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I was arrested for aitting in my car while waiting for a taxi. It I was given three tickets DUI, DUI under age and reckless driving. The police pulled me out of my vehicle and put me in the patrol car for telling them I had drank and was waiting for a cab. They wresteled my friend down for no reason and were very unprofessional. I passed the field sobriety test and was given a brethalyzer six times all of which were completely different readings. Is there a way to beat this or not plead guilty to a DUI. Please help I do not know what to do and it would be my second one. I feel the police were very unjust.
Unfortunately, they can arrest you for being in the drivers seat of your car, even with the keys in your possession for...
On the State of NJ MVC website, , it states that for a 3rd and subsequent DUI, an ignition interlock device to be installed during license suspension and for 1-3 yrs following restoration. Does this mean a person would be able to drive during license suspension? If so, how would I get one? I have 4 DUI's, last one was 10 yrs ago
No, it is added protection during your suspension so that if you have a bad idea to drive while under the influence, it...
First offense DUI and refusal to take breathalyzer
The only person who can tell you how much time you will have to serve is the Judge when they sentence you. An...
for two years. Since I was suspended in NJ for only seven months, I thought I could get a license in NJ. Now DMV is telling me that I cannot get a license here until I get a letter from the OTHER state. Can DMV in NJ impose this requirement?
Yes. They can. NJ is one of 45 States which is part of the interstate compact. They will treat your prior DWI as if it...
Interlock device and restricted licenses
Still pending. I would not count on a new law very soon.
Find a lawyer to represent you in this. The proper experts will have to be found and examined on the stand by your attorney.
15 hours left Community service; IDRC overnight May 2013. Fines paid locally. Surcharge paid monthly-- on time. I turned down three teaching jobs that I deeply wanted and need. If residence, changed to PA: can I get license while continuing to pay surcharges. Can I drive in NJ in vehicle with device? My first DUI was nine and half years before September 2013-- turned my license in 2 days later. I cannot afford to live here-- no income. Turned down schools for schools that cater to exceptionally gifted students and I have no life.
That is up to Pa. law. You need to ask aPa. attorney. i doubt it. If you can Pa. may have conditional licenses. You...