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I received a DWI in 2011 at the same time I was charged of possession of a controlled substance under (something- lowest mg)-
The possession charge was dismissed. I'm having the possession charge dismissed but I'm now being told that since this charge occurred at the same time as the dwi, then there are new laws??? Now we have to go before a judge and ask him. Can someone please explain this in more and what the chances are of me being able to get this expunged. My attorney was in a hurry and jumped off the phone real quick. Yes I have an attorney
There are NOT new laws. There are supposed to be BILLS in the legislature that MIGHT be laws, but as of right now, no...
Am i eligible for the deferred adjudication program for my first dwi, i am 20 years old.
I received the dwi in december and the trail is still going on, I have not gotten a lawyer yet simply because I do not have the funds as of now. I was wondering if I have to get an attorney to be eligible for deferred adjudication, as this is my first charge.
There is no deferred for DWI in Texas. You may be eligible for pretrial intervention. Call a lawyer and see if you...
I have trial this coming Monday, I was initially pulled over and arrested for a DWI as well as possession.
I asked for my blood to be drawn, which came back negative for everything. The possession charge is for synthetic, I understand that certain chemicals have been made illegal but I feel that the strand I had on me wasn't one of them. With trial so close is there any way for me to ask that the evidence(synthetic) be tested by a chemist?
In order for the State to prove that you're guilty of possessing synthetic marijuana, they would HAVE to have a chemist...
What is the possible time my son can do with an evading arrest with a suspended drivers license?
My son was driving with a suspended drivers license and evaded arrest. In trying to evade he ended up hitting a pole, ran by foot and the police caught him and took him to jail.
What you are describing is evading arrest with a motor vehicle. That is a 3rd degree felony punishable by 2-10 years...
Will a misdemeanor family violence conviction from a year ago affect my class a dwi case in tx?
I blew a. 15 so they are charging with a class a misdemeanor. I have class a family violence comviction where I did 3 weeks in jail last year it been disposed. I didn't crash or anything in this dwi arrest just high bac. will the the other conviction affect this case in any way?
Are you asking whether it will effect your sentence if you are convicted? If you are, remember that you are innocent...
My son has been on probation for dui but last weekend we had a family argument and he took out his pocket knife but didn't open
it and put back in his pocket and left house but my other son was so mad he called police and filed a police report but a day later dropped charges after my son was arrested for aggravated assault with deadly weapon so im very worried he could face a lot of years in prison he has never hurt a family member, please I am very worried, (mom)
They take domestic disputes such as that very seriously since it was a deadly weapon and he already has a major...
I have a second dui charge and I was on felony probation in california. I have no resources. Where do I go for help to fix this?
I was on felony probation and managed to get a second dui in CA. One of my last remaining relatives got extremely ill so I had to come to texas. I also had no safe drug free place to live in CA so I had no choice but to leave since I'm sincerely set on doing the right thing and I basically don't want to die . I have no reources just yet and am wondering where to go to get things straightened out to help myself and my relative live a decent life without fear of a catastrophic arrest. I lack the resources to travel so am looking for some solution I can do here from texas.
If you qualify for a public defender, go there. If you do not, I would start rounding up family and friends for loans....