolve the case. If...
Are there laws about court system fairness?
In 2012, I was cited for DUI. One of the officers involved has had multiple DUI incidents of his own, but has been let "off the hook" even though his last one in 2013 resulted in his car parked on top of a guard rail. He is now the chief of police, and has no record following him. Are there laws about fairness across the board?
You have absolutely no idea how the officer was let "off the hook." Until you figure that out it's impossible for you...
So what do I do know? I bogus traffic ticket and an OWI.
The facts: I'm 30 yrs old, I have no criminal record. I have 1 speeding ticket. I've lived in this city for 10 yrs and have never been pulled over for anything. | I drove a drunk friend home safely. On my way to my home i got pulled over. Asked why i run a red light. I said i didnt. He asked did i have something 2 drink. I said yes 1 MIKES HARD LEMONADE (5% alcohol: 3hrs prior to driving). i was soo terrified (the media lately) that I was shaking. He accused me of doing crack. I said I've never. Took a sobriety test. he said i blew 1.5. Took blood test. Results came back negative for drug panels & ethenol. Went 2court. showd results. Plead not guilty. Pretrial conf.: she said "we cant just let this OWI go (why not?!). Rescheduled me 2 months from that day. I dnt have $, $$$ for a lawyer
I don't want to be that guy - but you really do need an attorney on this one. Try reaching out to family or others to...
My son was charged with OWI but was NOT DRIVING. He was at a single family home, truck was parked in driveway, he was in home.
My son was at friend's home (single family private home), they were fighting, someone called to report fight. 4 or 5 sheriffs came with guns drawn. My son was in garage & his truck was parked in driveway. Officers ignored the reason they came & instead arrested my son for OWI without cause. He was not driving but had a beer at the home. Now they are charging him and order to suspend license. Should he get a lawyer or can he subpenea the 911 call & all officers reports & police car video to prove he was not driving & to prove why they were actually there? Should he request jury trial? He only has this week to do this & to request review for DL suspension. We don't have money for attny. at this time, but need wrongful arrest charges dropped. We only have this week to req. jury trial. Advice?
This is a very complex area, one that few attorneys have the training to handle well. 1. Your son wants to request...
How likely is it that charges will be dropped for having my sisters ID?/ how likely is it I could get my license no suspended?
I recently got an absolute sobriety citation. I blew a .05 but I'm 18 and under the legal drinking age (in Wisconsin). While the police were looking through my car/my bag they found my older sisters ID so I ended up with a $700 fine for that as well. I wasn't caught using her ID and the only proof they had that I might have used it were some receipts from bars. I told them I had borrowed her purse and she had forgotten to take her wallet out of it. I'm wondering how likely it is that I can get the citation for having her ID in my possessions dropped and I'm also wondering how likely it is that I will be able to go without a suspended license or how long my license will be suspended. Thank you so much for your feedback!
Hire an experienced lawyer in your area. He or she will be able to work with and through the system to get the best...