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My daughter was convicted of a dwi. She got a interlock system put into her car for one year. Three months in.
She tried to start her car in the morning. The night before she had some drinks. Apparently there were still traces of alcohol in her system. So car didn't start. She was charged with a violation . This is her first offense. She is a single mom with a 3 month old baby. Has a good job. This has been going on for over a year. She never had another incident. The judge wants her to serve 10 to 14 days in jail. For violation. She attends aa twice per week. I think this unfair. She will probably lose her job. And it would be tough on baby. If the judge has already made up his mind. What can we do. He said if we go to a hearing she will get at least 30 days. And he decides. We requested weekends in jail so she doesn't lose her job. And take care of baby.what can we do
The answer is to get a good lawyer to advocate on her behalf. That is an understandably difficult result but it is...
My tlc lisence was revoked 13 years ago, do to a drug test failure, they said that Marijuana was the cause, can I restore my lic
I reaply ed in 2005 and they refused, can I reaply again?
You can reapply and if you are denied you need to exhaust your administrative remedies within TLC and then commence an...
Am I eligible for a conditional license?
I took a conditional plea to an 1192.2 with 1 year interim probation. I was told that upon the completion of IP, the charge would be reduced to 1192.1. DMV is now telling me that my license is suspended until the completion of the case. I went to DMV 2 days after the plea. Was it too soon for them to get the dispo from the court, or is my license suspended until I complete IP? What if anything can be done to obtain a conditional license?
It will all depend on what the conditions of your plea and interim probation are. You should immediately consult with...
Is there any way to appeal a driver license revocation of 5 years by DMV based upon 2nd DWI, or to obtain a conditional license?
Recently convicted of DWI. Prior DWI 20 years ago. Court suspended license for 6 months. Now DMV has revoked it for 5 years based upon prior conviction 20 years ago.
Yes when your revocation from DMV for 5 years was sent to you there should have been an appeals document informing you...
Is my license suspended? Can I get a conditional license?
I took a plea in Suffolk County to VTL sec 1192.2 with 12 months of intermittent probation. I was told that after a year my plea will be modified to a 1192.1. The judge did not say anything about my license being suspended. Is it suspended? For how long? Am I eligible for a conditional license?
If you pled to a driving while impaired your license would have been suspended for 90 days but you very well am...
Will a DUI from 1993 show up on a NYS background check?
I live in New York and I will be going through a background check for a job at a local school district. I was convicted of a DUI in 1993. I had my license suspended for 6 months but no probation or jailtime.
Yes, the DWI record of conviction will show up in the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services records and...
I am on probabtion for dui in long island and i found employment in the bronx county. can i transfer my probation and how
how long does this process take and what do i need to know
Are you moving? If you will continue to live in Long Island, you may not be allowed to transfer it. You have to ask...