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I have a warrant for dui charge in 2010 and had to relocate due to foreclosure and tried to follow up and transfer without succe
Success and have to extradite myself to resolve this issue. I was assaulted on the nite of my arrest and after walking to my car for miles I drove to get to phone..wat r my steps??
You're steps for what? How to recall the warrant?
First time DUI
I got pulled over for a DUI over the weekend my first offense besides 1-2 minor traffic tickets. I had a BAC of .208. I refused a road side sobriety test, did a breathe test the first two times the machine didn't work. I want to avoid jail time if at all possible can I question the validity of the machine? I made a huge one time mistake and really don't want this to ruin the rest of my life.
You can absolutely question the validity of the machine. These things are constantly giving faulty readings and can be...
I got arrested for a dui a few weeks ago and had to contact pretrial services by last friday but didnt will I have a warrant
I was out of town working and just got the letter yesterday.I have court for the dui next week will I have a bench warrant or arrest warrant for not showing up for the pretrial services
It is possible but you should contact pre-trial immediately. If you are on PTS you must strictly comply with all terms...
I have a warrant for a probation violation stemming from a dui
i moved from northern colorado due to marriage issues and didnt' realize my probation wasn't complete. i need to go back to colorado, but i'd like to know possible consequences and what i can do and need to bring when i go back.
You need to consult with an attorney regarding your options. You should also consult with your probation officer but...
I need help
Just look up my name karla Hoover from morgan and weld county colorado .. i need some advice really bad
You are going to need to give us more information than this. You cannot expect lawyers here to give free answers to...
Arrested DUID. no alcohol. I was very nervous : panicked. failed roadside maneuvers. I had a recent total right hip replacemen
SSDI. Severe anxiety obsessive-compulsive disorder Agoura phobia posttraumatic stress disorder. Are these reasons a judge might allow me to serve a 30 day sentence at home rather than in jail?
Those are good reasons, but you may be putting the beer wagon before the horse. You haven't been convicted yet, have...
I just found out from my children that while their mother was on probation for her DUI, she had them blow in her interlock.
I just found out recently from my children that while their mother was on probation for her DUI, she had them blow in the interlock "multiple" times in the mornings so she could drive them to school. She told them it was because she just used mouthwash and it would make the interlock go off. The truth is, she drinks so much at night, she's still drunk in the morning. What can be done at this point given it's hearsay from my children and also in the past (about 1 year ago)? Is it punishable given the lack of evidence? My children are 15 and 17 now. Thanks
If the mother of your children still has a drinking problem, why not contact your local mental health center to see how...