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I got charged with a zero tolerance from the police officer saying he was cutting me a break. Im scared the judge might up it to a dui because i blew a 0.14 and im 19
Only the prosecutor can charge you. The judge does not have that authority,
I am facing a 3rd dui charge-I was arrested way back on July 9th of 2010-I completed the dui risk education classes on Dec.20th-2010 - and drove-successfully w/ an intoxilock device in my vehicle for a full year. I have not gone to court yet -is there ANY WAY I can try to get out of the 3rd dui charge? I know I could be facing jail time-and would gladly submit to that-if I could get a lesser charge. Would that help my case? And....if I get sentenced w/ the dui-and it goes to the state-and my license is revoked-is there a period of time-required by the state-that I HAVE to go w/out driving at all? I plan on paying an attorney to go to springfield to make an attempt to get my driving privledges restored or at least a driving permit of sorts.
There's no "w' in reckless.
A while back ago my vechile was taken for forefieture for felony charges. Now I'm goin to court for the felony charges and they have decided to drop my felony charges and just give me a misdemeanor will I get my vechile back?
You have a chance of getting your vehicle back, but how much time is "a while back?" Hopefully you have a lawyer who...
My 6 year old son lives mostly with my ex-wife. She has been on several evening dates recently, and I have heard through the grapevine that she is driving under the influence. Obviously, I fear for my son. How can I find out if she has any DUI's?
Criminal History Records information is only available from the Illinois State Police. Information is located at their...
The arresting officer said he stopped me for my head lights not being on and nothing else. I went to court judge reviews video agrees that head lights are indeed on I won my rescission and my license where given back. Went back to court for the dui part of the case in front of a new judge whom agree that my head lights are on but states" you did swerve" while watching the video. In the court transcript there is nothing in print that was mention in that hearing its like the court reporter stopped typing its just blank. There is no ruling in the file in print however someone wrote on the court docket motion denied with no ruling or reason for the denial to quash. So my only guess is it was denied because the judge says the officer had probable cause to stop me for the swerve.
It sounds like this judge did believe there was probable cause to stop based on you "serving." Did you have an attorney...
My friend is very lazy and he doesn't want to handle the court stuff by himself. He also doesn't have any money. He said he talked to a lawyer and wants to pay him 3000 dollars to try to get his punishment lowered. He's 24 with a clean driving history and this is his first offense for DUI. He drove a girl home from the bar, and parked illegally (car off, keys in ignition) in front of her house as he waited to "sober up." Officers came to check the car and found him inside with a smell of alcohol. He blew .106 on the breathalizer. He is planning on admitting fault at his court date. Does he really need to pay a lawyer? First offense misdemeanor DUI, no priors and clean auto history. He also was attempting to do the right thing and has a good "story" to go with his remorse.
He would be ver wise to hire an experienced DUI attorney in Villa Park area. There are defenses an attorney may find...
So my DUI case is coming up in 5 days. I hired a lawyer about a month ago, and he never told me anything about not needing to go to court. I call him this week and he says "I don't think you need to go" because he said he can arrange for court supervision because this is my first DUI, and I have a pretty clean record except for a couple driving tickets. First off, does this make sense? Should I still attend? The thing I worry about the most is what if I don't show up and I somehow get absolutely screwed over because my lawyer told me not to and then obviously big consequences there. Lawyer said he's been busy and almost forgot about me. Any advice here on what to do, or question to ask lawyer will be huge. I’m very new to all of this. Thanks a lot!. I live in Chicago, but case is out town
I handle the vast majority of my classes without my clients present. Seems like you don't trust your attorney's advice....