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1st offence
To answer this question an attorney would need to review the file from the original case. Frequently payments are not...
I was charged with DUI and finished all the community service and fines. If my DUI is expunged or sealed after a year, Can I apply for colleges that check background?
Seal or expunge would remove it from view of the Universities most likely; however, there are no guarantees. It...
I was charged with a DUI and pleaded guilty before 2 years and half. I finished my probation and all the required things and after that my case closed as 'Withheld Judgment completed and charge dismissed'. Now I am applying to Universities and one of the questions is "Have you ever been convicted of or have pending against you a felony or misdemeanor other than minor traffic violations?". Do I have to answer 'Yes' or 'No' for this question? Help Please!!
If, after you successfully completed probation, you or your lawyer filed a motion to dismiss the case pursuant to the...
On parole in Idaho no previous DUI's ever .Arrested in WA.
Probably, because there are civil and criminal proceedings it is likely that one will show up. You only hope would be...
This happened in Valley County and have an additional obstruct charge.
I am not sure about Idaho since I do not practice there, but as a general proposition, when your license is suspended...
How do I get it off? Or does it come off automatically..?
You should contact a California attorney to help you if you still have a hold due to this.
i pulled into hotel and entered my room.(cops were parked in hotel parking lot) 5 mins later cops knock on door and i step out to speak to them. they ask if i drove, i said yes. they then gave me a road side test and charged me with a dui for "being under the influence of narcotics". i took the blow test but refused to pee. also before i answered any questions i asked the officers "am i being charged for anything" and " am i free to go"
You have some potentially strong legal issues here, but the outcome is going to depend on exactly what the police said,...