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Arrested for DUI and resisting. Can I get the Resisting drop and plead to the DUI?
I was called on for a disturbance. I had been drinking most of the day. I was pulled over and arrested for DUI. I haven't got to read the report, not sure if they told me why they stopped me. I was out of it.. I was told that I resisted. I was a high BA. I hardly recall the incident. I need to get the resisting dropped to keep my job, I will plead to DUI as I was driving. I probably make too much for a public defender. I cant afford an attorney, I spoke with one and it was $3,000. I work with LE and want to keep my job. I've been there 26 1/2 years.
Call Peter Marek in Stockton after searching for him here on avvo. He's one of the best and will provide excellent...
My juvenile son (14) got arrested for driving while intoxicated. Do I need a lawyer?
My son who is 14 decided to ride his mini bike on the street after he and some friends were drinking. He got arrested and had .03 BAC level. They released him to us that night and didn't hear anything for about 6 months. We talked to the probation officer who didn't feel that he should get more than probation, but I can't be sure of that. I'm sure they will not allow him to get a license and that sort of thing, but do I need legal representation in court? His court date is next week. Please advise...Thank You.
absolutely you should get an attorney. I have handled these cases many times before. This case should go to juvenile...
What do I do if I got a DUI?
I was driving and was still able to drive but the cop told me I was drunk. I do not believe I was drunk. I only had a glass of wine. I am over 21.
Since the police has accused you of (and presumably arrested you for) a crime, a DUI, contact the best greater Bay...
If a drunk driver hit me on a head on collision, and I dont have a license, will the car be covered by the insurance
I was my girlfriends car and I was coming around the corner and I realized the car was on my lane, and we hit on a head on collision resulted that he was drunk
Your license status is irrelevant. So long as you were using the car with your girlfriend's permission and were not...
What are the chances of actually doing time for a first time dui for marijuana ?
I was recently pulled over for my license plate being on my windshield. The cop said he smelled marijuana, told me to get out of the car and did sobriety test on me. I was then later questioned (in which I told him I smoked an hour ago) and tooken to the Merced county jail for the night. My main concern is if I will do time in jail? Or if they are ways I can avoid jail time because I am a full time college student and also a part time worker
A first offense DUI, even if it's for being under the influence of marijuana, is not generally going to require real...
Can having little scrapes of wax put me in jail?
I was recently charged with a DUI. I have a marijuana card, in which the cop said was fake. But he found 10grams of marijuana on me, and little scrapes of wax in a container. I was not charged with having the scrapes though. I am aware that the cops could still charge me for the scrapes of wax, and I am wondering if jail time would be involved? I as well hired a lawyer
If you already have a lawyer, you should pose these questions to that lawyer. Good luck.
Was charged both statue VC23152 (A) -M and VC23153 (B) -M so what does that mean
I was just around the cornerof my house before I got stop was able to pull up my drive way had to do the breathe test about 5 times on my property then got tooken in for custody is that even ok
VC23152(a) is a misdemeanor (hence the M) for driving under the influence. VC23152(b) is a misdemeanor for driving...