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If you have a DUI on your record. Could you get a job as a teacher in Hawaii?
As mentioned with a DUI is it possible to get a job teaching for the state at a high school in HI?
I am not licensed in Hawaii, but it probably is possible, especially if the conviction is quite long ago, probation is...
Convicted of dui in 2006 license suspended for 6 mouths in the state of Pa., license reinstated moved to NY. In 2013.
turn in my license to get my NY license sorry I have a CDL, New York tells my in the state of York if your are convicted of a DUI you have to serve a one year suspension which is a federal law and stated that Pa. Failed to do so and suspended my CDL license for another 250 days. Now I'am living in Hawaii having trouble seeking employment for driving jobs because it come up on my driving record as if I just received a DUI and it causing me wages. Can someone look into this and tell me what New York did was legal and if not can I sue them for denying me of makeing decide living. And could someone take my case with out payment until we settle the case, Justify not right.
When you were licensed in NY, that DMV governed your license. In most states, the penalties are tougher on those who...
What could happen to me if I have 3 dui's?
I was charged for two dui's, but one was dismissed with prejudice. I was driving drunk recently and also damaged someone's property. I am also still in the middle of trial for damaging someone's property and evacuating the scene of the crime. Im not sure if I was charged for a dui recently, but I went to the hospital and they took my blood.
If they took your blood you'll more than likely be charged. You'll probably get your license suspended and might do...
I can't get my license because I need to have a IID, but I don't have a car to put it in so I'm stuck what should I do?
I received the DUI in Florida four years ago and now live in Hawaii, but Florida has a hold on me, which prevents me from getting my license here.
I understand the situation, as it comes up in CA quite a bit. I am not licensed in FL, but what I think you need to do...
What are Hawaii's laws regarding a duo from another state?
I had a dui in the state of Washington in 2011. I installed an Interlock device in my vehicle almost immediately after that, which I had for 2 months, until the state suspended my license. At that point I made arrangements to have the Interlock device removed. Since the trial, I have complied with all required classes and the victim panel, but the state is now claiming that I needed the breathalyzer for 4 consecutive months... Again, this was 4 years ago, and I haven't driven since the suspension. Is there anyway around this nonsense?
First of all its not nonsense and I think you ought to retain an attorney to address your concerns.
Will California extradite from Hawaii for a felony DUI probation violation?
Hello. I was convicted of a 4th DUI w/in 10 yrs in CA (felony). While on probation, I was kicked out of a rehab program for having a cell phone. This violated my probation and a warrant was issued. I was homeless so my parents flew me to HI, where I grew up. I have been back in HI for a year now with a great job and just celebrated my 18th month of sobriety. If I were to be pulled over here in HI, would CA extradite me back to face charges?
Its a felony so its possible they want you back. Always hard to say with extradition. Sometimes they care and...
In order to be brought back into court after winning your DUI case do you need to be present when subpoenaed?
my father received the subpoena for my sister's DUI
Someone must be present for a subpoena. However, are you asking whether a subpoena on a closed case is still valid? You...