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  • Father intentionally set on fire nearly two years ag...

    Wednesday | via Daily Mail 

    Father 'intentionally set on fire nearly two years ago by 26-year-old drunk man' speaks out after undergoing 15 surgeries and spending six months in the hospital Surveillance footage shows Stuart Collins, then 26, using Bic lighter to spark flame that engulfed Gonzalez's truck in flames His family is now planning to sue the bar that continued to serve Collins alcohol, claiming if he had been cut off he may not have committed arson Collins remains in jail on $1.05 million bond for charges of attempted second-degree murder, second-degree arson and criminal mischief A random attack by a drunk stranger has completely changed the life of 53-year-old Jose Gonzalez, leaving him in constant pain and with little prospect of ever working again.


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  • in Naranja, Residents Struggle with Violence and Dec...

    Wednesday | via Miami New Times 

    Cesar Vasquez is a 28-year-old, soft-spoken AT&T customer service rep with a flowing imam-style beard and dark features. On a recent still, scorching day around 3 p.m., he leads me to a shady spot near the corner of a large apartment building in NaranA ja, five miles north of Homestead.


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Violated back on track programs drug test, tested positive for thc. Advocate program is sending info to state attys office
I bought a CBd spray from which contains hemp, cannaboids, thc. I was using it to treat anxiety, depression. Do u think I might have a chance to reinstate or might I be revoked? Please advise
I assume this is a deferral program that requires urine testing. If you tested positive by using this device you might...
I had my tps for 10yrs after i had a dui in 2010 it was denied by it possible to get t back somehow?
i try to apply again in 2013 but they are asking for the courts paper and how the case ended but i didnt send anything afraid they would refused it.wat can i do help please!!!
Have you considered talking to a lawyer & showing him/her your court papers?
DUI Hardship license, 5 Dui's,
#1 01-30-75= 90 days restored 03-09-84 Dade Cty Fl,, #2 06-07-78= 1 year restored 01-05-94 NJ #3 09-15-82= 10 years restored 01-05-94 NJ, #4 08-23-96= perm'nt ILL, #5 08-14-96= perm'nt Dade Cty Fl.
A few years ago you would have been out of luck if you had four or more DUI convictions but now you may be eligible...
My husband had a dui on 2007 and he obtain two dui last year 2012 we are in the process of immigration papers is there
a possibility that he can be deported we have a son he is 3 years old and he is a us citizen please help me on answering this question
US citizens cannot get deported.
My cousin was in a single car crash on last Fri evening. She was on the phone with me at the time so I heard everything.
A passing FHP Trooper stopped to render assistance. He asked a few questions of her but got no response. He asked her where she was coming from she answered Homestead that was incorrect. He asked her name she answered Carla. Trooper asked,myour name is Carla she said yes that's my mom. After more questioning and wrong answeres she was asked for blood and urine. She unknowinglly refused. She said she signed something then was taken to the hospital via ambulance. She submitted blood and urine at hospital. Trace of benzo(perscription Xanax and tract opiate not prescribed). She was released from hospital no tickets no arrest no police. However, Trooper kept her license and passport. What does this mean? No charges but still license taken. No arrest no Miranda??? Very confused.
you need to direct this to the criminal defense and DUI sections of AVVO. I directed it to the DUI section for you....
Can a Defendant obtain anonymous 911 caller name/phone in Discovery in DUI?
someone reported they saw a person walk and stumble to his car and called police to report it. the call did not report any erratic driving or criminal activity. Police found the car and said weaving within the lane was reasonable suspicion to stop. Can this person's name and phone number be obtained by Discovery from prosecutor to get a deposition or subpoena to court? and if the prosecutor refuses to give it out can the defendant compel them to? what are chances of success? in the police report on the first name is revealed, last name is masked. Thank you
Anonymous tips are valid reasons to stop you. Attacking the tipster won't do you any good even if the tipster was...
Can I use the VIDEO I'm trying to Suppress in my Suppression Hearing?
To Suppress other things such as Officer's testimony about driving pattern?
Yes you can but doing a Suppression Hearing is not something for amateurs. Hire a lawyer.