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    The Ludwig Group, LLC 9525 E. Vista Drive, Suite 200 Hillsboro, MO 63050 The book "Blood, Sweat, Tears, and Prayers: Firefighting and EMS from Some of the Toughest Streets in America," is a dramatic memoir following the career of a firefighter and paramedic through the tough neighborhoods of St. Louis and Memphis. As a veteran of more than 37 years in the field, the author, Gary Ludwig, says, "Whenever an elderly person falls, or a child chokes, or a man gets shot, or a woman gets beaten, or anyone has a stroke or heart attack or asthma attack, whenever an illness or injury suddenly threatens someone's life, or your house is on fire, firefighters and paramedics are the first to respond."


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Is it illegal for a police officer to have two people use same breathalyzer straw while pulled over?
I was driving with a couple of friends an got pulled over because someone called in and said we were speeding. However we were not speeding anywhere around the where the cop pulled us over at so they had no probable cause to pull us over. They believed we were under the influence, so they gave me and two of my friends a field sobriety test and made us blow into the breathalyzer but made me and my friend blow into the same straw without changing them out or collaborating it. We all failed and I was charged with DWI and my friends were charged with MIPs. That is unsanitary and inaccurate.
You've got a lot of issues going on. Citizen calls that lead to a traffic stop are often challenged. Hire a locally...
I was falsely accused of dui. the officer refuse to give me breathalyzer upon arrival at the station. of
I did field sobriety test passed He handcuffed meeting place me in the front of the vehicle Then had me blow in the vehicles machine it spit numbers out but he never showed them to me then claims I refused I have 3 prior DWI that is all the prosecuting attorney has what are my odds with a jury trial
You need to hire the best criminal defense attorney in the area who has experience with DUI cases and trying a DUI case...
I was falsely accused of dui. the officer refuse to give me a breathalyzer. his report said I refused which is a lie because of
I have 3 prior DUI's That is all they have yes I am still being charged. the lawyer I am using now started off saying it was no big deal it would cost 3000-3500. I have given him9000since our initial meeting.he os demanding another 6000 Are threatening to withdraw
I'm going to respond to the attorney fee portion of your question, and first suggest that you repost that part directed...
What all should be stated in a letter to the Prosecuting Attorney if I am trying to get charges dropped?
Me and my boyfriend were in a car accident, and I got hurt. I refused to press charges, but now the state has charged him with felony assault. I talked to the assistant handling my case, and she said the most I could do is write a letter and try to get the charges dropped, and make it clear that I will not cooperate. My only question is what exactly to say in the letter to hopefully make it effective.
You and more importantly, your boyfriend should really consult with a criminal defense attorney before you do anything...
Can I sue the state of Missouri and Guardian interlock for not honoring a court order and suspending my license?
On April 22, 2014 I had to have a interlock device on my vehicle for 6 months, originally it was from may 10th until November 10th since I didn't have a vehicle, but I got a car sooner than that so the judge amended it from then to April 22nd to October 22 2014, well, October 22 got here and went and showed the shop the court order and they took it out, now GAURDIAN interlock sent a early removal notice to the state and did not certify me and the state suspended me, The judge has backed me on this and said it is his order and for them to reinstate, but they said he cant go against state law, which he hasn't he said 6 months is from April 22 to October 22, and state law requires 6 month interlock to be maintained and serviced during that time,I have now been fired from my job because of it
You can sue them both, but you probably will just waste your time. The state will only be liable if it acted with...
Should I hire a different attorney?
My wife was arrested for a DUI and refusal to blow. I took her to the hospital to have her blood drawn and tested for BAC. It came back negative. The test was administered within three hours of initial contact of the arresting officer. The Doctor stated that if she had had any alcohol within the last 24 hours it would have shown up on the test report. She lost her refusal to blow case. My lawyer didn't receive any video from the police car or station or the arresting officers personal records. He said he requested them but that they usually don't turn them over because it may show him violating policy. The police report specifically stated alcohol odor coming from the car and her breath. Not possible.
Here's what's not possible: "The doctor stated that if she had had any alcohol within the last 24 hours it would have...
Pulled over for DWI, on probation for DWI. Charged as a Aggravated Offender. Can she get probation again with 45 days served?
We know there is a drinking problem. She has since been dry, for 7 months. She has a scram bracelet on since 2/15. She has 2 small children. She is going to AA. She wants to persue treatment at an outpatient center. She wants to be sober, and NOW has the support to help with that (ME). She opened her own business in the last 2 months and is doing everything she should be, including NOT going to bars, or putting herself in situations that make her want to drink. She does not use drugs. We are in Jefferson County... How bad is it? I just need to hear some good news about her not having to do the 3 year back up.
You need to set up an appointment with her and her criminal defense lawyer. He/she is the only person who will, at...