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  • Judge signs order sealing records bearing sensitive ...

    22 hrs ago | via The Capital-Journal 

    A U.S. District Court judge on Friday signed an order sealing sensitive information in the case of a man charged with attempting to detonate a bomb at Fort Riley. On Thursday, U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom, along with two assistant U.S. attorneys and two trial attorneys, filed a motion seeking the protective order for discovery in the case of John T. Booker Jr., 20. District Court Judge John W. Lungstrum signed the order as did two prosecutors, assistant U.S. Attorneys Anthony Mattivi and David C. Smith, and two defense attorneys, federal public defender Melody Brannon Evans and assistant public defender Kirk Redmond.


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  • Prosecutors in John Booker Jr. case seek order to sh...

    Thursday | via The Capital-Journal 

    Prosecutors in the case of a young Topeka man accused of attempting to detonate a bomb at Fort Riley are seeking a protective order to shield sensitive information from the public record. U.S. Attorney Barry Grissom, along with two assistant U.S. attorneys and two trial attorneys, filed a motion Thursday for a protective order for discovery.


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  • John Booker Jr. pleads not guilty to terrorism charges

    Tuesday Apr 21 | via The Capital-Journal 

    In his initial appearance before a federal judge Tuesday, John T. Booker Jr. politely responded to the judge's questions as he pleaded not guilty to three charges, including attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. Booker, 20, conferred often with his attorneys, Melody Evans and Kirk Redmond, as he read through a federal indictment and heard questions from U.S. Magistrate Judge James P. O'Hara.


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  • Police Report 4/15/15

    Wednesday Apr 15 | via KMAN-AM Manhattan 

    Dean Gulker was arrested around 6:50 p.m. while in the 3700 block of Bradford Terrace. He was charged with aggravated burglary, theft and burglary, and was given a bond of $20,000.


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  • Terror charges filed against Topeka man accused of F...

    Friday Apr 10 | via The Wichita Eagle 

    Federal authorities charged a 20-year-old Topeka man Friday with plotting to bomb Fort Riley in league with, he believed, the so-called Islamic State. John Thomas Booker Jr., also known as Mohammed Abdullah Hassan, was named with in three counts that alleged he planned on Friday to use a "weapon of mass destruction" to damage property at the U.S. Army Base near Junction City in a suicide mission.


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  • RCPD Report 4/10/15

    Friday Apr 10 | via KMAN-AM Manhattan 

    A 29-year-old Manhattan man was taken into custody Thursday afternoon on a variety of charges. Justin Atwood-Allison was arrested at the intersection of Bluemont Ave and North 3rd Street for driving with a suspended license, possession of opiates, opium, narcotic drugs, stimulants, methamphetamine precursors and drug paraphernalia.


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  • Affidavit Information Released in Fatal Shooting

    Wednesday Mar 25 | via KMAN-AM Manhattan 

    While accounts vary on how many shots were fired, an affidavit for warrant application released by Riley County District Court Wednesday morning in a voluntary manslaughter case indicates the victim was shot in the center of the forehead. Casey Lindley, 27, of Ogden later died from the early March 10th shooting near Ogden, with Tierre Wall, 26, of Fort Riley arrested in Georgia a couple days later.


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Junction City Law

How much does it cost to get a DUI expunged in Kansas?
I was convicted of a DUI in January 2005 and I would like to get the offense expunged. I have not had any other criminal convictions and I am tired of explaining this offense every time I get a new job.
Go to "find a lawyer" on this site and speak to lawyers in your area for fee quotes.
First time offender in the military being chaptered under 14-12C for a DUI. Can I be chaptered and is there any way to fight it?
I am an outstanding Soldier. I have never been in trouble, never received a negative counseling. I recieve 290 and above on all my PT Tests, just got my (P) status and achieved commandants list at WLC. My 1SG and CDR are writing letters of recommendation that they want to keep me. I just want to know if I am going to be able to win this fight, and is there anything I can do to better my odds.
You need to contact a competent attorney that knows DUI defense and how to handle the military aspect of this. If you...
My husband got a DUI and is active military can they kick him out
My husband is active US army and recently recived a DUI. He was arrested and spent 30+ hours in jail before i was able to post his bond. Now the army is trying to have him kicked out. We have a public defender who will be representing him when he goes to court. There might be a chance that the charges will be dropped if they are can the millitary still kick him out.
Frequently, there is an article 15, loss of post driving privileges, maybe reduction in grade/pay and a serious hit on...
What if you didnt have a dc-27 and didnt request a admin hearing after a dui?
my license is from NJ, i just got a dui in kansas but now im moving back to jersey, i wasnt able to request an admin hearing for my license cause i didnt have the dc-27 with the instructions...i know its automatically suspended now...is ther anything i could do and if i go to jersey can i maybe reinstate it there or maybe get a hardship...what are my options right now?
Hello there, You need to take care of your suspension problems by satisfying all your problems with Kansas before...
If a soldier gets a dui on a military post can they restrict your cilvilian drivers license?
dui on military post
Probably. A quick look at Kansas DUI laws suggests that DUI is a crime committed on public or private propery. The...
Regarding being misinformed by my lawyer about my license after my second DUI.
I am in KS. I resently plead to my second DUI. My lawyer told me my license was still good until the conclusion of my drivers license hearing. I was pulled over today and told my license was suspended March 27th because I had plead guilty. I was also told the drivers license hearing was a separate issue and that my license can be suspended twice. Can I do anything about my lawyer misinforming me in this issue?
that might make a good defense to the suspended license charge, i.e., acting under incorrect legal advice. I hate to...
I have to get a blow machine in my car for 4 years for having multiable dwi is there any way i can get this reduced.
The dwi are in kansas. I have not touched acholal in 5 or six years. So if there is a way to get the 4 years reduced or not even get it at all. I can talk to a judge if i have to.
I am not licensed in Kansas, but this sounds like a good question to ask an experienced DUI attorney in Kansas. In...