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  • Man Tosses Gun While Fleeing Police: Blotter

    Wednesday | via Patch.com 

    Patrick Williams, 24, of the 900 block of White Oak Lane, University Park, was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of a firearm with a defaced serial number, possession with a firearm without a FOID card, possession of ammunition without a FOID card, driving with a suspended license and driving without registration after a Feb. 25 traffic stop, according to Homewood police reports. Police pulled over Williams at about 1 a.m., near the intersection of South Halsted Street and West 187th Street, the report stated.


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  • Police Find Handgun in Iowa Man's Car After Traffic ...

    Monday Feb 23 | via Patch.com 

    Steven Dunlap, 50, of the 600 block of East 144th Place, Dolton, was arrested and charged with retail theft after an incident Saturday at Walt's Food Store, 2345 W. 183rd St., according to Homewood police reports. The store's security officer claimed he saw Dunlop take two boxes of Alka-Seltzer, totaling $14.58, from the shelf and hide them in his jacket, the report stated.


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  • DUI, Retail Theft: Homewood Police Blotter

    Thursday Feb 19 | via Patch.com 

    Richard Rayborn, 37, of the 5700 block of Meade Street, Chicago, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, driving with a blood-alcohol over the legal limit, driving without proof of insurance, driving with a suspended license and improper lane use after a Feb. 17 traffic stop, according to Homewood police reports. At about 12:25 a.m., police noticed Rayborn's silver Pontiac Grand Prix weaving in and out of lanes as it traveled northbound between the 17400 and 17200 blocks of Halsted Street, the report stated.


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  • Hazel Crest Man Caught Behind the Wheel of Stolen Ca...

    Wednesday Feb 11 | via Patch.com 

    Charles Harper, 76, of the 500 block of Gordon Avenue, Calumet City, was arrested and charged with driving under the influence and improper parking in a roadway after a Feb. 10 traffic stop, according to Homewood police reports. Police found Harper and his car at about 1:21 a.m., parked in the right lane of northbound Dixie Highway, north of 183rd Street, the report stated.


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Homewood Law

I spent time in jail. I am having a difficult time finding work.
HB 2470 does not appear to assist you. SYNOPSIS AS INTRODUCED: 20 ILCS 2630/5.2 Amends the Criminal...
My boyfriend's license was suspended after 2 DUI's from MI in 2001 & 2002. He got pulled over with a BAC of .193 and doing 74 in a 40 in October of 2012. Will the court consider this his 3rd DUI and charge as aggravated felony, or has enough time passed between the 2 previous convictions?
Your boyfriend is at risk He needs a lawyer.
Harship and birth of our daughter he had not been able to comply. Will he go to jail?
It's always better to file for an extension BEFORE the state files to violate his probation. Get yourself a lawyer ASAP...
I have a pending 4th DUI case against me. The state of IL "seized my car". I don't understand it. is there any way i can get my car back?
Based on the information you have provided, your vehicle would be subject to forfeiture pursuant to 720 ILCS 5/36-1 (f)(...
Last July I suffer an accident on Wood Dale Illinois I was with a friend of mine The truck was a total lost My friend was ok I was taken to the hospital broke my hip was there for 10 days no officer when to look for me Now more than 7 months passes the officer told me I gotta go to the Wood Dale police department to take my picture , fingerprints and paper work for court They got my blood test it came with a .2 alcohol more than the .08 and also cocaine on my system Its my first offence I got a clean record No one was hurt just myslef and no damage to any vehicle just my truck I dont know whats gonna happen Any lawyer that can plz help me giving me advices or one that wont charge alot or payment plans
I am not licensed to practice law in Illinois, but it appears at this point that you will be investigated for DUI with...
was told will go to jail for one month on public aid do nails on the side to raise extra money
if you are looking for help with the criminal dui charges, you should post a question in the criminal defense category....
I entered an Open Plea to Reckless Driving and got 12 Months of Court Supervision. I Plead Guilty to Reckless Driving Four Months after the Alleged Reckless Driving Incident. I got a DUI Eight Days after Pleading Guilty to the Reckless Driving. I was doing research on the Unified Code of Corrections just to make sure that I was eligible for Court Supervision on the DUI. I came across 730 ILCS 5/5-6-1(a), 730 ILCS 5/5-6-1(b), and 730 ILCS 5/5-6-1(b-1). Subsection (a) states that the Court shall impose a sentence of probation or conditional discharge unless the Court is of the opinion that 3 factors exist. Subsection (b) states the Court may impose a sentence of conditional discharge if the Court is of the opinion that neither a sentence of imprisonment or probation is appropriate.
You have an attorney for the first offense and the best advice anyone can give you is to stop trying to be your own...