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I was assaulted by my boyfriend and packed my things and put them in my car,We had 4 drinks that night.He called the cops so I sat in my car to wait for them to be safe.The car was not running nor were the keys in the ignition.I got an oui for that.Now what happens to me.They didn't arrest me but gave me a summons.At the station were I am a diabetic I felt my sugar dropping from the stress I stated to them I need some sugar they told me if I take the sugar before I take the breath test that it would be a refusal so I didn't take the sugar and ended up passing out in the floor.They called an amblulance who woke me when they got there.after they took my sugar and it was almost 400.I am just really upset and confused why this happened to me.Any advice?
If you are facing a criminal charge you really need to hire a criminal defense attorney to protect and defend your...
during the first oui, this person crashed her car. lost her license for a year and went to jail for a week. Has been arrested for other things since her first oui and just recently got her license back but was put on probation for a domestic situation. so was on probation for her second oui. was just wondering how much time she was looking at?
I'm not licensed in ME or otherwise familiar with the specific laws and personalities that will help to determine the...
She got her first DUI here but she has been in jail for a couple time here as well, what will happen to her.
A first offense OUI carries a mandatory minimum of a $500 fine plus surcharges and a 90 day loss of license. If the...
Is there anyway I can revoke the bond or what ever it was and have her put back in jail.
$60 is typically the bail commissioner fee. If you only paid $60 then it is likely she is out on personal recognizance...
Recieved a CWOF with a 24d assignment three months ago and am wondering if the suspension associated with that in mass will follow me to Maine.
In Maine a "conviction" results when there is a finding of guilt and some sentence has been imposed. A CWOF sounds like...
stopped for weaving., clean record
What would you like to know? You haven't asked a question.
If one cop said you are all set have a good night.Can the second cop charge me after I was cleared?
Absolutely; however, you can always call the first officer as a witness to challenge the allegations against you.