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  • Ohio man charged with sex trafficking, holding 12 wo...

    Sunday Nov 16 | via Examiner.com 

    The man pleaded guilty to locking women in his home, physically abusing them and selling them for sex in Cincinnati and in other cities. In a case that sounds eerily similar to that of Ariel Castro's, the man charged in 2013 with multiple counts of kidnapping and rape in the case of three women he kidnapped and kept prisoners for over a decade in his Cleveland home, Christopher Hisle, 45, of Cincinnati , Ohio, pleaded guilty on Nov. 14 "to locking women in an Avondale house, physically abusing them and selling them for sex here and in other cities," according to a report from USA Today .


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  • FBI: Women were held captive in Cincinnati-area home

    Saturday Nov 15 | via Windsor Beacon 

    In a case that sounds straight out of a horror movie, a Cincinnati man pleaded guilty Friday to locking women in an Avondale house , physically abusing them and selling them for sex here and in other cities. And according to court documents obtained by The Enquirer , the Cincinnati Police Department may have known since last year that at least one woman was being kept there against her will.


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Hodgenville Law

got the dui in dec 2012 pleaded guilty in feb 2013 completed about 2 months of alcohol classes including a month of rehab what am i looking at due to inability to pay for remaining alcohol classes
Contact Kentucky DUII attorney's on the phone, confidentially, to find out exactly what the punishments could be....
My DUI conviction revoked my probation and I went to jail. I made parole upon completion of SAP-IOP (Substance Abuse Program - Intensive Outpatient). I completed the program in February of this year and recently paid my fine off. I was told yesterday I would need the assessment even though the treatment I completed exceeds the requirement for first offense DUI? Is this correct?
This does not sound right to me. The outpatient program would normally require such an assessment. The order is...
I was late to formation and I was rushing ot my room and a NCO saw me driving my Vehicle. so they are trying to get me for a DUI. They ended up brining me to the staiton and I blew a .118, so yes i was drunk on duty. Is there so many hours they could go before they report it or can they just do it. They are trying to chapter me on a 14-12c. Just want to see what all I can do. I already have chapter paperwork in which they lied on.
You need to speak with an attorney who does military law on these topics.
Can i get a permit or hardship license.both my wife and i are disabled. Its been over 3 years since my dui.
Call dmv to see what you need to do to get your license reinstated.
Also the prosecutor contacted me via his wife's facebook account is that accepted conduct???This is in regards to a DUI, and I was the one that drawn blood from him for labs in the hospital i dont even remember him. why is this prosecutor so worried if i show up???
I assume you are an employee of a local hospital; I further assume you were the tech that drew the blood from a...
KY DUI in 2005: All relevant conditions of punishment were complied with Ohio OVI in 2008: All relevant conditions of punishment were satisfied. No jail time; 140 day suspended sentence with 3 day residential alternate rehab. parole was ended early due to good conduct. Since then I appeared for interview and got my Green card (since 2009). Now i am eligible for US citizenship. No offense since 2009 other than speeding ticket fines which were promptly paid. Can I apply for US naturalization without using an attorney?
You can certainly try. However, I practice in this jurisdiction and i can assure you they will heavily scrutinize your...
I had my first DUI on 11/14/2010 and it was unaggravated but my second one was on 8/28/2014 and it was aggravated. Can I get my first DUI expunged and when ? Thank you. I live in KY.
If you plead guilty to the 2nd DUI, you will be ineligible to have the first one expunged, absent a creative agreement...