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Do I need to submit an appeal to DMV within 10 days if I would like a hearing with them to keep my license?
I have a CA driver license but I got the DUI in NV. Who should I submit to if that is the case? Thank you.
Nevada DMV DSO: The Office of Administrative Hearings has three office locations in Nevada. Carson City/Reno (775)...
How do I get my license back after a DUI from 5 years ago?
I got a DUI in Georgia 5 years ago. I blew a .09 at the initial traffic stop and then when tested at the station an hour later I blew a .135. I plead guilty in court, but was not ordered to take a class. I was ordered to pay a fine. I was unable to pay the fine and got a probation violation. I served my time and the debt was considered paid. It was my first offense. Now, it is 5 years later and I live in Nevada and want to get my license back. It's been so long and I'm not sure exactly where to begin to get all of this straightened out.
You should call the DMV in Georgia to ask them what needs to be done to get valid there again. Here are a few different...
Licensure background check
Applying for a nursing license in Nevada the app says have you ever been convicted of a crime including misdemeanors and felonies...which I haven't, I took this to mean asking only about misdeameanors or felonies...the only thing I gave ever received was in pa I got a summary offense ticket which aren't considered criminal offenses in pa unless you served time which no one does just a fine...I even ran the pa state police record check and it said no record found...I believe the background checks go off fingerprints and I never was...I plan on answering no on the app...as I have never been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony or even a crime in pa's eyes...so should that be fine?
As long as you are honest and up front in your answers you should be fine.
I pleaded no contest to a 1st DUI in the state of Nevada, which is a misdemeanor. Will that prevent me from certain rights?
I was going to purchase a gun but was not sure if a misdemeanor DUI would prevent me from making the purchase. I am on informal probation for 1 year, have to do all the typical things everyone does for a 1st time dui and pay the fines. Would this prevent me from a rifle purchase? Thank you
The answer to this question depends on a number of factors that you should speak with an attorney about. There are...
My DUI case was thrown out, I have moved to another state and now 8 months later i'm getting summoned for the same case
this happened in las vegas/ henderson nevada..they're saying they didin't have the blood results then so they threw it out, but that they have the results from the test now
They can dismiss without prejudice and re-file a new criminal complaint within the 1 year statute of limitations.
Got a Dui in another state awhile ago and haven't paid the fines and now I need to fix it so where do I start?
I know I have messed up big time but now I really need help because I need to correct this and move on with my life. I got a DUI in Oklahoma when I was in the military at the end of 2010. I received a deferred sentence to the end of 2012. The terms were I was suppose to pay 2 separate fines of about $1500 each and take AA classes, plus an impact panel. I have since only completed the AA classes portion of that term, which I know is a huge mistake because it is now 2013 well past the deferred sentencing date. I have since left the military to live in Nevada where i'm from. This is my first ever time being in trouble I blew a .018 and was stopped before a DUI checkpoint. My question is where do I start in correcting this and how much trouble am I facing which I'm sure is a lot?
The best solution is to finish completing all the conditions. However, you need to hire a lawyer to quash the warrant...
My canadian son has an american fiancee. They want to marry asap in canada. She has a dui but has been flying to canada.
Her DUI conviction was september 2012, She has been flying to canada since. They are planning to marry in May 2013 in canada(he will drive to canada with her amd her car) and she is planning to stay here for 6 months before returning to finish her school in the states.
A non-violent misdemeanor should not prohibit her from entering the country. However, you need to consult an...