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DUI in CO - Moved to Boston. Questions about in-home jail and community service.
I got my 1st DUI in Denver on 12/5/14. I pled guilty on 2/19/15. My lawyer set up a plea deal where the DA would agree to a BAC of .199 (instead of .207) and I would do 10 days of in-home jail in Boston. However, I still have not been sentenced - this will be 5/8/15. Can I organize it and do the 10 days now or do I need to wait until sentencing? I have a lawyer in CO, but he hasn't responded to my voicemails, emails or msgs left with reception. He stopped responding 3 wks ago, right after my DMV hearing. Our contract is through sentencing, so he should still respond. (This is its own issue) Does anyone have any ideas about doing the in home jail? Are you aware of companies that do it in this area? Also, as far as Boston goes, what kinds of places count for community service? Thank you
this sounds strange, my guess is you might be mistaken about what happened in Court. It is possible you got a...
On probation with approval from PO to travel, Will a first offense DUI misdemeanor stop me from entering the Netherlands ?
I am trying to contact consulate however figured I'd ask anyone with experience here as well thnx
The consulate is your best bet. You can also have your lawyer contact them. From professional experience, some...
Violation of probation for a dui
i was told that i could pay 230.00 a month for 12 months i could only pay 3 payments i have no job and was wondering what they do to you when i now have to go back to court? I never have been in any trouble before like this? My boyfriend was gonna pay for me but he skipped town. He only won 4 dui's in mass and because he had the $$$$$$$$$$ got off....very sad because i had drove for him and never took the Breathalyzer because i only had two wines and banged a car in a supermarket pkg lot so when i came out of the store they arrested me for dui?????? I didn't have money for a lawyer even then. I just want to know on dec 23 2014 am i gonna haveto go to jail right then and there? please help
If you don't have a lawyer and can't afford one, ask the court for a lawyer to be assigned to your case. There is no...
Will a CWOF for an DUI at the age of 19, affect my chances of applying for the Boston Police? I'm now 23 in may 2015
any other questions gladly ask
It might. My guess is that the application for the Boston Police contains a question that asked have you ever been...
Will an out of state DUI show up on an employer's background check in a non-compact state where the applicant resides?
I was convicted of a DUI in Virginia, and am a Massachusetts resident. MA is one of the few states that is not a member of the Interstate Drivers Compact, so in theory they don't' find out about the DUI (they have not yet). If I apply to a job based in Massachusetts with a MA employer, will the DUI show up on a background check?
I am not licensed in VA or MA, however, the DUI took place in VA and it does share information. I would expect MA to...
What should be done in a DUI case?
In the case, person was pulled over for speeding and upon the stop officer noticed slurring of speech. The field sobriety test was given in which the person failed and was arrested. At the police station a Breathalyzer was given in which the person blew a .205.
This person needs to consult with an experienced DUI defense attorney immediately. If you don't know of one, call an...
On probation for first offense DUI, U.S. Citizen, traveling to Europe for a week will re-entering US be a problem?
PO is letting me go however knew supervisor would not approve of international travel but said "just go"
If you are a US Citizen then re entering the United States will not be a problem if you are on probation for a DUI....