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I am revoked for 5 years for being labeled a habitual traffic offender. Can I have my license reinstated early?
I was convicted of a duii and 2 dws from April 2012 to March 2013 so I was labeled a habitual traffic offender. I have not driven since March 2013 which was my last dws charge and completed all drug/alcohol classes and community service. Is there any way I can reinstate my license early by scheduling a hearing with a judge?
You can apply for a probationary permit.
I got my driving privilege suspension becouse off a felony duii two years ago when can I get my lic. Back?
I'm done with all my court things. Think you I live in oregon
At the time you were sentenced you would have received a copy of the suspension signed by the judge. This shows the...
I have DUI, marijuana became legal, can I smoke while on my treatment plan?
Agreement says I can't participate in OMMP (Oregon medical marijuana program) but it just became legal in my state. Can they test me in treatment for a now legal recreation, especially if my charge was just for alcohol?
In most states, when one is on probation, one cannot smoke marijuana under a medical MJ prescription without court...
I got a duii in 2012 and didn't do any of the requirements if my probation(community service, victims impact palel) and I got 2 possession charges that I never went to court to take care of. I left Oregon to get away from the drugs, got married and had a baby( now 4 months old) and came back and turned myself in and they booked and released me and now I have my arraignment tomorrow. In really scared they're going to arrest me so I guess I'm just wondering if I should be ready to get arrested tomorrow. Also what would be the typical sentancing for all of this? I just want to mentally prepare. My son is breastfed so I want to know if I should stock up on milk for him and be ready to miss his first Christmas: ( thank you in advance for your help!
If you were booked and released, you've already been arrested for this. You're unlikely to be taken into custody again,...
Can the court in Oregon force me to quit my job at a lounge because of a DUI conviction as it is my only means of income?
This is a conviction that occurred while already employed at said job and had no connection to said job. There is a statement that says I cannot enter bars or taverns. Does that also include current employment?
This is more a criminal question to which there may be a better answer. However, there may be a way to negotiate that...
If I had a dui in 2004 and in 2011 and 2014 is the 2004 now considered a washout
Facing current dui 2014 with a history of dui in 2011 and 2004
Driving Under the Influence is a Class A Misdemeanor unless you have two prior convictions on your record within the 10...
I am on bench probation for a Duii. I am applying for an OMMP card, will that be affected because I'm on bench probation?
All criminal sentencing requirements have been completed and I aLready went to my "show proof" hearing. My probation automatically terminates next month. No felonies and no probation officer
As long as you qualify medically, a DUII conviction on your record will not keep you from being able to obtain an OMMP...