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  • Inmate reports threats by guard, turns up dead

    Tuesday Oct 7 | via The Miami Herald 

    Latandra Ellington had weathered some of Lowell Correctional Institution's harshest and most primitive realities, and was just seven months shy of freedom - and being reunited with her four young children. But on Sept.


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  • South Dade High Student Charged In Teacher's Rape

    Monday Sep 22 | via CBS Local 

    A South Dade Senior High student is accused of choking a teacher until she lost consciousness and then sexually assaulting her. "I feel really shocked and disappointed because you come to school to feel safe," South Dade student Caitlin Muirhead told CBS4's Peter D'Oench.


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  • Homestead Mayor Steven Bateman heads to trial in cor...

    Sunday Sep 21 | via The Miami Herald 

    One year after his arrest plunged Homestead into turmoil - and capped a string of headlines about South Florida politicians getting busted for corruption - former Mayor Steven Bateman heads to trial Monday insisting he did nothing wrong. The allegation: that Bateman took a secret and illegal $125-an-hour consulting job with a healthcare company while using his mayoral position to help grease the wheels of government to complete construction of the chain's His defense: Bateman's gig as a Community Heath of South Florida "consultant" was perfectly legit and, yes, completely separate and distinct from his duties as mayor.


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  • Six Florida prison guards arrested on brutality charges

    Sep 20, 2014 | via The Miami Herald 

    Five sergeants and a captain with the Florida Department of Corrections were arrested Thursday, charged with gassing an inmate, then beating and kicking him while he was handcuffed and shackled, and then lying about it. Michael Crews, Florida corrections secretary, said in a news release that the arrests demonstrate his commitment to punishing staffers who break the law or violate department policy.


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Homestead Law

I bought a CBd spray from which contains hemp, cannaboids, thc. I was using it to treat anxiety, depression. Do u think I might have a chance to reinstate or might I be revoked? Please advise
I assume this is a deferral program that requires urine testing. If you tested positive by using this device you might...
i try to apply again in 2013 but they are asking for the courts paper and how the case ended but i didnt send anything afraid they would refused it.wat can i do help please!!!
Have you considered talking to a lawyer & showing him/her your court papers?
#1 01-30-75= 90 days restored 03-09-84 Dade Cty Fl,, #2 06-07-78= 1 year restored 01-05-94 NJ #3 09-15-82= 10 years restored 01-05-94 NJ, #4 08-23-96= perm'nt ILL, #5 08-14-96= perm'nt Dade Cty Fl.
A few years ago you would have been out of luck if you had four or more DUI convictions but now you may be eligible...
a possibility that he can be deported we have a son he is 3 years old and he is a us citizen please help me on answering this question
US citizens cannot get deported.
A passing FHP Trooper stopped to render assistance. He asked a few questions of her but got no response. He asked her where she was coming from she answered Homestead that was incorrect. He asked her name she answered Carla. Trooper asked,myour name is Carla she said yes that's my mom. After more questioning and wrong answeres she was asked for blood and urine. She unknowinglly refused. She said she signed something then was taken to the hospital via ambulance. She submitted blood and urine at hospital. Trace of benzo(perscription Xanax and tract opiate not prescribed). She was released from hospital no tickets no arrest no police. However, Trooper kept her license and passport. What does this mean? No charges but still license taken. No arrest no Miranda??? Very confused.
you need to direct this to the criminal defense and DUI sections of AVVO. I directed it to the DUI section for you....
I know there is a new law/statue in Florida that if you are a license driver and receive a first offence driving under the influence you can be eligible to avoid conviction granted other circumstances apply. What is the official name of this? It was passed very recently in 2013. Thank you. (criminal traffic offence)
Its not a law. Its a creation of the Miami-Dade County State Attorney's Office. It is a diversionary program...
I am in my mid-twenties. I have never been previously arrested. I have one moving violation (which was dismissed) in almost 10 years in driving. When I was pulled over the officer alleges that I was swerving and stopped me because of an expired tag (the expired tag is true). The officer found the cocaine (under 1 g) in my front pocket (is true). I never admitted that I was drunk or that I was swerving, nor did I deny taking a breathalyzer. The DUI citation indicates I did not sign the citation and that I refuse the breathalyzer test. However, the police report states that I did take the Breathalyzer test, but does not state that I refused to sign the citation. Additionally, the police report states that my BAL was 4x legal limit.
Absolutely not. The DUI is bad enough with enhanced penalties, but the possession charge is a serious felony....