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  • David Vanzo Possibly Made Withdrawal With Dead Mom

    Thursday Jan 22 | via Switched 

    Seven hours before Caryl Vanzo was reported dead at the age of 91, she went to the bank with her son and withdrew $850. Now authorities believe Vanzo may have already been dead when she visited the Wells Fargo in Plymouth, Minnesota earlier this month.


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  • Houston-area ATM theft results in arrest of 5

    Monday Jan 19 | via KXXV-TV Waco 

    Five individuals are facing aggravated robbery charges after police in suburban Houston arrested them for allegedly robbing an ATM from a gas station. Police in Humble say several men used a stolen truck to ram into the side of the gas station early Monday morning.


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  • Father 'left his five-year-old son in his freezing c...

    Wednesday Jan 14 | via Daily Mail 

    EXCLUSIVE: First chilling footage from inside Paris deli shows jihadist killer herding terrified customers and forcing them to deactivate security cameras as corpses lay around them Flu-stricken teen dies after passing out in the shower and crashing through glass door, as 'severe' outbreak grips the country Emergency evacuation on the International Space Station: Nasa believe toxic leak of ammonia or faulty sensor may be responsible for alert Teacher who had a 10-month affair with 16-year-old student caught after leaving a love letter to the boy on the office printer Pictured: The teen murder suspect and her growing baby bump.


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  • Man who pleaded guilty in Humble teen's 1992 death a...

    Tuesday Jan 13 | via Chron 

    A former Humble-area man who pleaded guilty to fatally shooting a high school girl at a New Year's Eve party 22 years ago has been arrested in Fort Worth's first homicide of 2015. Jim Harvey Opry, 39, was arrested Monday in the death of Britney Eylar, 22, who was hit in the head with a blunt object and left unconscious in a vacant lot on New Year's Day, according to the Fort Worth Star Telegram .


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  • Fart Accusation Sparks Fight At Staten Island High S...

    Sunday Jan 11 | via Switched 

    A 15-year-old boy at a high school in Staten Island, New York received eight stitches after a 17-year-old girl allegedly beat him with a metal stool. The row between the students exploded Monday after the girl accused the boy of farting on her , New York Magazine's Daily Intelligencer reported.


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  • Robbers shoot worker at church construction site

    Wednesday Jan 7 | via KHOU-TV Houston 

    Robbers shoot worker at Humble-area church construction site Robbers shot a construction worker at a church in the Humble area early Wednesday Check out this story on HARRIS COUNTY, Texas -- Robbers shot a construction worker at a church in the Humble area early Wednesday, deputies with the Harris County Sheriff's Office said. The victim's supervisor tells KHOU 11 News that two young men approached the worker and demanded his wallet and cell phone.


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Humble Law

She takes Adderall 30mg x2 per day. prior test same lab neg in past 3 years how can she prove she dont & didn't take meth cause she was terminated. An anonymous caller said she drinks & smokes crack. Lab tech heard information before testing she feels him knowing that had something to do with test. Does it ? Breath test 0.00. How can she prove her innocence and get her job back. Will blood test work ? Or will it show positive also ?
You ask how she can prove her innocence, then ask if blood tests will be positive. If she does not have anything...
I was released on a $10000, bond. My PR bond on the original charge has been revoked along with the contract. I am now going to be charged with the possession charge and the DWI. I am only 18. What is the best and worst scenario for me? I am scared. I just don't want to do jail time. I am working a full time job and about to start school. Thank you for your feed back.
You need to contact a criminal defense lawyer with experience with DWI's immediately (like, yesterday). Call a few...
I did a few field test then said I can't do this. I was read my probable cause in jail and I never submitted to a blood or a breath test. Where us the burden of proof and evidence to show I was intoxicated?
If you refused the BT, that, by law, can be used as a circumstance against you. There will be video of you - whether...
been here for 7 years... working for a same company for the 7 years.... i have one arrest record of DWI and i got it dismissed through Divert program... i know that in Immigration eyes it will still consider a conviction....I'm eligible to apply for citizenship now but the 5 year background check will show that... i'm also married and it happens that my husband is a US citizen, if i apply based on marriage , the immigration will only go back three years of background check.. I will still disclose everything but wouldn't be better to apply based on marriage vs. based on immigration ( i have green card for 5 year)?
I am tagging your question as an immigration question. You really need to talk to an immigration lawyer to discuss how...
officer did not explain to me the consequences of blood test refusal for dui. Nor did he have me sign any papers saying i refused.
You have 15 days from your arrest date to contest this matter. You should contact a lawyer who specializes in DWI...
The conditions of my community supervision has restrictions such as don't drink, use drugs, or break laws. It does not say anything about purchasing or owning a gun. Is it Legal to buy a gun while on probation? Should I just wait until my probation discharge to purchase a gun?
It wouldn't in Virginia. However you need to ask an attorney in Texas. If you were represented by an attorney for the...
I did not have an accident. I was bonded out so I surrendered my bond so I could use the time I was serving on my probation violation (because it was revoked due to me getting a DWI on it) I served 34 days with a credit of 10 more days. I was not drunk, it was my prescription medication which I showed them proof of. I'm also terrified that I will lose my license for 2 years this time and I need to work and go to school. I need help. I have a lawyer but he doesn't even try nor has he called me in over a month and a half and I have court in 5 days. Please help me! Thank you!!
It is best for you to work with your attorney and have them answer these questions. If you are unhappy with your...