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I was arrested for "leaving the scene of an accident" back in 2005, at this time I was also written up for possession of cannabis. Court was finally done in 2007, which shows on my driving abstract a 3 year revocation. It now seems that An underage drinking ticket (from almost 10 years ago), Is what is keeping the sos from overturning the revocation. I have since went to treatment and got an "investigative evaluation" I'm now wondering if I was too honest with the evaluator, as there is a lot of use history the sos would otherwise not know. before i went to the treatment provider, i had an informal hearing and was advised that if sent off to Springfield depending on who reviewed it, I may get my license back, or I may get denied, and if denied it would be 3 mos more, he didn't send it off.
Go speak with an attorney who is experienced in SOS hearings and drivers license reinstatements.
Background is clean with no prior arrests, but 1 speeding and 1 seat-belt ticket. Refused to take PBT (portable breathalyser test) then was offered sobriety test on dotted line into on-coming traffic (told officer I would prefer not to do it into on-coming traffic). Placed into squad car, refused PBT again. Transported to jail, refused again, processed and placed into holding. Was never read Miranda Rights (are they just implied with a DUI refusal?) Blew 0.00 when allowed to blow a few hours later after bail was posted.
You really should retain an attorney in IL to help you through this -- there are not only criminal consequences, but...
was told at DMV i am eligable to get license back
It sounds like your license was revoked, in which case you have to comply with whatever the secretary of state hearing...
I'd like to know advice on giving officers the least amount of incriminating advise, but also know what I do have to tell them and what they can't force me to answer/do
The best approach to take is to not drink and drive. Otherwise, retain a criminal defense attorney. IF you come...
My ex husband is in jail right now for domestic battery, plus a warrant for his DUI last summer. He did not pay his fines and he did not complete classes. He does not have a lawyer and can't afford one. He hasn't spoken with a public defender yet and his court date is this Friday. Can anyone tell me what type of punishment he may get? Jail time? I'm just curious because I have never dealt with this before.
Jail is possible. Prison if it's charged as a felony.
My boyfriend has had 3 DUIs now. The most recent one was in April 2012 but he wasn't convicted until October 2012. So about 2 years ago. Will he be eligable for a restricted or hardship license? We have three small children and it is becoming very costly to drive him to and from work 6 days a week because he works about 25 minutes away from where we live. On top of that, we have to wake the kids up every morning to take them with us. Hoping he is eligable to at least drive to and from work. Can anyone help us out?
He is most likely eligible for a hardship restricted driving permit, but he should discuss his driving record with a...
I have a lawyer already, but I was wondering if you get drug tested for a DUI. I havent had one before first offense.. I have been on supervision for a weed pipe before I'm not sure if I'm on supervision still or not but that shouldn't matter because its driving and I only got caught for a dui right ? And what should I expect with a laywer on the case
If you have a lawyer you, you should be asking all of your questions of your lawyer. What can you expect from your...