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I have no choice but to represent myself in a circumstantial dui case and I was wondering how to phrase a motion of discovery
I will be using this motion for discovery and a motion to dismiss case if all evidence isn't presented to me, this is for a dui case in Minnesota, I wasn't driving, there was racial profiling issues, and no actual evidence of me driving, also the trial begins tomorrow and I have yet to get any evidence I had requested from the prosecutor other then the police report even though I had made a written request months ago for all evidence and witness lists.
First, if you have not received discovery you should request a continuance. Second, you need not worry yourself about...
I was booked and released after being stopped for drunk driving. No ticket, no court, no paperwork. Should I expect something?
I am 55, was a pastor for nearly 20 years. I am not a "drinker" but will have a beer on occasion. I have never been arrested before in my life. After bad news I got drunk, and was pulled over in my parking lot as I arrived home at Veteran's home. The officer was actually very kind, he asked me what was going on etc... After talking for awhile, he told me he was going to take me to jail to be booked and released, saying 12 hours in jail is better than 72 hours in the VA detox. I did not receive a ticket or see a judge. I was released from jail as soon as I could blow a .ooo. When I did I went home. Should I expect anything else to come of this. He could have given me a DUI, but I have nothing to suggest he even reported that I was driving when he picked me up.
Did the police officer (or the jail upon release) give you a Notice of Revocation of driver's license? They almost...
Mn law allows you to be charged with dui, if you are charged with illegal possession of controlled substance, but...
since the controlled substance was actually, a perfectly legal prescription. cant i have both charges dismissed? they can only charge me with the dui, because of the supposed illegal possession(i even got the judge to admit that). so conversely, showing the script was actually legal, so there is nothing to warrant the dui charge, so it must also be dismissed. the officer will blame his "accidental mispelling" of the drug for the misunderstanding. and the UA i did at hospital came up negative for everything. given the info provided, is this just cause to motion for dismissal, of all charges? lets be clear, i am not asking "whether or not i should consult an attorney". i am asking, if my argument has any merit, if it does i will have too, retain consul.
Yes. If the urine test cane back negative, the prosecution will have an exceedingly difficult time proving its case....
If my husband got a dwi, can I purchase a car in my name only and not have to put whiskey plates on it
If my husband got a dwi do I have to put whiskey plates on a car that I purchase and title in my name only?
Yes so long as you put it in your name only. However, more information is needed as to whether you plan on trading in...
After a DWI when am I eligible to get my license back?
My first DWI, I blew a .13 and I have no priors if that matters. Does the 90 days start AFTER my court hearing, or was it when my license was clipped. I know I have to do some other required tests to apply for a license and I know I have to wait until the court process is over with. I'm just wondering when I will be eligible for my license again...
Call DMV and ask what date you can get your license back.
MN DWI Laws, semi-technicial procedural question (im not sure if that describes the question, correctly...)
my first appearance is next week and the county attorney hasn't said what evidence he has used to determine that i was "under the influence". for example, like i failed a Breathalyzer or my blood sample came back with some kind of positive, result. but aren't, they supposed to have some kind details, about why they think, they have a case, by now?
Hopefully you have an attorney who can guide you through the process. If not, I would suggest contacting one without delay.
Can I call the prosecutor in my case myself? I will not be hiring a lawyer and I would like to ask him a few questions.
I cannot afford a lawyer and won't even try. Moving on. I was charged with a DWI after crashing my car in a guard rail in a parking lot. I blew a .13. My initial appearance is on April 2nd. Can I plea guilty at that appearance and talk to the prosecutor in person? That's question 1. Question 2, do I call him for a copy of the police report? Question 3. I would like to be proactive about this and make it as painless as possible. There is a mandatory chemical assessment test to get my license back and im assuming it would be helpful to bargain with him if I had completed one and was found not chemically dependent. Can I talk to him about where I may find these services? I will be attending a MADD meeting. Assuming I can talk to the prosecutor, will it look favorable for my initial appearance
You are already starting off asking many questions. You will likely just have many more. Get an attorney on the case...