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my bf was charged with a misdemeanor in 2007 (for drunk driving). now at 27 years old, he was recently caught drunk driving and was arrested. he didn't yield at a sign, so the cops pulled him over. he refused a BAC test. he was nonviolent with the cops the first or second time. we don't know what is going to happen yet, since this incident occurred 3 days ago. the first misdemeanor was in ct, and his 2nd offense (i don't know what it should be labeled yet) was in upstate ny. besides his first misdemeanor, his record is clean. would he face any jail time and/or be convicted of a felony? thanks.
There is not enough information for an accurate answer. Even though jail is possible, it is not definite. The attorney...
I refused road side sobriety tests and was given a roadside breath test. It took them four tries to get a reading and then I was brought to the station. I was not given a chemical test and was released after prints were done. I was given a felony DWI ticket because this was my second offense.
You can be prosecuted for and convicted of DWI even without a chemical test. Since you are facing felony charges, you...
This was his second offense but his first dwi was lowered to something else. He also hit a corner of a house, no one was home at the time.
Up to 1 year in jail. It's a serious case given the accident, bac level and prior. He needs to hire a good criminal...
I was convicted (plead guilty on the DA's horrible advice) to a felony DUI. I was sentenced to 5 years probation and a treatment program. I have completed both, and would like to take back possession of a .22 rifle that was willed to me by my grandfather. Can I legally take it back? Or is their something I need to do?
I believe that you need a permit for the rifle. Inquire at the local police office.
If someone's job description did not list any requirement for driver's license for the job, can a public employer change the job description days after being notified of a DWI arrest to state driver's license required at time of employment and must be maintained throughout employment. There are no duties that indicate driving is required and they changed this days after the arrest. It appears it is a direct attempt to get rid of the employee if they lose their license or have it suspended due to this charge. Can they fire the employee because of the change made after the charge?
Unless you are in a union, you are normally considered an employee at will and you can be hired and fired for any...
Got a leaving the scene, speed not reasonable and prudent operating without insurance bc I did not know my insurance cancelled and moved from lane unsafely
It depends on what County as some have a no plea policy on dwi cases. If you had an accident, left the scene and had...
I have a misdemeanor possession charge being ACD'd but was required to have an evaluation. Poor advice from my lawyer ("it won't matter if you're positive") led to me smoking once more >3 wk prior. I was diagnosed 304.3 dependent. Now that they've admitted that I meet none of the 7 criteria for dependance they say they're keeping me in treatment because I was DUID when I showed up for my evaluation and also will not give me the ng/ml numbers or testing method. Under NYS law is a positive urine test an automatic DUID? The original charge was simple possession, first criminal offense ever, no DUI or even active use implied.
No, it is not. Just like an alochol DWAI statute, the law requires proof that the ability to frive was impaired. You...