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I have been charged in the past for a DUI in NC, but not convicted. Just recently I received a DUI charge in GA, but there was also an accident. There was a stationary vehicle parked across a back country road at night. There was "proclaimed" minor injuries, but nothing visual. I blew well under .10 but higher than .08
The legal limit in Georgia is .08.
I recieved a dui 16 months ago while in the rangers, and was kicked out without any adverse actions. 13 months later 3 ID gave me a gomar while overseas and since then i have written an article 138 request for redress to solve some of the issues with my chain of command. I recived a call from my CSM telling me i was wrong for addressing the issues and I should not be promoted. He also informed me he was trying to flag me because i had a dui 16 months ago. Is this a reprisal and should these issues be dropped for being so old?
This sounds like something you really need to discuss with a JAG officer. Not many attorneys in here will be familiar...
My Husband was arrested for a DUI while sitting in the car with the keys in the ignition. He was not driving, nor was I even in the car. We were sitting in the parking lot of a restaurant, I was waiting outside the car and the cops showed up. They said because the keys were in the car its a DUI, again even though he was not driving and we were not leaving anywhere. He blew a 0.09 so hardly over the "limit." They never read him his rights for anything. Is this a DUI and can we fight this and win? He past the other tests they gave him and barley failed the breath test. This hardly seems fair. By the way he is also military if that make any kind of difference.
You need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area ASAP to represent the defendant. Sounds like you...
In Georgia you can be convicted of DUI less safe without proof of BAC if there is evidence beyond a reasonable doubt...
I had a dwai years ago but nothing came of it becouse i was not imparied. The problem is i have tried to get help many times from ASAP and was turned back twice stateing i didnt have a drinking problem. i have served 3 tours over 40 mnths and have ptsd and and faceing a me board. can they just kick me out with out anything. If they do i wouldnt even be able to get help any longer for my ptsd. My doctors are all on my side pushing my med board stating i need real help.
Although your question is related to a DUI, the informaton you are seeking is more in terms of military law. Therefore,...
I.'ve just turned off a road which speed limit was 35 to a road which speed limit was 25. I live down this road and am pretty familiar with the speed limit. A cop is driving towards me in the opposite lane and I began to decelerate. About 2 yards down I see flashing lights and he gives me a ticket for going 11mph over the speed limit. From my understanding that 1 mph over causes a dramatic increase and my ticket and the officer also wrote "civilian" on my ticket. I have military id stickers on my windshield. Do you think I can use that as a cause of discrimination? I cannot afford this ticket and I honestly do not believe I was speeding.
Your argument about him writing "civilian" on your ticket will probably not go over very well with a judge. They don't...
i took a left over script to take care of a bad cough i had that night that was Robitussin and codeine. i am fairly sure i failed the urinalysis i had the next day. i have never had even a negative counseling statement in the 3 years ive been active duty. i simply made a mistake trying to get some sleep for the night. i have never been a recreational user and want to stay in the army more than anything. should i tell my first line supervisors or should i wait for the results of the test? what can i do. i want more than anything to stay in and am fully prepared for whatever disciplines might be given in order for me to stay in.
Assuming the old prescription was your old prescription, I see no illegality. Medicine may expire, but the prescription...