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  • JC woman, 99, paved the way for a new Americana

    Thursday May 21 | via Press & Sun-Bulletin 

    JC woman, 99, paved the way for a new American dynasty Poland-born JC woman and late brother helped others in their family imigrate to U.S. Check out this story on Albina Dudanowicz and her brother Antoni are credited with opening their home, hearts and wallets so others in their family could settle here and begin a new American dynasty. This weekend, the Dudanowicz family will celebrate anniversary - and they owe the occasion to Albina Dudanowicz of Johnson City, who died on March 26 at age 99, and her late brother Antoni.


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  • From dog rescuer to alert letter carrier, heroesa

    Wednesday May 13 | via Press & Sun-Bulletin 

    From dog rescuer to alert letter carrier, heroes honored The 6th Annual American Red Cross Real Heroes Breakfast took place Wednesday in Endicott. Check out this story on Earl Walker, a letter carrier in Binghamton, is awarded the Workplace Safety Award by Security Mutual Life's Terry Ray during the American Red Cross sixth annual Real Heroes Breakfast at The McKinley in Endicott on Wednesday morning.


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  • Johnson City man held in assault with metal object

    Apr 23, 2015 | via Press & Sun-Bulletin 

    Johnson City man held in assault with metal object A Johnson City man assaulted a person with a metal object, police said. Check out this story on A Johnson City man is accused of taking a metal object to another man's head, then damaging the victim's car with the same object, police said.


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Johnson City Law

Detained but not ticketed or arrested and issued with a verbal warning
I was detained recently by being questioned and then driven home by the police after suspicion for a DUI when sitting in a parking lot. I was not ticketed or arrested on that date and received no paper work during this time and was driven back to my home. As of yet I have yet to receive anything in the mail and my license was ran with the correct address the night of the incident. Should I contact the court and see if there is anything coming or is this going to be forgotten about and nothing come of it?
if the police did not have you do roadside sobriety exercises or take a breath test then it is likely you won't be...
If two people are intoxicated to the point where they are incapable of sexual consent can both parties claim they were assaulted
The participating parties are one man and one woman both over the legal age of consent
In theory each could claim the other committed rape due to lack of capacity (intoxication) to consent.
I received a DWAI in Buffalo in 1979. Will the DWAI affect my ability to apply for a pistol permit?
Have not had another legal incident since then.
It shouldn't. A DWAI is not a crime and only a traffic infraction.
What are my chances for getting ACD for a dwi?
last night i was driving my friends back to campus from my house and I had had 2 beers before driving. Because it was Halloween, the cops were very strict and pulled me over for doing 40 in a 20. They smelled the beer and charged me with DWI. After being processed, they said that because i had only had two beers, I was very cooperative, and it is a first time offense, i shouldn't be worried about charges. The officer said that it is possible i will get an ACD. The charge was made by university police. I just want to know how possible this might be? Also i blew a .10
I would say your chances are about zero because an ACD is not something a DA offers in a dui case.
Bf has been charged with a misdemeanor in 2007, and now he may be charged with a DUI?
my bf was charged with a misdemeanor in 2007 (for drunk driving). now at 27 years old, he was recently caught drunk driving and was arrested. he didn't yield at a sign, so the cops pulled him over. he refused a BAC test. he was nonviolent with the cops the first or second time. we don't know what is going to happen yet, since this incident occurred 3 days ago. the first misdemeanor was in ct, and his 2nd offense (i don't know what it should be labeled yet) was in upstate ny. besides his first misdemeanor, his record is clean. would he face any jail time and/or be convicted of a felony? thanks.
There is not enough information for an accurate answer. Even though jail is possible, it is not definite. The attorney...
Can I be convicted of DWI if only the roadside breath test was done?
I refused road side sobriety tests and was given a roadside breath test. It took them four tries to get a reading and then I was brought to the station. I was not given a chemical test and was released after prints were done. I was given a felony DWI ticket because this was my second offense.
You can be prosecuted for and convicted of DWI even without a chemical test. Since you are facing felony charges, you...
Take back possession of a firearm after a DUI conviction.
I was convicted (plead guilty on the DA's horrible advice) to a felony DUI. I was sentenced to 5 years probation and a treatment program. I have completed both, and would like to take back possession of a .22 rifle that was willed to me by my grandfather. Can I legally take it back? Or is their something I need to do?
I believe that you need a permit for the rifle. Inquire at the local police office.