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one of the citations is for i guess regular dui, the other citation is for dui over .15. I read the punishments online, and I would rather be convicted of regular dui then dui over .15. I was not drunk, i was pulled over for speeding, addmitted to drinking 2 -3 beers at my shop, and did FSE's. I was scared while doing the FSE's and i didnt tumble over or anything. I then did the breathalzyer. Is it possible at trial that I can get a not guilty on the dui over .15 and a guilty on the regaulr dui? thank you
Possible but not likely. You do not get to choose the crime you are charged with. What you need to do is hire a private...
State says they had probable cause to draw blood based on the hgn (eye) test but Swim only had one functional eye since the other eye was severely injured in an eye patch with head trauma. Not to mention the new Supreme Court ruling where a warrant was needed to draw blood, none was obtained. Swim immediately went to the hospital the and doctors never tested for drugs or alcohol for diagnostics. All responders cops paramedics and medical personal never smelled an Odor of alcohol but the cop said swim verbally consented who was falling in and out of consciousness and would never consent to a blood search. Why is the just state and pressing so hard to make this admissible in court after 3 years? And do they have a chance even if Swim never signed a consent for blood to be drawn?
I'm somewhat unsure of what you are asking. Does this involve a homicide? Was the accident three years ago? Is there...
As a part of my punishment for my DUI, I had my driving privileges restricted. I currently have a hardship license, which is for business use only until October 5th. Does this mean that October 5th is my first day that I'm eligible to drive again? Or is it my last day of the suspension? Also, am I required to get a new license right away, or can I do it whenever I feel?
Your license remains technically suspended until you give the DMV some money and reinstate your license. Contact the...
I received a DUI shortly after turning 21. While awaiting court I received another DUI. Both were ran concurrent and I received 1 Dui 1 reckless driving charge and 3 years probation by judge doran. I have completed 1.5 years. I have fulfilled all obligations right away and have reported as asked without any violations. I paid all probation fees upfront for the 3 years. I only report via email or phone and provide a drug test monthly. I have no prior criminal history apart from the current charges. I have done everything as asked. Should I ask to terminate my probation or be no reporting.? What is the likelihood? Does it help to show I graduated college and am doing something positive? I was asked to do WAP and did so well that I could even get a reference say I went beyond what I was asked
Everything helps, and it cannot hurt to file a motion for early termination. Hire an attorney to argue your case.
Does the document titled "DUI facilities testing information sheet" with your personal information for your blood test important in court? Also, the arresting document with your information, is this important? For example, if information is incorrect on it, are these documents important in a way that you can use the mistakes to your advantage in court? Or are they useless?
Under the Florida Rules of Evidence, most documents involved with your arrest, such as the arrest and booking report,...
If you are charged with a DUI and the document for your blood sample with your information is wrong (e.g. Birthday is off by the month, day and year, eye color, height and weight) could that get the blood test thrown out?
Perhaps a skilled attorney can cross examine so that the error show the test report is about someone else entirely?...
Got arrested, bonded out the next day.
Look, the only thing that can help you is to hire an attorney. If the State charges you with a felony, then yes, you...