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Can a person get their license reinstated in Vermont if they have a permanently revoked lic. in FL for 4 duis?
I know someone who has a permanently revoked license in Florida due to 4 DUI's. 2 out of state, and 2 in Florida. The last DUI was in May 2011 and he received his revocation in July 2011. This person has since moved to Vermont. He seems to think he can waltz down here to Florida and get an administrative hearing and get his license back just like that and be able to drive freely in Vermont. How realistic is this? I fear this person driving because he is a very active alcoholic. Will it be easy to get his license back after 4 DUI's? The last one he had a UBAL of .23. If he were to get a hardship/employment license reinstated. , would he be able to drive in Vermont? Florida law says he cannot even get an administrative hearing until 5 years after the last dui conviction.
Permanent revocation means just what it sounds like. That suspension should make him unable to obtain a license in any...
If a person knowingly gets auto insurance in their name, allowing a 4 time DUI driver w/ revoked license drive car, is it fraud?
I know of someone (and have written proof via internet messages) that a woman in Colchester, VT, knowingly financed a vehicle in her name and got insurance for the sole purpose of allowing a 4 time convicted DUI offender and documented alcoholic drive the vehicle full time. She lists her address as the home of the vehicle,yet, this drunk driver is the one solely in possession of said jeep. I found out they were insured by Geico and alerted their fraud dept. They investigated and dropped this woman from insurance for fraud. After that, she went to Progressive and obtained insurance. They are currently investigating the case. I have also let VT state police know and they are watching him. I have been giving tips for the past 6 months to cops and NICB. How serious of an offense is this
I cannot tell you the specifics above about Vermont law. I am a Maine attorney and I know in Maine this would be a...
Expunging a felony that occurred at age 18 :DUI with injury (broken arm. Now age 32; no more problems with law. Doable?
A drunk driving accident with a broken arm resulted in a felony conviction over 14 years ago. No other problems with the law have occured since then. Can it be expunged and how do I go about it?
More than likely, the state where it occurred has procedures for expunging records. Generally a DUI conviction is not a...
Fraudulent purchase of auto ins. in Vermont. Purchaser got insurance for person w/ 4 DUIs/permanently revoked lic. in FL
A woman in VT fully financed a car and purchased insurance for it in her name, however, she is NOT the primary driver. She bought it for someone who has 4 DUI convictions and a permanently revoked license in the State of FL. He has no license in VT either due to his FL convictions. This woman allows this man to drive the car 24/7 and keep it at his residence. She has her own vehicle. Geico investigated them late last fall and dropped them from the policy after finding that indeed, the purchaser was NOT the one driving the vehicle. They have lots of photographic and video evidence. Now they switched to Progressive who is investigating them for fraud. I have called the police in the area and no one wants to be bothered w/ this. How can these 2 have charges filed against them for this?
I suggest that you make note of the make, model, color and license plate number of the vehicle. The next time you see...
If I cross the Canadian border with my green card and they swipe it, will my DUI show up?
I went to Montreal on a regular basis for dance classes and have many friends there. If I ride with someone can I use my green card to cross? Will the DUI show?
Will it show up where? If you are concerned if you would not be permitted to re-enter the USA as a permanent resident,...
I was charged with furnishing alcohol to a minor (18) and given a court date.
My friend blew a .000 even though he had been drinking. The officer gave him a ticket because he was in possession of the alcohol I bought and told me that he could arrest me but wasn't going to cause a scene. This happened in VT. I was told I could drop my friend off and then come back to the police station where I would give my finger prints and other info. I went to police station and the officer took my info down, my photo, my fingerprints. He then asked me if I had ever been arrested before and I said, no. He then informed me that this was an arrest and never once read me my rights. He then informed me that I could get the charges dropped if I knew of any drug dealers that I could give them info on. I am a hard working never been in trouble person. I don't do drugs.
Very minor case. Regardless if you get criminal papers in the mail and a date to appear, hire an experienced criminal...
Underage drinking citation a month before turning 21, have already done court diversion once. anyway to keep my license?
i was in a car that was pulled over. the driver had drank earlier and is now facing a dui. i was in the car and refused the Breathalyzer. i was arrested because i had previously completed a court diversion program 2 years prior. is there anyway that i can keep my license. i need it to commute to work and class
Since you refused a breathalyzer, how do the police know you had been drinking? I suggest you pay for a consultation...