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My son received his first DUI in Maryland, which he received probation for 2 years. He now lives in Kentucky and has since received 2 other DUI charges. Will Maryland extradite him to serve a 60 day jail term, or will they ignore it since now he lives in Kentucky? His probation period is up in March 2009 and he has not had his hearing yet on the 2 new DUI charges
States do not traditionally extradite for a DUI. A bench warrant for his arrest may tie up his right to drive for many...
Aug will be a year from the offence date. I have sent myself to a rehab center and intensive out patience care attending classes 4 nights a week while doing 90 aa classes in 90 days. My question the county that I live in is Calvert and they are not big on "house arrest" but if I put myself on house arrest the same company that PG, Howard and Carroll county use will it help me when I go to court?
I assume that you have an attorney. Any specific questions about your case should be directed to your attorney. If...
My son did something stupid in college, and now 7 years latter it's still coming back to bite him. He paid his dues, the records were expunged by the state since this was considered a misdemeanor yet this is effecting his ability to find work. What I"d like to know is why is his mug shot still showing up online on these sites and on google? I thought expunge-ment would have prevented that from occurring. While I understand it never really goes away, it shouldn't be that readily accessible as a result of being expunged. Am I missing something here? I've seen and read many articles about the mug shot debate, but before we go out and spend thousands to have this removed, I'd also like to know if this is a violation of his privacy in some way since his file was expunged years ago?
I am guessing that the mugshot photos were published to the internet prior to the expungment. It is not a violation of...
I have revived my 3 dwi in a year... I know have a problem and have put myself in rehab and now in a outpatient program. None of the dwi had a accident or was I pulled over for dwi and all were above .08 the were .15 .16...this all happened in Calvert county... What can I do or what should I be looking at?
If you had three DUI's within a year, you could very well get significant jail time although it will help if you did...
About 2 weeks ago I was arrested for a dui/dwi with a .11 bac for a backing a car into a street sign.
It depends on a number of factors including whether it is a first DUI or subsequent one, the experience of the attorney...
and how long will it take to be taken off
Consult with a criminal defense lawyer. Many on Find a Lawyer here offer a free consultation
40 yr old college student, attends church, has a sponsor but relapsed,
Hire an experienced lawyer. In your case, that is the most important thing you can do. good luck!