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I was a licensed driver in MA until last year, when I moved to CA and got a CA license. During a trip to Colorado over the winter, I was arrested and convicted of a DWAI. I have already completed the court mandated Alcohol Education classes, community service, and Victim Impact Panel in Colorado, and am now serving a 9 month license suspension. In Colorado, a driver is eligible to install an Interlock Device after 30 days, and if there are no failed attempts in 3 months of driving, they are eligible for early reinstatement. I have recently moved back to MA, and was wondering if it is possible to either enter an interlock setup similar to Colorado, or if I would be able to apply for a MA work hardship license. Thanks for the help.
The best thing to do is call the MA drivers licence bureau and see whether the Colorado conviction has traveled to MA....
I had a court date back during this summer that I received a PBJ in rather than a conviction. Part of the PBJ was 18 months probation. My home state is not part of the Drivers License Compact but is part of the National Drivers Registry. I have not heard anything about the DWI from the home state and it has been several months. I have heard since it was not a conviction I should be safe to avoid home state repercussions as long as I don't apply for a new license during my Maryland driving suspension?
See my prior response to the same question you just posed. Contact a lawyer in MA
We are about to potentially lose a housemate due to a DUI conviction, and are trying to gauge for how long. He has a FTA warrant from a California DUI years ago. Apparently, the discovery of the previous conviction and warrant will make this new case in Massachusetts Offense #3. Will the California FTA warrant compound a MA sentence?
you need to contact a California attorney to help you clear the warrant in CA. Quickly. Many on this site practice in...
I need to reinstate my license and I just found out I have a civil Capias arrest warrant. If I go to the dmv will they see I have an arrest warrant and either not issue my license or worse arrest me?
You probably will need to focus on getting the capias cleared up. You may want to go to the court where the capias...
In 2010 I got a DUI in MA and it was a CWOF. I fulfilled the probationary period, took first offenders program, paid fees, etc and got my license back. Moved to California in 2012 and got a DUI there but with my MA license. Currently living back in MA now but my license expired and is in revoked status due to CA reporting that I don't have an SR 22 on file with them. The SR 22 is being filed and paperwork for CA DMV is also being taken care of. I'm worried that I might be considered a second offender in MA. What are the chances of this happening? I'm paying CA all sorts of fines/restitution and do not plan to return to CA.
As I understand it, your question is whether the RMV will suspend your license based on your California DUI conviction...
the blood work came back all negative except .79ng/ml of adivan of which i have a prescription for covering anxiety and depression, how much trouble am i in? i live in Revere Ma 02151 and the arrest was made in Concord NH?
I assume its a .04. It should be dismissed
If your license is your only form of id and issued by the state can the town police take it
yes - you can get another form of ID from the RMV