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  • Two get life, one 17 years, in murder of pizza deliv...

    Wednesday Sep 24 | via Boston Herald 

    The two Hyde Park pals convicted yesterday of ambushing and brutally stabbing an immigrant Domino's pizza delivery man were sentenced to life plus 20 years in prison today with no chance of parole - while the girlfriend of one learned she'll serve no less than 17 years behind bars for her role in Richel Nova's murder. "The savageness and senselessness of this crime shocks the conscience," Suffolk District Attorney Daniel Conley said.


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  • Killers of pizza delivery man sentenced to life

    Wednesday Sep 24 | via Boston.com 

    One of the two men who fatally stabbed Domino's Pizza delivery man Richel Nova in a vacant Hyde Park house in 2010 apologized today to the victim's family, moments before he was ordered to spend the rest of his life in state prison. Speaking in Spanish, 22-year-old Alexander Gallett, said, "I'm sorry for what I did.


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  • 'Not Just A Delivery Man, He Was My Dad,' Daughter S...

    Wednesday Sep 24 | via CBS Local 

    It was a painful day in court for the family of a Boston pizza delivery man who was brutally murdered four years ago. Relatives of Richel Nova read their victim impact statements in Suffolk Superior Court at the sentencing of three people convicted in Nova's death.


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  • Life without parole for two convicted of killing piz...

    Sep 23, 2014 | via Universal Hub 

    A Suffolk Superior Court jury today convicted Alexander Gallet and Michel St. Jean of first-degree murder for the stabbing death of Richel Nova in an abandoned Hyde Park Avenue house in 2010 , the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. The first-degree convictions bring with them mandatory sentences of life in prison without possibility of parole, although their formal sentencing is not until tomorrow morning.


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  • Hyde Park men guilty in murder of pizza delivery man

    Sep 23, 2014 | via Boston Herald 

    A jury deliberated less than two days before finding two Hyde Park men guilty today of brutally slaying a Domino's Pizza delivery man with a carving knife with extreme atrocity and cruelty in order to rob him of $143 cash and $30 worth of food. Michel Andre St. Jean, 24, and Alexander Gallett, 22, will be automatically condemned to life behind bars with no hope of parole for the first-degree murder of Richel Nova four years ago when they're sentenced tomorrow morning.


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  • Guilty Verdicts in 2010 Pizza Delivery Man Murder Trial

    Sep 23, 2014 | via Boston.com 

    Alexander Gallett, 22, and Michel St. Jean, 24, were convicted of first degree murder, armed robbery, and breaking and entering after a two-week trial in Suffolk Superior Court. They were accused of killing Richel Nova, 58, on Sept.


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Hyde-Park Law

If one was accused of DUI and the overall attempt to do breath test was difficult do to what appeared to be a faulty connection on the unit which frustrated officer then when request for an alternative due to this was denied by frustrated officer can this be a valid argument... Asked to have blood done and they point blank refused this... kept me detained for over 10 hours... I was confident that blood test would prove neg.
There are several things you can do. First appeal the license to suspension, you only have 15 days to do this. Request...
If a person drives on a suspended license Is that automatic Jail time ? First offense! No other issues
If you were suspended for a OUI, then the Operating After Suspension charge carries a 60 day sentence in MA.
I am moving to Massachusetts from Florida for a job. I was wondering if I am convicted of my pending DUI and granted a hardship license in Florida if that hardship license will, "transfer" to Massachusetts with me? What would I need to do for the Massachusetts hardship license process and would it be different than applying for a normal license (which I am familiar with)? Thank you for your time.
first get the Florida license before you worry about transferability. You can contact the RMV and ask.
Received a lifetime revocation in another state 20 years ago and my home state, Massachusetts, will not issue a drivers license until I clear up the revocation in the offending state. I have tried to clear it up and spent a substantial amount of money in the offending state with no success. Please advice as I am out of options.
Your best best will likely be to post this question in whatever state your license is currently revoked in. If...
was trying to make the point that protocol was not followed with regard to the blood sample. However, he never said what protocol was? Or if a hospital could take samples and make them public without the persons permission. So, what is the usually and lawful procedure. Again just curious.... not involved nor will I ever have a dui ... don't ever drink..... just peaked my interest.
Protocol is another fancy way to say procedures. There must be certain steps followed in obtaining a blood sample and...
Friend has issue with 1 DUI. Court set a trial date, can an attorney in the meantime get the case dismissed and or request a quicker trial date ?
The best thing your friend can do is to hire an attorney to represent him in his case. For the case to be dismissed,...
Last year I got laid off in july and started collecting. I lost my health insurance benefit because I could not pay for Cobra,so I applied for the Medical Security Program through UI. It was granted. I had an accident at my formed job and needed treatment. Also I gave been diagnosed with having a 8 cm tumor on my ovary as well as many fibroids that were causing pain. My doctor started treatment but in october i received a notification saying that Medical security program would end in the end of december 2013. I got nervous and desperate for losing my health insurance and discussed that with my family in Brasil. My mom pays a health insurance in Brasil for me therefore she agreed to finance my medical treatment there and my brother got me a ticket with his mileage program.
You don't tell us what are the questions to which you need help answering for the Massachusetts questionnaire.