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The details around his arrest do not sound good. The Officer said my Husband actually cut him off & that he was swerving a lot. His blood alcohol was twice the legal limit (or so he say's) he had been drinking at the bar for at least three hours & knowing his habit & his ability to consume large amounts I think his alcohol level was probably quite high. He did comply with his previous DUII's & was able to get his license back asap, however I do not feel he is taking this seriously. He thinks he is going to basically get out of this like he did before but I am concerned he may not. Please help...I am worried sick. He has to have his license to keep his job. Thank You so much for your help!
Oregon has a Lifetime License Revocation for people convicted of their third DUII. If your husband has 2 prior...
my freind got the dui and explained it to me
It's not illegal, but if the machine were genuinely malfunctioning, it's something a criminal defense lawyer should...
I am doing research for a class paper and need an answer to above question. Can you help me.
I'm afraid there are two problems here: First, you will need to be more specific in your inquiry. "What were the...
I was "charged" with a DUI on July 5th. The officer said I made a wide turn and "rolled" through a stop sign. I dont recall not stopping or maybe I didn't stop long enough but I did call the DA and email him 2 times asking for a copy of the police report and all he gets back to me with is basically I can when I have time. Now if I ask for this does he have to give it to me before my court date? I feel like im going into this not knowing what the officer said on that and will not have an adequate defense to any further questioning.
You're entitled to all discovery once you've been charged, so yes you should have the police reports before any court...
I got first offense DUI and served time and completed DUI program with no probation. 2nd offense over 15 years ago, which was no probation and elected to serve time instead of program. Courts have no restrictions on my license. DMV has placed a required 18 month course in order to reinstate. I no longer live in California, but would like to know if I can complete one online or in my state of Oregon?
You likely can find an Oregon approved treatment provider in California. What county were you convicted in?
I failed to complete the diversion class and didn't pass my last urine test. I did not make my last court date and the judge put a FTA warrant. The police were surveying a crime area that I was walking through when they asked for my ID. They arrested me an told me I had a warrant for arrest FTA. Since leaving the diversion program I have successfully completed a 28 day stay at Serenity Lane which I decided to do on my own merit. I have also completed the intense therapy three days a week for nine weeks after coming out of Serenity and am now in a maintenance program for recovery. Do I need to hire an attorney or will the steps I've taken since diversion be taken into account when I go to court this Monday? What will the judges sentence be in this type of situation. Thank you
The consequences for violating two simultaneous probations could be very very serious. You most certainly need an...
I plead no contest to a DUI charge, successfully completed diversion and had the charge removed from my record about 2 ears ago (although it still shows on my driver's license as a "diversion" record). . I have no other arrests or convictions, Can I get a CHL in Oregon or must I wait the 4 years since the date of pleading no contest? .
ORS 166.291 controls who can qualify for a concealed handgun license. The section that you're concerned with is (h): "...