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How long can my cousin be sentenced for on DUI Manslaughter? Best and worst case scenario? In Florida.
2 charges of DUI Ubal, 2 charges of DUI manslaughter, 2 charges of DUI serious bodily injury. She is 34 years old in the broward county FL area.
The scoresheet will determine the best and worst case scenarios. Her attorney can obtain the scoresheet from the...
My license was suspended for DUI and is for business use only until October 5th. When exactly can I drive freely again?
As a part of my punishment for my DUI, I had my driving privileges restricted. I currently have a hardship license, which is for business use only until October 5th. Does this mean that October 5th is my first day that I'm eligible to drive again? Or is it my last day of the suspension? Also, am I required to get a new license right away, or can I do it whenever I feel?
Your license remains technically suspended until you give the DMV some money and reinstate your license. Contact the...
Are arresting and testing documents important in court?
Does the document titled "DUI facilities testing information sheet" with your personal information for your blood test important in court? Also, the arresting document with your information, is this important? For example, if information is incorrect on it, are these documents important in a way that you can use the mistakes to your advantage in court? Or are they useless?
Under the Florida Rules of Evidence, most documents involved with your arrest, such as the arrest and booking report,...
Will I do jail time if I get my third DUI in less than 10 years? What's gonna happen?
Got arrested, bonded out the next day.
Look, the only thing that can help you is to hire an attorney. If the State charges you with a felony, then yes, you...
Does wrong information on a blood test sheet make it unusable in court?
If you are charged with a DUI and the document for your blood sample with your information is wrong (e.g. Birthday is off by the month, day and year, eye color, height and weight) could that get the blood test thrown out?
Perhaps a skilled attorney can cross examine so that the error show the test report is about someone else entirely?...
My brother got charged with heroin possession (not a lot) and the week later he got a 3rd DUI
Do you think he's going to face prison time? Hes had charges before but all were dismissed
Not sure he'll face prison time, but he's probably facing some county jail time. He needs to get into treatment for...
Is it a felony to have gotten arrested with a 3rd DUI in Florida?
Has one other felony (drug possession)
Maybe. It is a felony to get arrested for your third DUI if that DUI occurred within 10 years of your second DUI. If...