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I was arrested for aitting in my car while waiting for a taxi. It I was given three tickets DUI, DUI under age and reckless driving. The police pulled me out of my vehicle and put me in the patrol car for telling them I had drank and was waiting for a cab. They wresteled my friend down for no reason and were very unprofessional. I passed the field sobriety test and was given a brethalyzer six times all of which were completely different readings. Is there a way to beat this or not plead guilty to a DUI. Please help I do not know what to do and it would be my second one. I feel the police were very unjust.
Unfortunately, they can arrest you for being in the drivers seat of your car, even with the keys in your possession for...
My Ex husband lost his license in Nov 2011 for 3rd DUI He said it was now only a 2nd offense and he would be getting his license back in Mar of 2014. In Jan 2014, he was ordered to go to Rehab instead of jail. He never tells the truth and I am not sure if he would have had to do his rehab/jail time right at the time of the arrest or over two years later? I am scared for my kids lives when they are with him. Do you know if this possibly sounds correct or like he received a subsequent DUI charge. He also was arrested in Florida for theft in Jan 2014 and had a 2003 theft charge in the past. I do not know where to turn for facts. Please help Thank you Desiree
These facts as to the DUI make no sense, so I think your husband is lying to you. Consult an attorney as to getting a...
DL suspended 3 more years for old DWI's completed all requirements to have DL restored prior to Policy Review took over 9 months while policy was being changed continually appeal of review took 5 months had NY DL only 4 months never a ticket in NY all in NJ Dangerous Driver Policy 2 DWI / 2 refusal oldest 1988 newest 2011 requested DL released to NJ where I live now Denied
See the answers to your other posts.
My 20 year old daughter was arrested by a State Trooper. She took a breathalyzer but I do not know the levels, as the report is not yet complete. She was also cited for careless driving, improper lane change and underage drinking. She's never been in trouble. She was driving a car in my name and is listed as an insured on my policy. Should I get an attorney, or would it be a waste of money? I'm currently unemployed but hear public defenders work for the State and not to use one. I'm also very worried about my insurance being dropped. If she surrenders her license until she can afford her own policy, will my rates still be high? I have an impeccable driving record.
You should RUN, not walk but RUN to an experienced DWI defense lawyer. You should LOAN your daughter the money for a...
I got a DUI in nj on 12/21/13...this is my first offense and I have a clean record otherwise...I tried to do the sobriety tests but have problems with both my knees and my right foot and informed officers of this I also attempted to blow into the breathalyzer once but ended up refusing because four officers were yelling in my do I go About affording a lawyer whose payment plan is less then 1,000 a month or applying for a public defender
Use "Find a Lawyer" section of this website
Will this new NJ license show the suspension after the conviction is published? Will a cop be able to see the suspension if I am pulled over with the NJ license? Will an employer be able to the suspension if they pull my NJ abstract? Or is it better to give them my Out of state license to pull the abstract?
Answer: Please refer to the answer I previously posted. You need to immediately retain an experienced DWI attorney as...
I was pulled over for a dwi, taken to the station only for them to decide to take me to the local hospital after i started throwing up, they took me to the hospital and and drew blood, i clearly have on file i refused yet they still drew blood, i was recently to that officer in nj has to have warrant to draw blood if no consent is given, no warrant was taken there for police violated the law, do i have some kinda case here.
You have a good defense to the DWI, which is more important. As for a lawsuit against the police, that is a different...