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So I had parked my car at my work in the parking lot and passed out on the floor because i felt dizzy, i know i still had some alcohol in me. Somebody called 911 and the sheriffs and the ambulance came, and took me to the hospital. they did not take any tests while i was unconscious. later at the hospital they gave me stitches and obviously had my toxicology report. my question is can i still be charged with a DUI? and can my workplace get my toxicology and my medical report? I also had no insurance at all. i wasn't discharged from the hospital, i just ended up leaving and they gave me no paperwork. Thanks for the help
If you had your keys in your pocket or even on the ground next to you, it might be difficult to fight. You have a...
I got a 2nd DUI almost 9 years ago in 2005 ( First was in 2001) I've been too broke to pay for an 18 month DUI program and struggling just to eat ever since. I just have been using limited public transportation in my area ever since. Is there a way to get my license back after a certain amount of years and how would I go about doing it? Court fines are paid and it is very hard to find a job ( out of work for 5 years) without being able to commute
Unless you are a resident of another State for a minimum of three years there is no way to get around the Alcohol...
I had a dui
What are you talking about? Are you referring to "p1" as "paragraph 1"? If so, we can't see your terms of probation....
I have an IID and have had it for almost a year.never had any failed tests.had to transfer the device into my fiances car due to my car being totaled in an accident. interlock installed my device wrong and we were able to start the car without blowing. We had went out the other night & my fiancé drove. we timed her consumption of alcohol based on when we felt would be okay to drive.She had 2shots all within 20 minutes and tried to drive 4 hours later & received a fail, But were able to start the car. We drive & turned it off & tried to retest again.We did this about 5 times then decided to wait 45 minutes in which it started.My question is are they going to think we drove even though we were able to start the car?We turned it off every time.I've never had fails before.Is it a violation?
Yes this is a potential violation of your probation. The IID results will be reported to DMV .
2nd DUI, Went to court. but now I am defending myself.. what should I do.. I already enrolled into a DUI program.
Often times if you have substantial assets or gainful employment you will be denied a public defender. If you are...
I backed into a car at a gas station . left the scene and went home and drank due to being so scared. was arrested at home blew 1.8 then blood was 2.0. being charged for 3 offences. dmv has set it aside. Now that the courts are charging me can dmv then come after me ? Can these charges be fought since I did not drink prior to the accident . I drank after the fact.
Drinking after driving is certainly a defense to a DUI. But, if you are convicted of the offense then the DMV will...
Because the law says anyone convicted of DUI can't drive with any amount of ALCOHOL in their systems, does that apply to drugs as well? If a 2nd-time offender has ANY drugs in their system, is it automatically a 2nd DUID? Or, must it be established that drugs found in the offender's system appreciably impaired their driving abilities and/or that the said impairment was demonstrated? I'm curious because although there were drugs in my system, I wasn't intoxicated nor was I driving in any erratic or unlawful manner at the time of my arrest.
23152(a) (DUI driving while impaired) can be violated by either drugs or alcohol. The question as to whether you were...