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There where no tests of any kind performed. And I never admitted to drinking alcohol
Hire an attorney to at least attempt to mitigate the circumstances surrounding your recent arrest.
1st offence
To answer this question an attorney would need to review the file from the original case. Frequently payments are not...
I was charged with DUI and finished all the community service and fines. If my DUI is expunged or sealed after a year, Can I apply for colleges that check background?
Seal or expunge would remove it from view of the Universities most likely; however, there are no guarantees. It...
I work full time in a professional environment. I also study law externally.
In California, a third time DUI is still a misdemeanor and you cannot get prison. (Actually under AB 109 even a felony...
The police got a warrant to draw blood and told me I would either hear back in 30 days by mail or hand delivered. I never heard or received a summons or citation. It's been 17 months and I got arrested on a warrant. Will charges get dismissed
Call an Idaho criminal defense attorney. Don't rely on the representation of a cop who simply drew a blood sample. An...
Last night my son and his girlfriend had just gotten out of her car in front of my house and was hit by a drunk driver, resulting in my son being hit by the car and his girlfriend being pinned under same car. Both kids were taken to the local hospital and discharged a few hours later. they walked out under their own power. My son received abrasions and back pain but he is up and moving on his own. both kids are minors.
You hire a personal injury lawyer ASAP! For both him and his girlfriend (her parents need to sign)
BAC was about .16 for #1 and .195/.186 for #2.
Depends on the facts of your case. Contact a local DUI lawyer to defend against the possible jail time due to the...