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I was convicted of a DUI in January 2005 and I would like to get the offense expunged. I have not had any other criminal convictions and I am tired of explaining this offense every time I get a new job.
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I am an outstanding Soldier. I have never been in trouble, never received a negative counseling. I recieve 290 and above on all my PT Tests, just got my (P) status and achieved commandants list at WLC. My 1SG and CDR are writing letters of recommendation that they want to keep me. I just want to know if I am going to be able to win this fight, and is there anything I can do to better my odds.
You need to contact a competent attorney that knows DUI defense and how to handle the military aspect of this. If you...
my license is from NJ, i just got a dui in kansas but now im moving back to jersey, i wasnt able to request an admin hearing for my license cause i didnt have the dc-27 with the instructions...i know its automatically suspended now...is ther anything i could do and if i go to jersey can i maybe reinstate it there or maybe get a hardship...what are my options right now?
Hello there, You need to take care of your suspension problems by satisfying all your problems with Kansas before...
My husband is active US army and recently recived a DUI. He was arrested and spent 30+ hours in jail before i was able to post his bond. Now the army is trying to have him kicked out. We have a public defender who will be representing him when he goes to court. There might be a chance that the charges will be dropped if they are can the millitary still kick him out.
Frequently, there is an article 15, loss of post driving privileges, maybe reduction in grade/pay and a serious hit on...
dui on military post
Probably. A quick look at Kansas DUI laws suggests that DUI is a crime committed on public or private propery. The...
No, but the consequences are often similar.
I fulfilled all but one obligation assigned by the judge upon my DUI sentencing. I have 20 treatment "classes" to attend and have only been to 4 so far. I'm still going and progressing very well. Fact is i wouldnt have been able to complete 20 classes in 3 months anyhow since they are once a week so i have to reappear next Friday. Unfortunately, being truthful during the evaluation has not worked in my favor since the judge seems to be turning this into more of a marijuana issue than a DUI issue. What are the chances he will give me a UA when I go back to court and what happens if i fail? Before joining the Army 12 years ago it took 86 days to clear from my system and i didnt cheat even once. Will i immediately go to jail? Will he let me continue treatment? Please help
Every judge is different. In order to get the best educated best possible, you should contact a criminal defense...