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At what point does a "no contest" DUI come off my record?
Your question is not clear. The old DUI record from Florida may or may not show up on New York rap sheets. There is no...
I recently had to register with FINRA. The finger prints showed a record for speeding and a DUI. Does this stay on the record. Is there a way to have it removed. This occurred in a small town in new York. Thank you.
If you were convicted of DWI (the misdemeanor--Intoxicated) or DWAI (the non-criminal violation--Impaired), they will...
I am a 23 year old man. I am currently on interm probation for a DWI in suffolk county new york. i have been going to a DWI alcohol recovery institute for 5 weeks but am very unhappy with the way I am treated. I told them I used marijuana before i started the program and my test results I was told just had to show a decrease in thc each drug test. from week to week my thc level was spiking up and down and they told me i need to be in the program for 6 months in "intensive care". I told them i had kidney stones, documented from several doctors and hospitals and have to drink alot of water consistently and I am guessing this is what is causing the fluctuations in my thc level because I havent smoked since before I started the program.
If the treatment program is "court ordered" you probably need to ask the court's permission before changing anything....
I believe this is onl a traffic vioation I do not want it to effect any employment opportunites. Thanks
Normally, New York State Criminal Procedure Law ยง160.55 provides for the return of fingerprints, photographs and...
Based on the research I've done, it's been made clear that a DWAI conviction is a violation and not a crime, BUT said conviction will still generate an NYS "RAP sheet" with details of the arrest, etc. In the event of a background check, what specifically differentiates a DWAI from a DWI if it still shows up on a "RAP sheet" specifically reserved for criminal offenses? How would an organization know how to interpret the results of a background check without understanding the small nuances in the law? Wouldn't the assumption be that there was a crime committed based on ANY 'RAP sheet' entry? For all intents and purposes, it sounds like a 1192.1 shows up the same as a 1192.2 or 1192.3 in background check information.
Both show up on a criminal record check, but one is a misdemeanor, the other isn'tt, and the penalties for a DWI are...
Due to the extremely difficult consequences of a DWAI conviction pertaining to one's ability to travel as required by certain occupations, are there any special circumstances that the courts would consider to have the record sealed? The consequences I'm referring to are the inability to rent a car for 4 years after a conviction, and becoming inadmissible to countries like Canada. Mistakes happen, and they do need to be accounted for, but a first time, no accident, no injury, no priors incident that has life-long career effects seems excessive when piled on top of the other penalties already endured.
A dwai conviction cannot be sealed.
This was my friend's first arrest, blew a .16, no property damage, no personal damage. He was pulled over for not signaling while changing lanes. Judge is T. Ferrell. What penalties should he expect? What kind of timeframe is he looking at?
Your friend should not go in unrepresented. Get a lawyer who handles DUI in Nassau County.