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And driving on susp/license. What I do not want is for it to be on my record what can
You should contact an experienced criminal attorney, preferably a Specialist, so that you can mount an aggressive...
I had my Maine License suspended after a DWI in 2007 and was required to enter the state's "DEEP" (Driver Education Evaluation Program) which I attended for three months, but never got my license reinstated. I have since lived in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Florida, and now reside in California. I have been unlicensed for seven years but am interested in driving again out of necessity as my job requires me to be more mobile than before. I can't go back to Maine to go through a months-long program, so how can I sort this out here in California?
you will need to get your license reinstated in Maine or have any suspension from main lifted
2 years ago, I hit 2 PG&E poles and was charged with a DUI. PG&E has filed a restitution order against me for $200,000+. I only make about $1,000 a month and cannot pay that amount. Is it possible to file bankruptcy to discharge the debt before the judge orders me to pay? If not, is it possible to have the amount lowered?
On the criminal defense side of things, it depends on where the case is as to what can be done. If there hasn't been a...
I was pulling out of a parking stall at Taco Bell and went to go forward as someone was backing up and ended up bumping in to his bumper. It was a younger kid who said he was calling the cops before exchanging insurance info. I was scared and fled back to my apartment. Where shortly after the chp shows up and has the guy identify me as the one who hit his car,but I don't admit to it and say I've just been drinking at my place. They breathalyze me and take me to jail. I've never done jail time before and was wondering what would be expected in California as far as jail time is concerned? I'm currently going to AA and trying to give up drinking and would like to serve the jail sentence in a sheriff work program so I can still keep my job, but is that even a possibility?
This is a very serious 2nd DUI case with very serious consequences. For the probation violation, the judge can...
It's the second. I was put on probation for the first. I was in the US attending school at the time
As crazy as it seems, there could be a warrant out for your failure to deal with 30 year old DUI . Get an attorney to...
I have an IID and have had it for almost a year.never had any failed tests.had to transfer the device into my fiances car due to my car being totaled in an accident. interlock installed my device wrong and we were able to start the car without blowing. We had went out the other night & my fiancé drove. we timed her consumption of alcohol based on when we felt would be okay to drive.She had 2shots all within 20 minutes and tried to drive 4 hours later & received a fail, But were able to start the car. We drive & turned it off & tried to retest again.We did this about 5 times then decided to wait 45 minutes in which it started.My question is are they going to think we drove even though we were able to start the car?We turned it off every time.I've never had fails before.Is it a violation?
Yes this is a potential violation of your probation. The IID results will be reported to DMV .
Used name and DOB since only available means to try to retrieve record
Sometimes the DA's office does not have the complaint ready on the court date given on your citation. The DA has up to...