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This minor was unwillingly given alcohol ( possibly drugged) and then undressed and dressed up in various outfits without their consent, then blackmailed with the pictures. The minor was 17 at the time and the adults were in their 30's.
These are very serious poetical charges and you would be better served to speak directly to an attorney and not put...
I have two DUI convictions on my record with in a 10 year history. And one older than 10 years ago. Can I still get a CDL license in the State of Montana?
Although not licensed in MT, I would expect that you will have a difficult time getting a CDL. Why not contact Montana'...
It is a misdemeanor offense, so by legal definition it is "minor". However, I would disclose it if the nature of the...
She ran me over while she was drunk but they let her go. NOw they are trying to charge me with contributing to a minor and obstruction. She was charged with an MIP, the judge later dismissed it if she moved away. THat leaves me here with a broken leg and wondering why I am getting the brunt of this. I tried to stop her from driving drunk when she ran me down.
I don't know the answer to your question and I wasn't there so it beyond difficult to know the answers. I do know that...
I have just been informed that i need to serve 10 days for DUI but I am leaving town in 8 to attend a school out of state, thus not giving me time to serve. I have worked to hard and invested to much for this opportunity to not take it. Is there a way to take of this when I get to where I'm going??? Please help!!!!
Judges don't appreciate it when defendants decide their other obligations are more important than the court's orders....
State of Montana is trying to convict my husband of Felony DUI, but the 3rd DUI they have recorded was in 1997 on the reservation, upon going to tribal court they have no record of the DUI they are willing to expunge it. Once it's expunged can he get it reduced to misdemeanor? Also his first DUI was 30 years ago can that one be expunged? And when he was stopped the cop said he stopped him because he went through a stop sign but there was no stop sign there, also his lawyer said they didn't give him the tickets only a police report and they still haven't provided the tickets to the lawyer or my husband and it's been over 2 weeks
Sounds like you have a great attorney, ask him these questions he has a better knowledge of the case and what is happening.
I got a ticket for DUI first offence, blew .08%:( The county in MT is small population and the court is in a town with very small population which is an 1.5hr drive for me. I know an attorney here that I like, has talked to people in that court a little, but has little experience over in that county. How important is it to try and hire a local attorney that is familiar with the local court and people?
It can make a difference at times, but generally, if you like your attorney and believe he is a good attorney then I...