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My husband was collecting ssd in fl came to n.y. it stopped they said that because of a warrant in fl
we are waiting for a hearing can he also get back pay
I don't understand your question. Please rephrase
Nephew arrested for DWI, car was impounded for 30days he was not the owner of vehicle. Owner went to pay storage fee .
Owner was told along with the storage fee was an added $1000 implemented by Nassau County, this does not sound correct, or legal. Is there such an added fee?
The owner should contact a local attorney. Nassau is attempting to raise $$ through these new forfeiture rules. The...
When do I get off probation if my disposition was 02-12-2011, and was given 3 years probation ?
It was a dwi charge and my my only ,my offense date was 06-05-2010, and disposition on 02-12-2011... my p.o said in 05-12-2014 and I think it's 02-12-2014
It should be 3 years from the date you were sentenced unless the Judge extended it due to a violation.
How can someone be arrested for DWI if they were not driving the vehicle?
My son and friends went to a local 7-11. The friend was driving because my son had been drinking. My son went inside to get water and skittles and came out to find the car gone. He figured his friends were playing a joke on him and started walking toward the friends house. He came upon my car sitting on a lawn and officers observing the damage. When asked if the car was his, he replied yes. He began telling the officers that he thought his friend had the car. He was then arrested for aggravated DWI. I thought our legal system was supposed to maintain innocence until proven guilty. His first court date produced info that the prosecution wants 20 days in jail and 3 years probation. this is his first encounter with the legal system. How can this be if he was not driving the car?
The prosecution will have to prove he was driving in order to obtain a conviction. If innocent he should fight the case....
What are the penalties for Drunk Driving in New York for an offense greater than 10 years?
It is very straight forward for AGGRAVATED DWI – A-DWI – .18 and Higher 1st, 2nd, and 3rd within 10 years, and DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED – DWI – .08 and Higher again 1st, 2nd, and 3rd all within 10 years and the penalties are increasing exponentially every year. In 1994 I plead to a DWAI reduced from a DWI and in 1996 to DWAI not reduced. At the time in comparison to what I would face today it was still a slap on the wrist! What are the penalties for DWI / DWAI for offenses greater than 10 years? Is there a schedule of penalties that the courts follow?
If you have a dwi conviction within 10 years that makes the new dwi a felony punishible by up to 4 years in jail....
Is it possible in Nassau County to negotiate a no probation sentence for DWI .13
Previous 1994 DWI plead to DWAI; 1996 DWAI; 2001 Disorderly Conduct.
You have a bigger problem then probation in Nassau County: (1) you will likely get jail time, and (2) with the new...
Will a DWAI plea from a DWI show up on a fingerprintable background check? It is a non-criminal offense? I plead 9 years ago!
9 years ago I plead to a DWAI as the Judge stated I will not have a criminal record. Currently working in a Jail in which I have been fingerprinted 3 weeks ago. Someone in management explained that it takes three to four months to get results. Should I just resign gracefully and not go through the humiliation? Even though it is a non-criminal violation, I'm afraid DCJS and FBI check will religuish my rap sheet. Are violations submitted to employers on a rap sheet in NY State. I've changed and made a silly mistake with poor judgement. Hoping this does not cost me my job.
Fast answer, Yes. It is one of three NYS violations that never go away. What can get sealed in New York State?...