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He has four prior felony DUIs. Just received his 5th and court date is 6 weeks away. His last DUI was 6 years ago and we thought he had turned a corner but has not been able to overcome his problem. We know he will do prison time but are wondering how long. We also know that he has a serious problem and needs rehab but he doesn't have the money or insurance to do that. He also cannot afford an attorney. Just trying to figure how much time he might get. He just got his license back after completing an 18 month course 20 months ago. How long will he lose his license for and what type of DUI program is available, if any, to reinstate his license?
There are so many variables which does not make it possible to determine how much time he will get, or for how long he...
i was charged with a D.U.I.because someone reported that i was driving drunk i was caught in my backyard 15 min later not Driving at all..
depending on the amount of information does the card give the police they may be able to stop you. Their entry into the...
I took blood test. They said I was over limit. Not sure what BAC was. The stop sign had NO white line and I did take photos of that later. Should I get representation? Or should I use court appointed representation? This was in California. No priors.
Hello Indio. Yes, you should get representation. You're charged with a criminal offense (DUI) that could have...
hello , well long story short I've had a beer and I flipped my car on the freeway , I quickly ran away from panicking , the police asked if my car was stolen and I said "no, I was driving the car and I panicked and ran off" they asked me if I was drinking and I said no ,( I believe I was under 0.8 ) but the officer said "we can retrieve blood from the car to see if you were under the influence" I stuck to my story and repeatedly said I was not drunk , can they still give me a DUI ? and are they able to see the amount of alchol was in my system by a few drops that was in the car
They could charge you with a DUI, but proving it in court, and finding you guilty is a different question. Consult...
I'm wondering if all three test are refused how would you know the police officer reported it
Normally, you would have been arrested at the time. It is possible that they could charge you later. Your licence may...
were can i get it and whats the quickest way
Most places it takes about two weeks and you obtain it from the police department. Hope this was helpful
She has been in the US for 21 years as an illegal immigrant, she is now 29 years old. She is the wife of a US citizen (6-7 years of marriage) and the mother of 2 US citizens (one who is 8 years old and the other 5). She has been in county jail in Indio, CA since Saturday morning and is being transported to Riverside, CA for a court hearing tomorrow morning. Any advise would be greatly appreciated as we have not been able to get her an attorney.
Maybe. Talk to a local immigration attorney.