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I have a DUI in Michigan. If I move to Colorado can I get a license there before I get my Michigan one back
I am currently off probation and was told by a lawyer it will be 4 to 6 months before I can get my license back. I was told I can get a Colorado license now, but if I do can I still get a Michigan license if I move back to Michigan.
I doubt it. Michigan and Colorado have what's referred to as a reciprocity agreement, meaning the share DUI conviction...
I had a recent arrest with a .12 on breathalyzer. I had a DUI conviction 17 years ago is this prosecuted as a second offense?
It said oui 1st on the ticket.
From the information provided in your question, this is the second time you've been charged with DUI. It would...
How bad would dui look to an employer compared
To other charges such as theft, fraud, assault or simple possession. I have a dui under controlled substance charge. I do qualify for a diversion program and will be able to expunge it in a year but in the time being how bad will a misdeameanor charge (not conviction) look to an employer?
It is going to depend on the employer. Generally, felonies are worse than misdemeanors and convictions are worse than...
How long does it take to get a b.a.c test result
2nd dui,they want to give me probation and 3 days in jail,a prosecutor in the same city and county caused accident and a week later they say no results yet and it's under investigation still,why can't I get a fair sentence,I'm a black man,never had accident due to dui,what can I do
it depends if they are doing blood or breath. breath is immediate. blood can often take months, and when MSP is...
Getting an interlock device removed from my vehicle
my son got a drunk driving and had a breathalizer placed on my car, he is going to jail for violating his probation and i want that thing off of my vehicle.
Ignition interlock devices are usually required for a specified period of time in vehicles either registered to the...
Can 3 prior drunk driving convictions in Michigan (1993, 1994, and 2002) be used to enhance new DUI charges to "Felony third"?
Prior charges pre-date establishment of Heidi's law.
My D/L has been revoked in Michigan since 1995. In the last 40 mos. I have been in AODA therapy & participated in a community
based support group .Remaining sober & reinstating my driving privileges are my # 1 priorities.I have been advised that my best chance of reinstatement would be to apply in Colorado. Please , can someone tell me if this advice is correct & what my obligations would require to be successful.
Speak with a Colorado attorney about this. In the past, Colorado would not require a clearance from Michigan, even...