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Have very good driving record,first offense
Need to know if there were any under facts that would lead to jail time. In other words, was there an accident, were...
I got the fleeing charge with an OWI. I was speeding down the road and the cop followed me.. i never saw his lights. When i did i pulled over. i was charged with fleeing due to the speed and the mile and a half i drove without pulling over. So I would think this would mostly fall under the charge of the OWI. I have done all the assesments and classes and fines. I have quit drinking and driving.. I plan on pleaing Not Guilty. I dont have much money and cannot get a felony!! i just got a great new job.. Will what i have be enough to get by with a public defender, or will i need a lawyer??
Public Defenders are real lawyers. They all went to law school and took a bar exam and passed it to be able to...
is there anything i can do if the person that is suing me is drunk in court i am being sued for my car and the person that is suing is always drunk i am wondering if there is any thing i can do if he is drunk during court
You don't need to do anything. The court will see that he is drunk.
First time offenses
You have not asked a question, but a link to the WI DOT OWI penalty chart follows.
he got his first two in 2007 and in 2008 but he has dne his time for them and he was driving with out a driver liceon
Your post does not contain a question.
OWI 1st offense, which he is going into court tomorrow. He had a controlled substance but no charge that we know of is filed. He can't afford a lawyer for another 2 wks & he was told that he could just plead "Not Guilty" & then a trial would be scheduled. Now I'm told since an OWI is not a felony he may have a trial tomorrow but this was told to me by a lawyer friend who practices in another state. Since I believe he has a felony charge on the way, does he plead "not guilty" anyways (which he is but the officer has clear mistakes in his narrative written a month later) or should he try somehow to get an extention to combine both charges to try to drop one down or do we even mention it in case since they haven't charged him yet & most important is it indeed an actual trial tomorrow? HELP!
Jefferson County? Just a guess. If tomorrow is his first court appearance, he can plead not guilty. I am assuming...
only had point 039
OWI 5th is a felony. You were over the legal limit for a 5th. If there are no additional enhancers the maximum is 3...