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Will my dui case be dismissed ? After 3 attempts for the prosecuter and cop that pulled me over to give dispositin to my case?
Back in August of 2014 i received my 3rd dui. I hired an attornery and have only gone to court 1 time since. my case keeps getting contined. my attorney says the cop that pulled me over has not given his dispostion to my case yet after plenty attempts from my attorney, i was supposed to go to court in february and it got contined till april now, what will happen why are the cop and prosecuter not responing im frusted and paying my attorey 4000, will it get dismissed after so my attempts??
Nobody here knows your case like your attorney does. Direct these questions to the attorney you hired. Good luck!
Any restrictions of drivers license over 18? Or is it just like a full regular license?
I haven't been able to clarify this through the web. I am going for my drivers license but I am over 18. I read on the BMV site and all it says nothing but a "Unrestricted Drivers License" I heard you need like 50 hours driving time but have not been able to verify it. Do I get a full drivers or what restrictions will apply and how would I obtain a full? I've been looking forward to it so I can visit some friends. I have already bought my own car just need to get this over with. And what if I was living on my own how would i be able to take the drivers test with a unregistered car that I purchased legally? I have the title and everything. Since you have to provide your own car. Plus if the 50 hours was true and parents don't care how would i ever obtain it? Again thanks for any help.
I am not licensed to practice law in Indiana, but why don't you just call up the BMW and ask them tomorrow? They'll...
Where is it best to hire an attorney?
I was just arrested for an owi (first time) this past weekend..tested a 1.2. My question is this, is it better to get an attorney in the county you were arrested in? For me this would be Johnson county.
There may be advantages to hiring an attorney who practices in Johnson County. They will know the judges and...
How will my third offense of my dui case turn out? om stressing i have hired attorney and hope to not lose my license for 5 year
my fear is becoming a habitual traffic offender!
It is possible. You were smart to hire an attorney. Ask him/her your question. They are in best position to answer.
What is the maximum sentence for reckless driving and will i have to take a drug test for court
I am a Minor. Alcohol sobriety tests were delivered that night. I was not taken to jail that night but told to drive home which i did. Also, the officer, when i asked to call my mother did not allow me to do so.
The maximum sentence for a reckless driving and Indiana is 180 days in jail. You are subject to random drug testing if...
Sheriff says I ran stop sign.Video does not support.Consequent OWI from stop. What's my options ?
Sheriff says I ran stop sign. I did not. Got OWI but did not run stop sign. Video didn't come on till I was through the turn w/blinker going and headlights on. I turned onto the street I live on when I saw lights flashing behind me so pulled over turned my lights off. 2nd officer pulled up to 1st and said "you got him" 1st said "yes" and 2nd left the scene. Video shows 2nd pulling in front of my car and getting out of his. Did not happen & not in the report. Video tampered with, video does not match report. 2nd not in report because it did not happen. My public defender keeps rolling over for the sheriffs Dept. Took 6mths from last Nov to get video. Now working on 10ths. More details of other unethical things this officer did but do not have the room to put it all on here. Please HELP
If the video showed you didn't run the stop sign, that would be great. But it sounds like you are saying it simply...
I married a man while he was intoxicated and have filed a petition for annulment pro se. What do I do now?
Basically I spontaneously went to the justice of the peace with a man that I believed wanted to be married. At the time he was intoxicated. Since that time we have really not been able to communicate in an appropriate manner. When sober he says he does not want to be married anymore. I have filed a petition for an annulment pro se. I need advice on what to do now to get this process done and over with
Whether you are entitled to an annulment is far from clear. Every state defines grounds for such relief, and marrying...