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I have been on probation for 7 months and just cant deal with my PO officer and all the money they are taking from me. I had one violation on my Smart start and know have ordered me to get a sober link device at $180 a month plus 80 for smart start on top of all the fines. I would rather just sit it out in jail. Can an attorney help negotiate a sentence or is solely up to the judge? My first DWI was in 1991 at 17 years old. No other criminal record.
A lawyer can help you negotiate, especially NOW before you get into any real violations. They are likely to offer you...
I did not have an accident. I was bonded out so I surrendered my bond so I could use the time I was serving on my probation violation (because it was revoked due to me getting a DWI on it) I served 34 days with a credit of 10 more days. I was not drunk, it was my prescription medication which I showed them proof of. I'm also terrified that I will lose my license for 2 years this time and I need to work and go to school. I need help. I have a lawyer but he doesn't even try nor has he called me in over a month and a half and I have court in 5 days. Please help me! Thank you!!
It is best for you to work with your attorney and have them answer these questions. If you are unhappy with your...
officer did not explain to me the consequences of blood test refusal for dui. Nor did he have me sign any papers saying i refused.
You have 15 days from your arrest date to contest this matter. You should contact a lawyer who specializes in DWI...
I pull into my driveway, and the 20 year old neighbor comes over screaming at me that I was driving too fast down the street, we live at the end of a dead end road. The girl and I start arguing and we get in a fight in my driveway. Her boyfriend calls the police. I go inside and have some drinks. 2 hours later the police show up. The police question the girl and her boyfriend and she tells the police I was driving drunk and that i assaulted her. They tell my roommate to go inside and get the keys to my car from my locked bedroom, then use the keys to go thru my car. About an hour and a half later another police officer shows up and gives me a sobriety test then place me under arrest. I have witness' to my drinking after the fight. Do I have any chance to beat this dwi?
Based on the facts you gave, you have a very viable defense. The State has to prove that you were intoxicated at the...
I got a DWI with my daughters in the car and the judge appointed to my case threatened that if I didn't sign my daughters over to my in law , that they would go to foster care. Out of fear I did sign the papers. I have not ever hurt my children, Yes it was foolish what I did, but I believe that I am being punished harshly . I believe something went wrong , just to close my case quick. I still have rights , I just don't know what to do to get my daughters home with me. And my in law has taken it upon herself to take away my visits because I wont sign her sons divorce papers. She says that the papers clearly state that I can see my daughters when ever she decides to. And so far I have not seen them in months!!! I do have visitation rights but the papers don't say a date or time to back me up.
Sounds like you need a family law attorney who dabbles in criminal defense matters.
I had a failure to appear and I did not, and since have not went into court for the DUI. I have not attempted to drive since but I am interested knew pursuing the military. So now I am left with resolving this issue. My incident occurred in California where I am from but I just recently moved to humble Texas. Any advice on this case would help greatly.
You need to contact a lawyer back in California to help you resolve the matter. Good luck.
My husband received a second dwi within the five years he got his first. He took the breath test and did not refuse, according to the bond paper he recieved he a .15. My two questions are: if the bond paper says he had a .15 is it then a .15? Because someone told me that their son bond paper had a .15 but then the lawyer said it was actually a .19. Also what kind of punishment could he be facing without a lawyer, is it worth getting a lawyer?
DWI with BAC > .15 is the crime that he is being alleged to have committed. That is a class A misdemeanor bearing a...