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I will be using this motion for discovery and a motion to dismiss case if all evidence isn't presented to me, this is for a dui case in Minnesota, I wasn't driving, there was racial profiling issues, and no actual evidence of me driving, also the trial begins tomorrow and I have yet to get any evidence I had requested from the prosecutor other then the police report even though I had made a written request months ago for all evidence and witness lists.
First, if you have not received discovery you should request a continuance. Second, you need not worry yourself about...
I am 55, was a pastor for nearly 20 years. I am not a "drinker" but will have a beer on occasion. I have never been arrested before in my life. After bad news I got drunk, and was pulled over in my parking lot as I arrived home at Veteran's home. The officer was actually very kind, he asked me what was going on etc... After talking for awhile, he told me he was going to take me to jail to be booked and released, saying 12 hours in jail is better than 72 hours in the VA detox. I did not receive a ticket or see a judge. I was released from jail as soon as I could blow a .ooo. When I did I went home. Should I expect anything else to come of this. He could have given me a DUI, but I have nothing to suggest he even reported that I was driving when he picked me up.
Did the police officer (or the jail upon release) give you a Notice of Revocation of driver's license? They almost...
I was recently convicted of 2nd Degree DUI in MN. I sent in the vehicle forfeiture challenge and implied consent challenge last Dec. My court date for my vehicle is Dec 22 and my license is Jan 5th. The vehicle is worth more than $15,000 and will be in district court. The loan on the vehicle has a balance of $19,000. Can anyone tell me what the chances are I will get the vehicle returned, sell it, or return it to the lien holder? Also the Dept of Public Safety informed me that I will have a 1 year limited license and 2 year restricted (Ig Interlock), so there is no hard revocation? They told me since I live in TX now, I just need to pay the fine and complete classes, etc. Thanks AC
I hope you have legal counsel retained to handle this situation. If not, you should get an experienced MN DWI attorney...
Should dmv drop this cause both cases are dismissed? I've no more convictions since.
The details you give aren't 100% clear, but it sounds like you're asking if the license revocation from your last DWI...
My son is facing felony DWI charges. From what I've read there is a 3 yr. minimum and 7 yr. maximum sentence. What would make a person get the max. sentence.
The maximum sentence is rarely imposed and it's reserved only for the worst repeat offenders. Your son is likely facing...
it's a mis. Warrent for card misuse.
I suggest you contact a CA licensed attorney for assistance as to a CA rooted legal problem such as that. Tricia Dwyer Esq.
I hh had 2 dwi s back when I was young and dumb now 30 yrs later I got a dwi. It is double jepordy I'm being tried again for my previous dwi. Murders. Child molesters etc never can have past convictions even come up in court
I'm not sure what you are asking but the State cannot use prior DWIs over 10 years old. You should contact an attorney.