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  • Headquarters of Ill. Mayoral Candidate Set on Fire

    Saturday Mar 14 | via FireHouse.com 

    March 14--A fire authorities said was suspicious destroyed a building early Friday where a Harvey mayoral candidate housed his campaign. The incidents occurred during an already high-profile race for mayor in the south suburb, which, as the Tribune has reported in the past year, has a high crime rate, subpar policing and little oversight from state and federal officials.


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  • Police Find Handgun in Iowa Man's Car After Traffic ...

    Feb 23, 2015 | via Patch.com 

    Steven Dunlap, 50, of the 600 block of East 144th Place, Dolton, was arrested and charged with retail theft after an incident Saturday at Walt's Food Store, 2345 W. 183rd St., according to Homewood police reports. The store's security officer claimed he saw Dunlop take two boxes of Alka-Seltzer, totaling $14.58, from the shelf and hide them in his jacket, the report stated.


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Harvey Law

I was arrested for dui in 1998 in calif. moved to Chicago before going to court
what can i do to rectify the situation and get license in ill.
Did you not attend court for the DUI in California? If not, I would assume you have a judgment against you in...
I was asked by a job if I ever been convicted of a criminal Felony. Is a Felony DUI considered a criminal Felony?
I want to answer correctly on my job application. I have a felony DUI but never have had any criminal charges are these 2 one in the same?
DUI is codified as a crime. THus, "felony" DUI is a felony. Indeed, they are one and the same.
Ilinois - If I am legally separated can i be sued for my husband's dui accident
we own a house together. the car is in his name only but our insurance is joint policy
Normally speaking there would be no cause of action against you for your husband's negligence. If there is enough...
Should I go to trial for driving on a sss because now I have DL because when I got pulled over I just had to reinstate them
Or should I take a felony and 180 days in jail
Get a lawyer. Many times they can get you a better deal when the suspension is based only on failing to pay the...
Will I get my vechile back or is it lost forever?
A while back ago my vechile was taken for forefieture for felony charges. Now I'm goin to court for the felony charges and they have decided to drop my felony charges and just give me a misdemeanor will I get my vechile back?
You have a chance of getting your vehicle back, but how much time is "a while back?" Hopefully you have a lawyer who...
My license is suspended from a misdemeanor DUI. I just recently got caught driving on a suspended license.
I messed I shouldn't have been driving but I need a lawyer I don't want to do any jail time. My court date is April 9 2015.
I believe this is a repeat question. If your license is revoked due to a DUI conviction you are in a "mandatory"...
I got caught for dui while my license was suspended for too many moving violation.what is going to happen in court?
my license was suspended for too many traffic violations in 6 month period and now I got a dui. what is going to happened in court
The DUI and the driving on suspended license ticket are two separate matters. What I can say is that if your driving...