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No other offences this was the first but 3 years ago... Returned from Iraq got the DUI and was sent to south Korea could not go to his court date
Your son definitely needs an experienced attorney. Especially if he missed his court date. That means there would be...
I thought of you were found not guilty the charge would go away but I have been recently told that may not be true. Do I still need to have it expunged?
No charge just "goes away." If you were found not guilty, then that will be reflected on your record, but the charge...
Situation is from DWI while driving on a paper license almost 5 yrs. ago.
Generally the DMV will put a hold on a person's driving privilege if they have failed to comply with the court judgment....
I received a call from a Monroe police officer saying that had served someone underage back in April an alcoholic drink and was wondering why did it take so long to let me know. He says he has a receipt from the restaurant and he may have a picture of me but I check everyone's ID but now my job is on the line. What should I do? Usually it happens that night and he has waited 12 weeks later to contact me and to tell me if I didn't come get my citation I would have a warrant out for my arrest. I've worked in many restaurants and I've never seen it take this long. It just doesn't seem right to me!
Call an attorney NOW -- do not make any statements.
My son was killed at a party playing Russian rulet with other underage intoxicated and on probation teens. it happened at a home where the parents where the parents were on vacation. The others that were there state that thy all have played the game on other occasions as well. The father of the boy that we feel killed our son has stated to us that he saw his son filing the serial numbers off the gun two nights prior. The detective in charge was made aware of this yet, he did not feel it was reason enough to go and question him. No one was arrested that night despite breaking the law. My sons wallet was given to his then girlfriend at the scene not his family. Also the murder occurred on the same date that the accused killers mother was killed in a suspicious car accident .
If they were really playing Russian roulette, then probably not murder, which is the intentional killing of someone. If...
Can your attorney show up in court on your behalf during a DWI arraignment in Union County, NC?
Whether your court appearances can be waived for DWI charges is a county by county question. If your attorney says you...
This week, I was pulled over in Monroe, NC for a DWI with a blood alcohol level at 0.15 when I blew into the breathalyzer at the Union County jail. I read that a conviction at this level requires an ignition interlock device for a year. Since I am right at the limit for the IID, is there a way to challenge the results (rising BAL defense, etc) to avoid the IID? Thanks
You have to beat the dwi to beat the high bac. Get a good attorney. Our office handles cases in union county.