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Is there any point in hiring a lawyer for my 1st DUI offense?
I was arrested last night for DUI. The police officer witnessed me bumping the curb while taking a left turn. I was quite intoxicated, I blew .22 BAC at the police station. I cooperated with the police. I was released into the custody of my leadership (I'm in the military.) without paying any bail. The offense occurred in GA, but I have a VA drivers license, which they did not say was revoked. This is my first DUI offense, I'm 28, female, and have an otherwise good driving record. I don't see any possible defense against the charges,and I am in fact guilty. Should I represent myself and plead guilty? I don't see any other options here.
It's because you don't see any options that you should consult with and retain an experienced DUI defense attorney. You...
Will the court look at me as a savage and throw me under the jail?
I have been charged in the past for a DUI in NC, but not convicted. Just recently I received a DUI charge in GA, but there was also an accident. There was a stationary vehicle parked across a back country road at night. There was "proclaimed" minor injuries, but nothing visual. I blew well under .10 but higher than .08
The legal limit in Georgia is .08.
Gomar for dui 13 months ago in a different unit after 4 months it is not processed yet and they are trying to flag me
I recieved a dui 16 months ago while in the rangers, and was kicked out without any adverse actions. 13 months later 3 ID gave me a gomar while overseas and since then i have written an article 138 request for redress to solve some of the issues with my chain of command. I recived a call from my CSM telling me i was wrong for addressing the issues and I should not be promoted. He also informed me he was trying to flag me because i had a dui 16 months ago. Is this a reprisal and should these issues be dropped for being so old?
This sounds like something you really need to discuss with a JAG officer. Not many attorneys in here will be familiar...
DUI In Long county.
My Husband was arrested for a DUI while sitting in the car with the keys in the ignition. He was not driving, nor was I even in the car. We were sitting in the parking lot of a restaurant, I was waiting outside the car and the cops showed up. They said because the keys were in the car its a DUI, again even though he was not driving and we were not leaving anywhere. He blew a 0.09 so hardly over the "limit." They never read him his rights for anything. Is this a DUI and can we fight this and win? He past the other tests they gave him and barley failed the breath test. This hardly seems fair. By the way he is also military if that make any kind of difference.
You need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area ASAP to represent the defendant. Sounds like you...
Do you Need a bac to convict someone Of Dui
In Georgia you can be convicted of DUI less safe without proof of BAC if there is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt...
I am a soldier and was cited for a dui those charges were nolle prosequi can I still be chapt? AR 635-200 1-17 says I can not?
24 may 2014 cited for a dui went to court the dui has 2 realms; the one that stated I blew a .089 was nolle prosequi and the other dui I was found not guilty
This looks to me like a military law question. It's a fairly specialized area so I am going to re-tag the question for...
I am getting a chapter out of the army for a dui.
I had a dwai years ago but nothing came of it becouse i was not imparied. The problem is i have tried to get help many times from ASAP and was turned back twice stateing i didnt have a drinking problem. i have served 3 tours over 40 mnths and have ptsd and and faceing a me board. can they just kick me out with out anything. If they do i wouldnt even be able to get help any longer for my ptsd. My doctors are all on my side pushing my med board stating i need real help.
Although your question is related to a DUI, the informaton you are seeking is more in terms of military law. Therefore,...