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Is it possible to get a 240.20 reduced to an ACOD? What are the chances?
21 year stellar kid who made a very stupid decision while intoxicated. Small college town, small PD force who prosecute their own cases, adjudicated by small pool of Judges. Mom isn't bothered by the fines, community service or any punishment they decide. I'm bothered about impact of ruining his future by having this follow him over a dumb mistake. Thanks.
Yes, it is possible. You need an aggressive and experienced criminal attorney to fight for you. Call and explain the...
If I get fingerprinted in New York, does my 20 year old DUI from Florida show up on my record?
At what point does a "no contest" DUI come off my record?
Your question is not clear. The old DUI record from Florida may or may not show up on New York rap sheets. There is no...
My finger prints show DUI. How d o I ave this removed for future employment.
I recently had to register with FINRA. The finger prints showed a record for speeding and a DUI. Does this stay on the record. Is there a way to have it removed. This occurred in a small town in new York. Thank you.
If you were convicted of DWI (the misdemeanor--Intoxicated) or DWAI (the non-criminal violation--Impaired), they will...
Can I change DWI court ordered programs because I am unsatisfied with the way I am treated?
I am a 23 year old man. I am currently on interm probation for a DWI in suffolk county new york. i have been going to a DWI alcohol recovery institute for 5 weeks but am very unhappy with the way I am treated. I told them I used marijuana before i started the program and my test results I was told just had to show a decrease in thc each drug test. from week to week my thc level was spiking up and down and they told me i need to be in the program for 6 months in "intensive care". I told them i had kidney stones, documented from several doctors and hospitals and have to drink alot of water consistently and I am guessing this is what is causing the fluctuations in my thc level because I havent smoked since before I started the program.
If the treatment program is "court ordered" you probably need to ask the court's permission before changing anything....
I plead guilty to NYS VTL 1192.1 over ten years ago. I was wondering if it possible to have this expunged from my record.
I believe this is onl a traffic vioation I do not want it to effect any employment opportunites. Thanks
Normally, New York State Criminal Procedure Law ยง160.55 provides for the return of fingerprints, photographs and...
I had my CDL license suspended for 18mo after receiving a dWAI in ny in my personal car. After 1 yr can I get a hardship? Forcdl
I will get my full license back this September but my CDL in March 2016. And can I still get it held against me for a DOT exam even though I have my CDL back. I have been getting denied jobs because my CDL is suspended even though the job is a non CDL position. Can I get a hardship after a year but before 18 months is up so I can start working again?
No you cannot get a "hardship." That would defeat the purpose of suspending your CDL privileges.
Does anyone know a lawyer who specializes in NY state DMV appeals
I got a dui in 2007 and was told by dmv at that time my license was revoked for five years.It is now coming up on eight years and they are still denying my priviledge based on my history.I need a lawyer who can advocate for me in appeal.not having a drivers license is seriously impacting my livelyhood
Contact the NY Bar Association for a referral.